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Standard for assessing clinical outcomes in treatment studies of schizophrenia

Standard for assessing clinical outcomes in treatment studies of schizophrenia

Standard for assessing clinical outcomes in treatment studies of schizophrenia


Allens CCAI-10 can be considered as the standard tool for assessing clinical outcomes in treatment studies of schizophrenia because it meets eight of the ten reliability characteristics and has been validated.

The Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS) is considered the standard for assessing clinical outcomes in treatment studies of schizophrenia, including positive and negative symptoms, mood, and general psychopathology (1-5). The BPRS has been shown to have good reliability across various settings and in different countries (6,7). While the instrument was originally developed for use with schizophrenic patients, it also appears to be fairly valid for use with other patient populations having psychotic symptoms (8-10), including persons manifesting severe psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder and major depression. Standard for assessing clinical outcomes in treatment studies of schizophrenia

One of the tools often used to measure schizophrenia outcomes is the Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS), which was developed in 1971 by members of the World Health Organization. The goal of the PANSS was to measure symptoms for schizophrenia and help clinicians determine how best to treat their patients. Since then, it has been rigorously tested in clinical trials and has become an accepted standard for evaluating patient outcomes in treatment studies of schizophrenia.

Clinicians and researchers must constantly grapple with how to best characterize the severity of psychiatric illnesses in order to measure outcomes. Current support for the HAM-D as a standardized instrument for assessing outcomes in schizophrenia treatment studies is dependent on its ability to provide reliable and valid measurements.

CGI (Clinical Global Impression of Improvement) is considered the standard metric used to track clinical outcomes in treatment studies with schizophrenic patients. This is based on its eminence as the most prominent criterion-related validity study in the assessment of prognosis and treatment response, as well as its proven reliability and validity in measuring multiple domains of psychopathology.

A researcher was evaluating the effectiveness of a long-term psychosocial intervention for patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. Which of the following would be an appropriate tool to assess the patient’s clinical outcome?

In the field of psychiatry, assessing a patient’s symptomatic status is essential for clinical practice, level of contribution to society, and an overall understanding of that patient’s health. For example, researchers and community mental health providers trying to determine the best treatment of schizophrenia patients must use standard measures to help them make accurate determinations about their research samples’ current symptomatic status.

The Positive and Negative Syndrome Scale (PANSS) is a 30-item inventory that measures 5 domains of psychopathology: positive symptoms, negative symptoms, disorganization, and 2 general factors. The scale was developed by the World Health Organization in the 1980s to be used in cross-cultural research studies. It has been adopted as an appropriate standard for use in comparing treatment outcome scores with those from placebo groups. Standard for assessing clinical outcomes in treatment studies of schizophrenia

NursingSolved is a free, comprehensive, web-based psychiatric assessment and treatment planning tool that generates valid and reliable data in the area of nursing research.

Clinical trials in psychiatry often compare the effectiveness of one drug versus another. Unfortunately, due to a lot of reasons, many studies that report on the efficacies of these drugs are not valid. The Ritter scale is an instrument used to rate the validity and reliability of studies in nursing and medical literature.


Validated and reliable instruments are an important part of the assessment for both clinical practice and research in psychiatrics. Which of the following tools is currently considered the standard for assessing clinical outcomes in treatment studies of schizophrenia?

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