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(SOLVED)Externship Site Presentation

(SOLVED)Externship Site Presentation

You’ve got your dream internship and are wondering what’s next. How will you disseminate your newly acquired knowledge, the culmination of everything you’ve learned? The answer will be given during an internship presentation.

How to Make a Fantastic End-of-Internship Presentation
With our help, you can perfect your end-of-internship presentation. (Graphics courtesy of Envato Elements.)

A final intern presentation can frequently influence a full-time job offer. You should put your best foot forward when delivering an internship PowerPoint presentation. This article will give you some pointers on how to ace your internship presentation.

What Is the Definition of an Internship Presentation?
Following your internship experience, you will be given an internship presentation. You will provide a comprehensive overview of your tasks and actions during your internship. In essence, you’re briefing managers on your contributions.

Think about your internship experience. As a capstone project, create a PowerPoint presentation. It compiles everything you’ve done during your internship into a neatly packaged slide deck. It’s your last and best chance to demonstrate what you’ve learned. You’re summarizing your experience for managers and other business stakeholders.
Presentation of an internship
Your internship presentation synthesizes everything you’ve learned throughout your assignment. (Photo courtesy of Envato Elements.)
Generally, it would help if you started by outlining your tasks and assignments. You may have supported a critical functional area during your internship. Alternatively, many internships revolve around completing a specific project or task.

In either case, outline the scope of your internship assignment. Then you’ll talk about what you learned and how you applied it to the tasks.

Include how your previous experiences aided you as well. Throughout, express gratitude for the experience and provide numerous details. Using charts and data to highlight your accomplishments is a fantastic idea!

Each job has its requirements for an internship presentation at the end. However, these guidelines are excellent guidelines, and they will be at home in any internship setting. With them, you can end an internship on a high note, impressing the audience with your knowledge.
 Externship Site Presentation
How to Give an Outstanding Internship Wrap-Up Presentation
Plan out your internship experience through PowerPoint presentation ahead of time. You can stay focused and on track by creating an outline.

As a general rule, divide your internship presentation into four categories:

As previously stated, you will always begin by outlining your assignment. What task were you given? What tasks did you have to complete during your internship?
Then you’ll proceed to the outcomes. What did you do to help or complete assigned tasks?
What were you taught, what did you learn, and how did you put these new skills to use during your internship? You’ll spend time discussing how to incorporate these experiences into your future career.
Finally, you’ll express gratitude for the opportunities for learning and networking that you’ve had.
Let’s dive in and get started with this framework in mind!

Share Your Work Any final intern presentation must begin with a discussion of your work. Every internship has a unique scope. That means you must set the scene from the start.

You will be presented to one or more managers. The primary audience for presentations like this is usually senior management. However, other people may need to be made aware of what you are working on.

In any case, it is critical to outline your assignment from the start clearly. Only by doing so can your success be contextualized and measured.

Examples of Intern Presentations
Begin your internship PowerPoint presentation by summarizing what you worked on. (Photo courtesy of Envato Elements.)
The key to creating a successful final intern presentation is to be specific at all times. Pay attention to important details. It is beneficial to begin your slide deck with a detailed slide-based overview of what you worked on. After you’ve introduced yourself, proceed to this section.

To set the stage for your final intern presentation, make sure to share the following key details:

Who were your colleagues on functional and cross-functional teams?
Specific tasks assigned to you, either as a team member or as a sole contributor
Completion and success metrics
The objectives that were set for you at the start of your internship
In short, you’re telling the audience about your daily assignments. What did you do each day, and what were your overall objectives? These are predetermined, and your internship’s success is measured against them.

Remember to balance detail with brevity as you share. Outline what you worked on concisely. You must clearly describe your tasks while not boring your audience. Let’s keep this section to one or two slides.

Share a Major Project (And Results and Recommendations)
Once the stage is set, outline a key project on which you worked. These are typical of many internships. You may be doing day-to-day tasks, but you will likely be working on one large task or project for the duration of your internship.

This key project will be your audience’s main takeaway. In this section, you explain how you added value to the company.

Sharing how the project helped you learn about the business is a great way to make a good impression here. Internships benefit both you and the company. You will demonstrate how your presence aided the firm by sharing what you worked on. And you’ll credit the project with teaching you about the inner workings and processes of the company.

Ideas for internship presentations
Concentrate on one major project that will provide the most value to your audience. (Photo courtesy of Envato Elements.)
Once again, specifics are critical here. Make sure to include information about the project’s success. What was the outcome?

Here, pay attention to the following:

The project’s outcomes. What evidence do you have that you finished it? What exactly is a deliverable? A process enhancement?
Data to back it up. Show, for example, how your project increased process efficiency by 20% in a chart.
What did you learn as a result of completing the project? You may have improved your teamwork skills or learned how to use an analytics dashboard, among other things. If it was important to you, it was important to the company. That puts it in the realm of possibility for your internship presentation.
How the project’s completion will benefit the company. Set the project in its proper context. How will your work continue to benefit the firm after your internship ends?
Finally, making a suggestion is a fantastic idea. You may have considered additional benefits or courses of action as you worked on the project. What else can you propose based on your work besides implementing your project?

