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Syndromic Surveillance Critique

Syndromic Surveillance Critique

Syndromic Surveillance Critique

Welcome to week 8!! This week we will discuss the presentations you submitted in unit 6.

One team member should post the team presentation to this threaded discussion.  Please complete the following:

Critique another team presentation other than your own, and include what the presentation taught you and what is identified in the technology presentation.
What changes in the presentation would you recommend? Why? 
Ask questions! Each team is responsible for responding to questions asked of their presentation! 

Your entire team should be responding to comments made on the team’s presentation.

Remember to include sources of literature in your posts to back up the statements you make! Remember, we are all about evidence-based practice! 

This is a short unit, and you still must have at least two posts on 2 different days in this unit. The course ends on Saturday of Unit 8 at 11:59 p.m. mountain time.​   Simply posting the presentation does NOT count as one of your required posts!

Professor Sherman

*Students may begin commenting on the presentations in the Week 8 threaded discussion on Sunday, October 18th.  The presentations may be posted during week 7 when all required changes are made to the team presentation.  Your first post should be completed by 11:59 p.m. mountain time Wednesday evening and fully address the threaded discussion topic.  Your peer response must be posted by 11:59 p.m. mountain time SATURDAY evening.  As a reminder, properly referenced posts are required in this course, in APA format, and with in-text citations. You are required to use a professional resource from the literature as well as your textbook in each threaded discussion.  You are also required to post on two different days. Please note, the use of quoted material is not allowed in the threaded discussions.

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Syndromic Surveillance Critique

Syndromic Surveillance Critique
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Syndromic Surveillance
Lauren and Jennifer’s group presentation has complemented my knowledge of syndromic surveillance. Their definition is okay, but I feel they have left out key characters. They define syndromic surveillance as an approach where health department staff with assistance, monitor disease indicators in real-time in the detection of outbreaks of diseases beforehand that would be possible in traditional public health methods. I think the astute definition of syndromic surveillance should be the techniques that depend upon the detection of single patients and population health indicators that are differentia table before an empirical diagnosis is put forward.
To be more specific, before the confirmation of a disease that is infectious, sick persons may display patterns of behavior symptoms, signals, and laboratory findings that can be evidenced through a variety of evidenced-based research (Abat et al., 2016). I agree with the challenges as well as the perspectives that were presented by the group. A slight addition to something that I feel to be important. There has been heightened awareness around the risks of bioterrorism since September eleven attacks on the world trade center. The growing concerns about remerging illnesses comprising of diseases such as the West Nile, severe acute syndrome, and pandemic influenza have coerced policymakers to acknowledge the need for early warning systems (Guerrisi et al., 2016). The earlier health officials can detect an outbreak, the better they are in treating the patients exposed to it, minimizing the health implications. Syndromic surveillance is extremely useful as bioterrorism is a stealth form of attack and cannot be recognized until people start getting ill.

Questions on Syndromic Surveillance
1. What are the types of Syndromic Surveillance available in the United States?
2. What are the departments or personnel that are responsible for first response in case of a Bioterrorism attack?

Abat, C., Chaudet, H., Rolain, J., Colson, P., & Raoult, D. (2016). Traditional and syndromic surveillance of infectious diseases and pathogens. International Journal Of Infectious Diseases, 48, 22-28.
Guerrisi, C., Turbelin, C., Blanchon, T., Hanslik, T., Bonmarin, I., & Levy-Bruhl, D. et al. (2016). Participatory Syndromic Surveillance of Influenza in Europe. Journal Of Infectious Diseases, 214(suppl 4), S386-S392. 80

Syndromic Surveillance Critique

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