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(SOLVED)Middle Range Theories.

(SOLVED)Middle Range Theories.

Middle Range Theories.

My only responsibility is to evaluate these two debates favorably. I need two responses altogether. These are the two discussions:

First discussion:

Identify the internal and external criticism that middle-range ideas have faced.

Nursing theories that fall between broad nursing theories and detailed concrete theories are known as middle-range theories (Kislov et al.,2019). Middle-range hypotheses undergo internal and external scrutiny before being used in research. The assessment of the predictability and explanatory power of the middle-range hypothesis is referred to as an external critique. On the other hand, internal theory relates to evaluating a middle-range theory’s logical coherence and consistency. Internal critique aims to determine if middle-range theories can produce testable hypotheses.
Researchers use empirical research to test the theory’s premise in response to external criticism of middle-range theories. To do this, middle-range theory predictions are tested via surveys, observational studies, and experiments. They also compare test findings to the hypotheses to determine the veracity of these intermediate ideas. The extent to which study findings agree with or disagree with middle-range theory predictions is considered. Researchers can also evaluate the external validity of these hypotheses by determining the degree to which these theories may be applied to other contexts or groups. This is accomplished by examining the sample’s generalizability and the external validity of the chosen study methodology.
Additionally, the measures’ external validity is evaluated (Kislov et al.,2019). At this point, the usefulness of a middle-range theory is also evaluated. Researchers will investigate if the theory above may be used in realistic policy-making contexts. A middle-range theory’s ability to successfully address current or projected real-world issues is another aspect of external criticism.
Second discussion:

Assessment of Mid-Range Nursing Theories

An essential step in establishing a middle-range theory’s potential for use in research is to assess its usefulness and application. The breadth of middle-range theories is typically smaller than that of grand theories, and they address some of a discipline’s issues with a particular subject (Peterson & Bredow, 2019). It is crucial to examine these theories’ applicability to nursing research even though their specificity and scope are recognized to make them useful. Due to their clarity, logical growth, consistency, and sufficiency, middle-range theories are sufficient in nursing research based on external and internal critique.

Internal criticism is used to assess the internal coherence, internal structure, and internal understanding of middle-range theories. Middle-range ideas are reasonably coherent and easy to comprehend. Compared to prominent theories, which can be more abstract and challenging to understand, they are intended to be more concrete and valuable to nursing practice (Risjord, 2019). Nurses and other healthcare workers now have easier access to middle-range theories, which they can utilize to direct their practice and arrive at informed conclusions. Because they are consistent and hence more particular and applicable in nursing research, middle-range theories can be applied to study.
Middle Range Theories.

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