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(SOLVED)The Agenda Comparison Grid

(SOLVED)The Agenda Comparison Grid

The Agenda Comparison Grid


The Agenda Comparison Grid is an essential tool for understanding the differences between how two U.S. presidential administrations addressed a certain healthcare issue. It helps to pinpoint areas of agreement and disagreement on the matter and any potential opportunities for collaboration between the two presidents’ policies.

This grid can be used by legislators, policymakers, and staff interested in advocating for a particular healthcare issue. Looking at both administrations’ agendas, it can become clear what approaches may work best when communicating with elected officials on this topic. Additionally, users may identify areas where both parties have agreed in the past or could potentially find common ground in the future.


To create an Agenda Comparison Grid, review the current and previous presidential administrations’ agendas. Then, select a healthcare issue that both parties have addressed in some way. Next, create a grid and fill it with information about each administration’s approach to the problem. This could include their positions on particular bills or policy changes related to the topic and any funding allocations for programs connected to it. Finally, compare the two sides and make observations about areas of agreement or disagreement between them.

Using an Agenda Comparison Grid effectively explains how two U.S. presidential administrations have approached a certain healthcare issue. It can help equip legislators, policymakers, and staff when advocating for change in this area.

The Agenda Comparison Grid


To Prepare:

· Review the agenda priorities of the current/sitting U.S. president and at least one previous presidential administration.

· Select an issue related to healthcare that was addressed by two U.S. presidential administrations (current and previous).

· Consider how you would communicate the importance of a healthcare issue to a legislator/policymaker or a member of their staff for inclusion on an agenda.

· Use your Week 1 Discussion post to help with this assignment.

The Assignment: (1- to 2-page Comparison Grid, 1-Page Analysis, and 1-page narrative) with a title page. This is an APA paper. Use 2-3 course resources and at least 2 outside resources.

Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid

Use the Agenda Comparison Grid Template found in the Learning Resources and complete the Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid based on the current/sitting U.S. president and the previous president, and their agendas related to the population health concern you selected. Be sure to address the following:

· Identify and provide a brief description of the population health concern you selected.

· Explain how each of the presidential administrations approached the issue.

· Identify the allocation of resources that the presidents dedicated to this issue.

Part 2: Agenda Comparison Grid Analysis

Using the information you recorded in Part 1: Agenda Comparison Grid on the template, complete the Part 2: Agenda Comparison Grid Analysis portion of the template, by addressing the following:

· Which administrative agency (like HHS, CDC, FDA, OHSA) would most likely be responsible for helping you address the healthcare issue you selected and why is this agency the most helpful for the issue?

· How do you think your selected healthcare issue might get on the presidential agenda? How does it stay there?

· An entrepreneur/champion/sponsor helps to move the issue forward. Who would you choose to be the entrepreneur/champion/sponsor (this can be a celebrity, a legislator, an agency director, or others) of the healthcare issue you selected and why would this person be a good entrepreneur/ champion/sponsor? An example is Michael J. Fox is champion for Parkinson’s disease.

Part 3: Fact Sheet

Using the information recorded on the template in Parts 1 and 2, develop a 1-page fact sheet that you could use to communicate with a policymaker/legislator or a member of their staff for this healthcare issue. Be sure to address the following:

· Summarize why this healthcare issue is important and should be included in the agenda for legislation.

· Justify the role of the nurse in agenda setting for healthcare issues.

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