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The Theories of Social Marketing

The Theories of Social Marketing

The Theories of Social Marketing

Social Marketing
Case Assignment

The social marketing theory is a combination of theories that aim to influence attitudes and behavior. The theory has been applied extensively in the public health field to influence both healthy and unhealthy behavior. While behavior influence is one main objective of the theory, it relies on four basic principles.

Identify and describe the four main principles of the social marketing theory.
Provide at least one example how the theory can be applied to influence behavior in a healthy way and an unhealthy way.
View the Social and behavioral change communication challenge (SBCC) at
According to the video, what social marketing approach is needed today to effectively influence health behaviors?
Identify two areas mentioned in the video that social marketing have been used and found to be successful in promoting health behavior changes.
Which Responsibilities and Competencies of a Health Education Specialist can the social marketing theory be applied to? Please explain.

Length: 2-3 pages (excluding the cover page and the reference list).
Assignment Expectations

Assessment and Grading: Your paper will be assessed based on the performance assessment rubric Review it before you begin working on the assignment. Your work should also follow these Assignment Expectations.
The Theories of Social Marketing

The Theories of Social Marketing

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The Theories of Social Marketing
The social marketing theory in the healthcare context aims to improve the general population’s health by creating awareness and promoting positive health behavior changes. It involves the application of various concepts along with techniques from different commercial sectors to enhance multiple changes in social behaviors. This paper focuses on the four main principles of the social marketing theory, how the theory can be applied to influence behavior in a healthy way and an unhealthy way, a review of a video, and lastly, the responsibilities and competencies of a Health Education Specialist to which the social marketing theory can be applied.
The Four Main Principles of the Social Marketing Theory
The main principles are; product, place, price, and lastly, promotion. They are also referred to as the 4P’s. The products can be classified into either tangible or intangible, where tangible products include; oral contraceptives, condoms among others, whereas intangible products include; attitudes, behaviors, or even addictions (French & Gordon, 2019). The second principle is the place, which provides for the platform where the product is located and from where it is distributed to various consumers. The third main principle is the price, which is the consumers’ investment. Products should be sold at the lowest available cost, which could be even in non-monetary forms (French & Gordon, 2019). The fourth principle is promotion, which generally involves enhancing product visibility through various social media platforms and print media.
How the Theory Can Be Applied To Influence Behavior in a Healthy Way and an Unhealthy Way
Social marketing provides the framework which helps in addressing various problems. Social marketers use various commercial strategies and techniques to enhance the maintenance of healthy behaviors, such as branding and tailoring messages, analyzing the target audience and the aims of the targeted behavior (Rundle-Thiele et al., 2019). Additionally, the social marketers should use the various social media platforms available to promote positive behavior change among the target groups, for instance, HIV/AIDS campaigns among high-risk groups. This will help in reducing the prevalence among these targeted populations. However, there are certain unhealthy behaviors associated with the theory. This is evident where different social media platforms provide contradicting behavior about a particular behavior (Rundle-Thiele et al., 2019). For instance, one can enlighten people on the dangers of taking a high-fat diet, while at the same time, another marketer explains the various benefits of a high-fat diet.
Review of the Video
According to the video and the examples of cases where communication has enhanced positive health behaviors, the best marketing approach required today to improve behavior change is the participatory approach effectively. This involves creating a grassroots awareness to the people through health education, thus empowering them to make appropriate and healthy behaviors. Various areas have been mentioned in the video where social marketing proved effective. Some include oral contraceptives among Indonesian women, which has reduced the number of kids they have from 6 to 2. The other area includes the BCG vaccine, which has been made available to the population through grassroots awareness on the importance of this vaccine in preventing tuberculosis.
Responsibilities and Competencies of a Health Education Specialist to Which the Social Marketing Theory Can Be Applied
Various competencies and responsibilities exist, where health education specialist aims at changing the health behaviors. An important responsibility includes communicating and advocating for better health behaviors through health education. They are responsible for ensuring that they reach a wide range of audiences by using various communication approaches. Additionally, they are responsible for adequately assessing the various individual and community health needs, after which they can tailor an educational approachable to address the various needs established. Lastly, they are responsible for analyzing the outcomes of health education and their effectiveness in addressing the needs of the community. Through this, they can make adjustments wherever necessary.
In summary, social marketing theory is a crucial marketing strategy for various sectors. It has so far been used in the healthcare sector, with significant benefits in enhancing positive and healthy behaviors for the population. The theory relies on four major principles: product, place, price, and promotion. Health education specialists should understand their responsibilities and competencies, which help ensure effective educational programs.

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The Theories of Social Marketing

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