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(SOLVED)The Purnell model for cultural competency

(SOLVED)The Purnell model for cultural competency

The Purnell model for cultural competency

The Purnell model for cultural competency is considered a model to improve comprehension on cultural competence for individuals within the healthcare community. The Model’s efficiency has been well-rooted in the globally, informing and bringing awareness, to the client’s culture using assessments, health-care planning, interventions, and evaluations (Purnell, 2013). Members of the healthcare field are acquainted to people from distinct backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and values daily. The population is growing nationwide and is becoming more assorted. Therefore, nurses and other medical professionals need to become more familiar with cultural diversity or it might have a negative impact on the population. Purnell’s model aims at preventing this from happening by making nurses more culturally knowledgeable and catering to their needs regardless of a patient’s culture and background.
Purnell’s model of cultural competence is an ethnographic model that provides a cultural understanding of people in the process of health protection, development, and coping with diseases (Yalçın Gürsoy, & Tanrıverd, 2020). Purnell’s model is characterized as a model with a focus on four essential concepts which includes person, community, global society, and family. The most outer part of the diagram or model consists of the global society which emphasizes the obligation for healthcare workers to view the world and society as allied and not separate items. The model discusses how globalization and communication skills are effective in the influence of society and the method that individuals depict others based on their cultural background. Nonetheless, the model applies the community as a means of getting healthcare members involved and have the want to explore it as a way of comprehending one’s ethics and viewpoints. The way a certain community is seen, impacts decision making and goals to understand them can provide better care. In communities, family is also very important, as a patient may want a member to be included in any decision-making process. Additionally, professionals within the healthcare community must comprehend that a patient’s cultural tendencies, values and beliefs may revolve around familial connections. Finally, one of the most important concepts of the Purnell model is the person. When a medical professional is providing care to a patient, they must treat them as an individual who has their own morals and values. The four concepts of Purnell’s model, family, person, community, and global society have different ways that an individual interrelates, which may influence the treatment they receive and some of the decisions that are made.

Purnell’s model of competency also integrates the twelve domains of culture which are essential in analyzing the ethnicity and characteristics of individuals, family member or groups. The twelve cultural domains include heritage, bicultural ecology, pregnancy and childbearing, death rituals, spirituality, communication, family roles and organization, workforce issues, high-risk behaviors, nutrition, healthcare practices and healthcare practitioners (Aksoy Derya et al., 2021). Health professionals in all specialties and practices are capable and should incorporate this model, which is essential in healthcare.

Advanced Practice Nurses (APRN’s) have numerous roles, such as a caregiver, manager, nurse educator, nurse navigator and research. Purnell’s cultural competence model is important and essential for APRN’s, as it permits them to apply their knowledge and skills to administer high quality care to all. Every APRN will encounter someone who is from a different culture with different beliefs; however, Purnell’s model helps them defeat any biased or judgmental feelings they may experience towards an individual. For APRN’s to provide adequate patient care to an individual, one must become educated on different cultures. This model is also vital for APRN’s as it relays the importance of effective communication which promotes cultural competence. Effective communication will defeat barriers, advance access to services and support better health outcomes for clients.
The Purnell model for cultural competency


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