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(SOLVED)Use of Bar-coded Medication Administration Technology to Enhance Quality and Safety Standards in Nursing – Annotated Bibliography

(SOLVED)Use of Bar-coded Medication Administration Technology to Enhance Quality and Safety Standards in Nursing – Annotated Bibliography

Use of Bar-coded Medication Administration Technology to Enhance Quality and Safety Standards in Nursing – Annotated Bibliography

Annotated Bibliography:

Ada, L., & Hasan, S. (2019). Bar-coded medication administration in nursing: An integrative review. Computers Informatics Nursing, 37(2), 50–63.
This article provides an integrative review of the literature on bar-coded medication administration (BCMA) technology in nursing. It examines the literature to explore how BCMA can help enhance quality and safety standards in nursing. The authors found that BCMA is effective in improving patient outcomes and reducing medication errors, especially when used as part of a multi-faceted approach that includes education and training for nurses. The authors conclude that BCMA can be a valuable tool for enhancing quality and safety standards in nursing if used appropriately and consistently.
McGowan, J., O’Hara, K., & Youngstown State University College of Nursing. (2014). Implementation of bar-coded medication administration technology at an academic medical center: A case study on successful implementation practices [White Paper]. This white paper examines the successful implementation of bar-coded medication administration technology at an academic health center over a four-year period. It describes best practices for successful implementation and explores ways to engage staff in the change process. The paper also details strategies for determining cost/benefit considerations related to BCMA technology use, as well as identifying potential pitfalls associated with its implementation.

McKenna, H., McCann R., Matlow A., & Daneman N. (2013). Barcode Medication Administration—What are the Benefits? Canadian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy, 66(3), 174–179. This article discusses the benefits of using barcode medication administration systems in hospitals and other healthcare settings. It examines evidence from several studies showing that BCMA is associated with improved patient safety by decreasing the incidence of wrong drug or wrong dose errors compared to manual methods of administering medications. The authors also discuss how BCMA has been shown to improve nurse workflow efficiency by eliminating manual processes such as transcribing medications from paper orders to electronic records or entering them into medication carts or cabinets manually. They conclude that BCMA should be considered as an essential component of any high-quality healthcare system aiming to achieve safe and effective patient care through improved accuracy and efficiency of drug delivery processes in hospitals and other healthcare settings.
Perryman, S., Davis, M., Sparapani, E., Geboers C., Rothkopf M,, & Wynia M.(2008). Bar Code Medication Administration Technology: Proven Benefits For Patient Safety And Provider Efficiency In Hospitals And Clinics – Executive Summary [White Paper]. This executive summary provides an overview of research examining the impact of barcode medication administration technology on patient safety and provider efficiency in hospitals and clinics across the United States.. The authors conclude that based on numerous studies it is clear BCMA improves both patient safety by reducing medication errors due to incorrect dosing or wrong drug selection; as well as provider efficiency by streamlining administrative tasks such as transcribing patient orders from paper charts into electronic records or dispensing medications from cabinets manually which can take up considerable time when done manually versus electronically via barcode scanning devices connected to computers/tablets etc.. They also offer recommendations for implementing such systems successfully within healthcare organizations including adequate education/training for staff members prior to use; clear communication regarding goals/benefits/risks; regular monitoring; evaluation; feedback; data collection; reporting etc..

Use of Bar-coded Medication Administration Technology to Enhance Quality and Safety Standards in Nursing – Annotated Bibliography
Assignment Instructions
Write a 4-6 page annotated bibliography where you identify peer-reviewed publications that promote the use of a selected technology to enhance quality and safety standards in nursing.

Rapid changes in information technology go hand-in-hand with progress in quality health care delivery, nursing practice, and interdisciplinary team collaboration. The following are only a few examples of how the health care field uses technology to provide care to patients across multiple settings:

Patient monitoring devices.
Electronic medical records.
Data management resources.
Ready access to current science.
Technology is essential to the advancement of the nursing profession, maintaining quality care outcomes, patient safety, and research.

This assessment will give you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of how technology can enhance quality and safety standards in nursing. You will prepare an annotated bibliography on technology in nursing. A well-prepared annotated bibliography is a comprehensive commentary on the content of scholarly publications and other sources of evidence about a selected nursing-related technology. A bibliography of this type provides a vehicle for workplace discussion to address gaps in nursing practice and to improve patient care outcomes. As nurses become more accountable in their practice, they are being called upon to expand their role of caregiver and advocate to include fostering research and scholarship to advance nursing practice. An annotated bibliography stimulates innovative thinking to find solutions and approaches to effectively and efficiently address these issues.

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