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Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics

Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics

Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics
Part 2: Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics of the Assignment: Academic Success and Professional Development Plan

Nurse-scholars also have a significant responsibility to their community. Their work must be academically and professionally sound. Their efforts are intended to add to the body of knowledge, advance the profession, and, ultimately, aid in patient care. Work that lacks integrity is prone to deterioration or worse.

Fortunately, there are strategies and tools available to help ensure academic and professional integrity. This Assignment requires you to think about these tools and how you might use them in your own work.

In this Assignment, you will add to the original document you started in the previous assignment to continue developing your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan. DOCUMENT ORIGINAL (ATTACHED).

In this Assignment, you will add to the original document you started in the previous assignment to continue developing your Academic Success and Professional Development Plan.

To Get Ready:

Consider the strategies presented in the Module Resources to support academic style, integrity, and scholarly ethics.
Consider the relationship between academic and professional integrity.
The task at hand:

Section 1 of Part 2: Writing Sample: The Relationship Between Academic and Professional Integrity

Write a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis using the Academic and Professional Success Development Template you started in Module 1.

An explanation of the connection between academic integrity and writing
The relationship between professional practices and scholarly ethics is explained.
Cite at least two resources that support your claims, using proper APA formatting.
To improve the product, use Grammarly and SafeAssign.
Describe how Grammarly, Safe Assign, and paraphrasing help academic integrity.
Part 2, Section 2: Strategies for Maintaining Work Integrity

Expand on your ideas from Section 1 by identifying and describing strategies you intend to use to maintain your:

Academic work as an MSN student and professional work as a nurse throughout your career Include a summary of the resources and approaches you intend to use as a student and professional.
Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics

How Is Plagiarism Getting Worse in Today’s World?
Academic integrity is so low these days, and there is a desperate need for innovation. Writing a research paper has become as simple as accessing information on the internet. The current educational system is to blame. Students collect information and copy it in order to complete any assignment.

This type of plagiarism occurs because students are unaware of critical thinking, creativity, and rationality. Teachers do not assist students in developing these habits. Because it is easier than doing something on your own, rote learning is widely accepted.

The recent pandemic has exacerbated the situation in areas where online classes are popular. During online exams, students tend to copy each other’s answers; however, MCQ pattern tests do not assess a student’s solid understanding of a topic.

How Can Academic Integrity Be Promoted?
Teachers, students, and parents must all come forward and play an active role in promoting academic integrity.

It is critical to create a welcoming learning environment.
Priorities should include establishing shared values and clarifying expectations.
The curriculum must be designed by teachers to maximize learning while minimizing pressure.
Methods for Avoiding Plagiarism in Student Papers
Teachers should encourage their students to create unique content. Each student has her own writing style and way of thinking. Because there are a limited number of sites and references available on the internet, when students plagiarize from ready-made sources, their answers become similar.

When writing a journal article, students must use an online plagiarism checker. These tools have simplified the writing process.

Anti-plagiarism techniques can be used to create a unique article. Students can improve their writing by inserting quotations in appropriate places. It is critical to understand how to cite sources, which requires understanding the art of citation styles and including the author.

Why does Copyleaks exist?
Although the internet provides numerous plagiarism detection tools, the most careful selection is required. Copyleaks is a sophisticated plagiarism checker powered by AI and Machine Learning.

To promote academic integrity, higher education has made it mandatory to write a thesis free of plagiarism. Students must strive to write and contribute to thesis papers that are free of plagiarism.

Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs. Even academics recommend using anti-plagiarism software and creating original content.

Plagiarism’s Consequences
Academicians can help raise awareness about plagiarism and discourage it. Academic integrity must be the focus of the academic mechanism.

Academic misconduct is punishable by law and fines. However, we all know that where there are laws, there are also loopholes. Students are frequently excused after paying a small fine. In that case, professors must be stricter with their students. Penalties should be so severe that students are afraid to engage in academic dishonesty.

Some Methods for Avoiding Plagiarism
Students can use paraphrasing and quote references in addition to citations. Above all, writing in one’s own style is the best way to avoid plagiarism. For quoted works, attribution is required. Exemptions from plagiarism charges exist for proper reference, prefaces, table of contents, acknowledgments, and bibliographies. Students should exercise caution when including all of these elements in their writings.

Academic Integrity’s Fundamental and Ethical Values
Academic integrity is nothing more than a type of dedication. Honesty, fairness, trust, courage, responsibility, and respect are some of the primary and ethical values associated with it. Ethics is concerned with morality in behavior. Academicians must instill the aforementioned values in their students from an early age.

These ideas must be translated into actions by academic communities. They must uphold an integrity and honesty culture in all aspects of research and teaching.

Plagiarism Causes
Students frequently plagiarize from others for a variety of reasons. They frequently choose last-minute preparation over year-long study. Copying from books or other students’ papers is a more accessible option for many. Students want to get good grades at any cost, so they disregard the rules and regulations.

What Can Academics Do to Promote Integrity?
It is critical to promote academic integrity. Academics can combat plagiarism in a variety of ways.

Teachers must explain academic and ethical principles, as well as moral behavior, to students.
Academicians must exercise caution when selecting assignment topics. Topics should be specific with a unique twist that forces students to use their analytical, logical, and critical thinking skills.
The learning environment should be stimulating and not boring.
Time management must be taught to students by teachers.
Many students are terrified of writing. Students can solve by regularly practicing in class.
Citations, attributions, and references must be taught by academics.
Meta-learning is an effective method for summarizing what students have learned from the process.
The most important thing is to understand how to detect plagiarism. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has made it easier to detect plagiarism in any content. Plagiarism detection software, such as Copyleaks, displays the percentage of plagiarized portions alongside the rate of uniqueness in writing. The device also provides plagiarism sources. Once a student is aware of this, she can edit the plagiarized section and make her content unique, earning her good grades.
Another way to avoid plagiarism is to confront it. To take appropriate action, students can seek advice from their seniors, mentors, or research guides.
Cheating must result in severe punishment.
Academic integrity requires the promotion of an honest attitude.
Professors must incorporate collaboration into the assessment process.
Teachers should go to any length to ensure that their students have a clear concept and easy access to study materials before the exams.
The invigilators must perform their duties diligently so that no student has the opportunity to plagiarise.
A positive learning environment can help students develop academic integrity and encourage them to act ethically.

Strategies to Promote Academic Integrity and Professional Ethics

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