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(SOLVED)What methods would you use to advocate for vulnerable populations?

(SOLVED)What methods would you use to advocate for vulnerable populations?

What methods would you use to advocate for vulnerable populations?

Taking Action to Lower Risks to Vulnerable Populations
The Healthy People 2020 initiative was introduced in 2010 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It is a 10-year endeavor to enhance health outcomes. Increasing access to high-quality healthcare services across the country is one of the objectives. An American Hospital Association (AHA) task group looked into how hospitals frequently used as healthcare access hubs might better help patients. The two groups came up with the following tactics to implement reforms at the policy level to achieve health equity:

1. Strengthen societal factors that support healthy lifestyles
The elements that affect healthy living change over a lifetime. The most prevalent social issues relating to health include unemployment, lack of access to food and shelter, a lack of social support, and illiteracy. The AHA determined that healthcare providers must take several initiatives, including patient screening and proactive treatments, to address these social determinants of health.
2. Implement a national healthcare system with global budgeting
The federal government would be able to determine the total amount available to reimburse all medical facilities over a certain period if the existing fee-for-service healthcare system were replaced with a global budget system, according to the AHA. A global budgeting system was backed by those who claimed it would reduce healthcare costs.

3. Make virtual healthcare available.
Access to instant, round-the-clock medical advice and care is made possible via virtual healthcare. Providers can examine, diagnose, and monitor patients using cutting-edge technology. Virtual healthcare, according to supporters, might be used to treat mild ailments, boost primary care access, and improve referrals to specialists for more successful treatment.

4. Take into account the surrounding communities’ healthcare needs.
Care facilities must find strategies to lower the number of inpatient beds as outpatient medical services grow increasingly widespread. According to the AHA, fewer hospital beds could save healthcare expenses nearby.

5. Encourage community-based healthcare access
Targeted medical support is provided by rural hospital clinics, health services in frontier regions, and collaborations with Indian Health Services (IHS). Targeted services for rural populations entail integrating medical, behavioral, and dental health care between rural hospitals and neighborhood health clinics. Health services in frontier regions must address problems with patients’ ability to access care due to their extreme isolation from other people. In order to deliver specialized services to Native Americans and Alaska Natives, IHS methods include forming collaborations with non-IHS providers.
What methods would you use to advocate for vulnerable populations?
What methods would you use to advocate for vulnerable populations? The first assignment is about sociocultural norms, health, and nursing. The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing this week’s relevant topics based on the course competencies covered. Post a response to one of the two discussion topics below, drawing on information from lectures, reading assignments, library resources, and the Internet. All responses should be posted in the Discussion Area to the appropriate topic. The first topic is vulnerable populations. As you learned in this week’s lectures and textbook readings, the community contains several vulnerable populations. Choose three local organizations in your community that provide healthcare to vulnerable populations. Answer the following questions based on your research findings: •Which population is served by each organization? •What kind of services does it offer? •Where does it get its money (local, state, or federal)? • Assess the relative worth of each organization’s services to individuals and families in the vulnerable population it serves. The Second Topic: Disease-Related Stigma Diseases, health impairments, and pregnancy in some vulnerable populations can result in humiliation and prejudicial judgment. Unfortunately, these health conditions can cause vulnerable populations to be shunned by society. • What methods would you use to advocate for vulnerable populations? • Discuss the various types of assistance you could offer to each of the following clients: A pregnant 24-year-old woman who is currently homeless and unmarried, A 16-year-old girl who has run away from her foster home and has an IV drug habit, An immigrant worker whose TB skin test just came back positive An employed, married man who contracted Hepatitis B 30 years ago through a blood transfusion Citations must follow APA guidelines. You can use this APA Citation Helper as a quick reference for properly citing resources, or you can visit the APA Style website by clicking on the APA icon below. Assess the relative worth of each organization’s services to individuals and families in the vulnerable population that it serves. Assess the relative worth of each organization’s services to individuals and families in the vulnerable population that it serves. How do your county’s data compare to the data sets from other counties posted by other students in your discussion group?

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