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(SOLVED)Threats to an adult’s safety

(SOLVED)Threats to an adult’s safety

Threats to an adult’s safety


Threats to an adult’s safety are frequently associated with lifestyle habits such as physical inactivity, poor nutrition, smoking, heavy drinking, and other risk-taking behaviors. Injuries can be related to aging-related physiological changes, such as decreased mobility, declining muscle strength, and slower reflexes.

Mental status changes associated with taking multiple medications (known as polypharmacy) can also lead to impaired judgment and confusion. Restraints may be necessary when a person is at risk of harming themselves or others due to these mental status changes or if the individual is unable to take care of their own basic needs.


However, restraints must be used only when necessary and for the briefest possible period. When used appropriately and with caution, restraints can help promote adults’ safety in all care environments. It is important for healthcare staff to remain vigilant and aware of the safety risks associated with aging, polypharmacy, and lifestyle choices so that preventative measures can be taken or appropriate interventions provided when needed.

Threats to an adult's safety

Threats to an adult’s safety


Discussion # 2

Put questions and give directions: Select one listed question to respond to your initial posting to Instructor. The peer review, select one peer review reflecting your response from one question from  your peers.

1.       Patient safety continues to be one of the most pressing health care challenges in the nation today. Explain how threats to an adult’s safety are frequently associated with life style habits, how injuries can be related to physiological changes in the aging process, mental status changes related to taking multiple medications (polypharmacy), and when to use restraints?

2.     Effective therapeutic communication occurs when there is an exchange of information, ideas, attitudes, and emotions; therefore, successful communication occurs when the message intended is the message received.

How is effective therapeutic communication a basic skill in providing health care to clients, nurses communicate with other health care providers and health care consumers (clients), and their support systems (family, significant others) in which nurses apply critical thinking to the communication process?


Explain to students: Please go to the 2 documents for explanation and directions at the beginning of week one discussion questions.

Posted: 2 discussion questions posted on each Monday at 9:00 am.

First Initial posting: The student’s initial response to one of the discussion questions is due on each Wednesday at 10:00 pm to Instructor.  Important to identify the initial posting by titling your document with the words “initial posting”.

Second posting: The one peer student review is posted on each Sunday at 10:00 pm.



NURS 101 Discussion Board Guidelines

Discussion questions for the week will become available on each Monday at 9:00 AM. In general, post your initial response to Instructor no later than each Wednesday at 10:00 PM CST. in Moodle Dropbox. For the initial response to the Instructor PLEASE identify this response at the top of the page with “Initial Response”.

You must respond to at least two peer’s response entry by the following Sunday at 10:00 PM CST. in Moodle Dropbox.

Please refer to Moodle for the exact dates and times for each of the 10 weeks of the quarter.

Students are required to post a reply using:

a. APA format i.e. citations are placed in the narrative of your answer

b. Use evidence-based references, and provide a reference list at the bottom of your narrative answer.

c. Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. are all included in APA formatting.

Use professional written communication to your instructor in the initial response and two peer reviews is a very important element of the discussion board.

Please give clear and concise responses to the initial response to the Instructor and do not give excessive lengthy responses to your peers. Less words and more meaning in what you are trying to convene to the reader.

Students are expected to provide a substantive answer to discussion questions.

Replies to peers’ discussion need to be:

a. Well thought out

b. Clear and Concise

c. May discuss further expansion of concepts from readings

d. Provide evidence-based argument for or against an idea

e. Share a professional/personal experience to explain a concept

f. Support it with evidence-based literature, or share an evidence-based link.

Professional experiences are also welcome that address the course content or discuss the role of the certified nursing assistant, licensed practical nurse or professional registered nurse.

Discussion questions for the week will become available on each Monday at 9:00 AM. In general, post your initial response to Instructor no later than Wednesday at 10:00 PM CST. in Moodle Dropbox

You must respond to at least two peer’s response entry by the following Sunday at 10:00 PM CST. in Moodle Dropbox.

Both (Initial and Peer reviews) must occur in order to meet the criteria of “Full participation/engagement in classroom discussion.”

a. If a student has not answered their own discussion question thoroughly and on time, but has replied to a peer’s discussion, this will result in zero points.

b. “I agree/disagree with you” is not acceptable response.

c. *Please note the due date for discussion posts and peer replies may vary based on course sections and/or module content.*

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