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Week 5 Health Disparities

Week 5 Health Disparities

Poverty Simulation: This simulation is intended to provide participants with an insight into the daily struggles of living in poverty and making difficult financial decisions.

Covid-19 and Health Disparities: The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted health disparities in the United States, where people of color and low-income communities are more likely to contract the virus and die due to it. To address these inequalities, policy recommendations include:
Expanding access to healthcare.
Improving living conditions in marginalized communities.
Investing in public health infrastructure.

Food insecurity is limited or uncertain access to sufficient food to meet basic needs due to a lack of money or other resources. Low-income families, children, and the elderly are most vulnerable to food insecurity. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a food assistance program available to those in need.

Homelessness refers to individuals and families with no permanent and stable place to live. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, the primary causes of homelessness are a lack of affordable housing, poverty, and unemployment. Health and homelessness are linked in that homeless people are more likely to have poor health outcomes due to a lack of access to healthcare and safe living conditions. A policy project to reduce homelessness could include making more affordable housing available.

Housing considered affordable for low- and moderate-income families is referred to as affordable housing. Current mortgage lending trends significantly impact affordable housing and homelessness, with low-income and minority populations being the most likely to face difficulties with mortgage lending. Potential home buyer who is affected by these trends should educate themselves on their options and seek out resources and support to improve their chances of successfully obtaining a mortgage.
Week 5: Health Disparities
General Poverty

1. Play Spent Activity:

The Urban Ministries of Durham have a great online poverty simulation that goes through a month in the life of a person living in poverty. To access the simulation, click this link: Summarize your experience with this simulation activity

Did you have money left over?

What difficult decisions did you need to make?

What was your overall feeling when the month was over?

2. After reading the Culture of Care Policy Brief

What does the Covid-19 pandemic teach us about health disparities in the U.S?

Identify policy recommendations that would address these inequalities.

Food Security

Go to the website, United States Food Drug Administration- Household Food

Security at

How is food insecurity defined?

Which populations are most at risk for food insecurity?

What programs are available to improve food access? Consider Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Week 5 Health Disparities

1. Who are the homeless and why are they homeless?

Go to the website of the National Coalition for the Homeless:

Homelessness in America

Click on Issues – Read about 2 topics that interest you.

Click on Campaigns – read about one campaign.

Hoover over About NCH and then click on Policy Priorities – read about one policy recommendation.

2. Describe the face of the “homeless”.

What are the numbers?

Who is homeless?

Why are they homeless?

How are health and homelessness related?

Identify and describe one policy project to reduce/end homelessness.

Go to Policy Map in the MSU library database. What information can you find on housing and homelessness in your community? As a public health nurse, why is it important to know this information?

3. Describe what is meant by having “affordable housing”
Review the Mortgage Lending Report at the following link:
Based on your review, how do current trends in mortgage lending impact affordable housing and homelessness?
What populations are most likely to have challenges with mortgage lending, and why?
What similarities do you see in populations most impacted by homelessness and mortgage lending?
What recommendation would you give to a potential home buyer who may be most impacted by current trends in mortgage lending?

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