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Speak Up About Your Care

Speak Up About Your Care

Speak Up About Your Care

This assignment increases the students’ awareness of the National Patient Safety Goals developed by The Joint Commission. Specifically, this assignment will introduce the Speak Up Initiatives, an award-winning patient safety program designed to help patients promote their own safety by proactively taking charge of their healthcare.
Speak Up About Your Care

Speak Up About Your Care
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Speak Up About Your Care
The joint commission published this article in the year 2019. Its main theme empowers the reader to speak out for themselves when experiencing medical care. When patients receive medical care, it is usually under the direction of a physician or attending nurse. Patients most often than not, fail to understand the procedures that go on during treatment processes. After explaining their symptoms to their caregivers (nurses and physicians), patients are left at the mercy of their caregivers’ accuracy and knowledge.
This brochure encourages patients to voice their concerns when they are in the grey area or completely understand anything about their treatment. This includes when something doesn’t seem completely right. The treatment process is a rigorous one, involving the patient’s opinions and family and friends’ opinions. This is also in conjunction with the knowledge and skills of the medical practitioner or lack thereof.
Summary of The Article
The main parameters of speaking out entail the patient being fully engaged in the process of healthcare. It advises the patient; she should seek an understanding with his/her healthcare providers, including doctors and nursing, in understanding his/her treatment process and why it is best for him/her. If, for instance, the patient is Spanish, he might seek translation for relevant personnel, most likely her attending nurse (Commision, 2019).
This comprises of a good translator or translated materials. Medical forms and other patient documentation should be explained to be filled accordingly with relevant details. It highlights the necessity of understanding the medication prescribed if not well put across by the physician or attending nurse as medics (doctors and nurses) have difficulty understanding every patient who walks through the doors, as every patient has their own urgent and needs that they are sensitive to. Patients have to work alongside medical practitioners to ensure that they have received the best service following their healthcare plan.
Further, patients are advised to pay attention while they are being cared for. This includes checking identification that doctors, nurses, and other staff wear—in case of maternal health, being careful by the identification badges worn by staff who wants to take care of your baby. Patients are advised and encouraged to make well-informed decisions concerning the care, ensuring that the healthcare facility they are attending has the best standards. Requesting written information regarding your condition is vital in understanding the illness. This will help understand the treatment models and how long one is supposed to be under medication or hospitalized.
Evaluation of the Brochure
The Brochure advocates for the benefits of the patients. It was inspiring as well as empowering them to be more astute. It provides more information on why patients should establish relationships with their care providers. The pros of comprehending prescribed medication and understanding their respective side effects. This topic was very vital to me as it empowers patients across the nation on the basics of receiving healthcare. The brochure communicated the necessary steps essential to the elimination of medical errors. This brochure addresses the elderly as well as minority populations who don’t speak English. This information increases patient safety as it expands the comprehension horizon of patients and their relationship with medical practitioners (Commision, 2019).
Patients need to develop relevant communication with their attending medical practitioners. This is not only to understand the intricacies of their illnesses but also to affirm the importance of the prescriptions given by the physicians. Asking questions goes a long way in reinforcing the treatment process. The brochures generally help the patient to have an easy time with the treatment process.

Commision, T. (2019). Speak Up™ About Your Care. Speak Up, 1(1), 1.

Speak Up About Your Care

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