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(SOLVED)Reflective Nursing Essay

(SOLVED)Reflective Nursing Essay

Reflective Nursing Essay

This assignment will examine my personal and professional development in my third year and throughout the course. In this assignment, I will reflect on a practice incident in the emergency department during my placement there. I’ll talk about my role as a leader, supervisor, and delegation to others while managing the minor’s area on a morning shift. I chose to reflect on this episode of practice because it was one of the first times I was truly allowed to manage an area. I could delegate to others, question my leadership style, and make clinical decisions during this time.

I plan to use reflective practice to evaluate my delegation and supervision of others and my professional development. Throughout this reflection, I will investigate the theory that underpins the following areas: Clinical Decision Making, Leadership, Management, and Teamwork; Delegation and Supervision of Others; and Continuing Professional Development.
The main focus of this assignment will be my delegation and supervision of others, as this is a very important part of being a nurse. As the NMC (2008) says, “You must establish that anyone you delegate to can carry out your instructions” and that “You must make sure that everyone you are responsible for is supervised and supported”.

I will use a recognized model of reflection to critically analyze this; I have researched several different models of reflection to find one that is appropriate for this and that I am comfortable using. Among the models I’ve studied is John’s model of reflection, which is mentioned in Siviter (2008). However, I found this to be too rigid, as it does not allow me to discuss my development, and it also requires the reflector to work under constant supervision and keep a diary. Another model I considered was Rolfe et al. (2001) framework for reflective practice, but I needed to be more structured to adequately explore my development and develop future action plans. The final model I examined was the Gibbs (1988) reflection model, cited in (Siviter, 2008). The Gibbs model is well-structured and easily guides the reflector through the process, allowing them to thoroughly explore the reflection and create action plans. I chose this model because I have used it in the past and am familiar with it, and it is well suited to this episode of practice.

To maintain confidentiality by the NMC (2008), I will use a pseudonym for any patients I discuss during this assignment.
I worked a morning shift in the Accident and Emergency department with my mentor and another third-year student in the Minors area. The charge nurse asked if we wanted to take turns running the minors for half the shift each. I was assigned to run the area for the first half of the shift. Aside from my mentor and the other student, an HCA was also assigned to the area. Three patients were in the minor’s area this morning, with another two or three waiting to be seen. One of the doctors in the area asked if I could perform an ECG on one of the patients and then refer them to the cardiology ward because they needed to be admitted. I decided to hand over the patient to the ward because I had the patient’s complete history and delegate the task of the ECG to the other student because I knew she needed to do this for her skills; my mentor accompanied her because she needed to be supervised to complete this skill. On my way to make the phone call, a paramedic crew arrived with a child in the minor’s bay’s pediatric area. When a patient is brought into the area, paperwork, including observations, must be completed. I decided to delegate this to the HCA because the other patient needed to go to the ward immediately. I asked the HCA to conduct a full set of observations on the child, who replied, “when I get around to it.” I explained to her that the observations were more important than stocking a cupboard at the time. After making the phone call, I returned to the child and the HCA to ensure the observations were completed correctly, noting that the child’s observations were abnormal and could indicate acute appendicitis, as I had seen on a previous shift. At this point, I took the results to the doctor and explained what I thought, and the doctor agreed and moved the child up on the waiting list to be seen next.

Reflective Nursing Essay

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