You can provide a powerful idea for management to consider by making a recommendation. This contributes to your internship’s reputation as a success.

This is especially useful if you intend to work full-time for the company. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate how you can be a valuable asset to the firm in the future based on your previous work and insights.

Share Your Thoughts
The project you just described is an important component of your internship presentation. However, it will include only some of what you’ve learned! It’s a good idea to provide a more detailed account of your experiences after you’ve shared the project. This builds on the skills and knowledge you’ve gained along the way.

Concentrate on networking and communication skills that you developed during your internship. Internships, after all, should teach more than just basic business skills. They improve your work and life experiences, which you can apply in the workplace.

The intern’s final presentation
Share the entire scope of your experience to demonstrate how much you learned and what you enjoyed. (Photo courtesy of Envato Elements.)
Concentrate on how the internship benefited you. Highlight highlights of what you liked best and how you liked the working environment. You can mention your involvement in extracurricular activities. This is especially true if you relocated for an internship and are familiar with the culture of a new city.

Again, spend only a little bit of time on this. Consider it a way to add interest and show appreciation while staying on topic. Your goal here is to communicate the value you received from the internship by focusing on each component.

Show Your Appreciation
Internships are truly collaborative efforts. Those around you heavily influence your experience. You’re stepping into an unfamiliar environment at first. You have new coworkers to meet, new systems to learn, and projects to manage.

This is all set against the backdrop of your temporary presence. As a result, expressing gratitude at the end of your internship presentation is critical.

PowerPoint presentation on internship experience
Remember to express your gratitude to demonstrate your appreciation for your internship experience. (Photo courtesy of Envato Elements.)
This is one of the best internship presentation ideas because it will be your last impression. Please thank everyone involved in your journey for their assistance and support along the way.

Be specific once more. Recognize key people who assisted you with tasks or provided advice. You certainly express your gratitude by doing so. However, you are also paving the way for future interns. Recognizing the positives encourages those individuals to continue to be helpful and supportive to others.

You express how much you learned from your internship experience when you express gratitude. It’s the ideal way to reflect and acknowledge. This should be the conclusion of any successful final intern presentation.

In 2022, the Best Source for Internship PowerPoint Presentation Templates (With Unlimited Use)
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PowerPoint presentation on internship elements
Envato Elements has thousands of premium PowerPoint templates available as intern presentation examples.
Elements also provide a wide range of other digital assets. Custom fonts, stock photos, music, and other items are available. Your subscription includes access to all of these resources. And they’re the ideal partners for creating a compelling internship PowerPoint presentation.

You gain many benefits by using a premium template from Envato Elements. Consider them internship presentation examples. All of these will be useful as you create your own internship presentation slide deck:

Expertly crafted designs. The slide layouts were created by creative professionals and will impress even the most discerning audiences.
You’ll save time this way. With pre-built layouts, you can drop in your content. You will not have to create your slides. You’ll have more time to fine-tune your message because you won’t have to waste time on design.
There are powerful data visualizations. Internship presentations should be precise and data-driven as much as possible. The charts and infographics included in Elements’ PPT templates are ready to assist.
Design ideas can be found inside. Custom layouts assist you in coming up with new internship presentation ideas.

Powerpoint Presentation

Your presentation should include:

5 slides
One slide must cover a description of the potential place of employment
One slide must include a description of why you would like to work at this site
One slide must describe the work environment of the potential employment site
One slide is up to the student to fill with the information they find interesting and important
The last slide will be a list of sources of this information
Contain at least 3 pictures
At least one URL link

Some Rubric

Some Rubric


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSlide #1
3 ptsFull Marks
Student has covered a description of the potential place of employment in a thoughtful and clear manner.

1.8 ptsHalf marks
Student has started a description of the potential place of employment in some degree.

0 ptsNo Marks
Student has NOT covered a description of the potential place of employment.

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSlide #2
3 ptsFull Marks
Student has covered a description of why you would like to work at this site

1.8 ptsHalf marks
Student has started description of why you would like to work at this site in some degree.

0 ptsNo Marks
Student has NOT covered description of why you would like to work at this site.

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSlide #3
3 ptsFull Marks
Student has described the work environment of the potential employment site.

1.8 ptsHalf marks
Student has started describing the work environment of the potential employment site to some degree.

0 ptsNo Marks
Student has NOT covered description of why you would like to work at this site.

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSlide #4
3 ptsFull Marks
Student has filled slide 4 with information they find interesting and important.

1.8 ptsHalf marks
Student has started filling slide 4 with information they find interesting and important.

0 ptsNo Marks
Student does NOT have a slide 4 with information they find interesting and important.

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSlide #5
3 ptsFull Marks
Student’s last slide will be a list of sources on this information

0 ptsNo Marks
Student does not have a last slide with a list of sources on this information

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePhotos
3 ptsFull Marks
PowerPoint has 3 or more images.

1.8 ptsHalf marks
PowerPoint has some images but less than 3.

0 ptsNo Marks
PowerPoint has no images.

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLink
2 ptsFull Marks
Powerpoint has a least one link

0 ptsNo Marks
Powerpoint does not have any links.

2 pts
Total Points: 20

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