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(SOLVED)Causes and Effects of Teenage Smoking

(SOLVED)Causes and Effects of Teenage Smoking

Causes and Effects of Teenage Smoking

We are all aware that teen smoking is becoming one of the most serious and pressing issues confronting many countries, particularly the Philippines. Others consider smoking to be an offense or a crime. However, for the teenagers, this is simply a form of relaxation. Teens who begin smoking as a habit may contribute to the growing number of adult smokers in the future because young people are especially susceptible to peer pressure to begin smoking. There are numerous reasons why young people smoke, including a lack of information about smoking, social pressure, peer pressure, and a variety of other factors. Tobacco use has been linked to damage to nearly every organ system in the body. (2008, The Effect of Smoking on Human Health). It is a major contributor to heart attacks and strokes. Smoking is a type of addiction, especially for teenagers, who find it difficult to break the habit, but it is their choice whether to continue or stop smoking. Although you may not consider the risks every time you smoke, smoking is not only dangerous; it is also deadly. Teens must be aware of the negative consequences of smoking.

Statement of the Thesis
Teen smoking is a health risk that has become all too common. Teen smokers, as well as nonsmokers, must be aware of the dangers of smoking, as well as the reasons why teenagers smoke and how well we understand smoking.

The Dangers of Smoking
This is what smoking does to your body.
There is no safe way to smoke, and substituting a cigar or pipe will not help. Smoking has a wide range of consequences. (2010) (American Academy of Pediatrics)

Tobacco smoke contains carbon monoxide, which depletes your body’s oxygen supply while also introducing cancer-causing chemicals.
Your teeth and nails turn yellow and stink, and you have bad breath.
You can’t taste or smell anything well.
Nicotine, the main active ingredient in tobacco, causes your heart to beat faster and less effectively. Nicotine is extremely addictive.
Smoking’s Short and Long-Term Effects
Coughs, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, and more frequent respiratory illnesses are all short-term effects of smoking. Teens who are exposed to secondhand smoke are more likely to develop asthma, lower respiratory infections, and ear and eye infections. This is why smokers frequently experience shortness of breath and unsettling coughs. During physical activity, they frequently tire quickly.

Long-term effects of smoking include cancer of the lungs and other parts of the body, and if smokers get wounds, they heal slower than non-smokers. It also affects the immune system, which helps us protect ourselves from various diseases.
Can smoking have an impact on our vision?
Smoking is not only bad for our bodies; it is also bad for our eyes, as it can lead to a variety of eye infections. Smoking has been linked to an increased risk of blindness in the eyes, and smokers are twice as likely as nonsmokers to develop cataracts. The effects of cigarette smoking, such as heart disease and cancer, are well known, but many of us are unaware that sight-threatening vision and eye problems also exist. Quitting smoking is an effective way to reduce the risk of developing various eye diseases.

What is the mechanism by which cigarettes cause cancer?

The various substances in cigarettes can cause a variety of problems, including death. When you breathe in smoke, these chemicals enter your lungs and spread throughout your body. Lung cancer is caused by smoking. Lung cancer has one of the lowest cancer survival rates and is the leading cause of cancer death. The good news is that this health issue can be avoided by quitting smoking as soon as possible. Smoking can also increase the risk of other cancers such as thelaryngeal cancer, esophageal cancer, mouth cancer, stomach cancer, sinus cancer, and many others. Some of these cancers can progress to leukemia, which is fatal. It is also possible that smoking increases the risk of breast cancer in both men and women, but whatever cancer you develop as a result of smoking, there is still a chance or way to stop the risk of cancer in your body by quitting smoking; it is the only way to avoid having cancers.

What effect does smoking have on our throat?
If you smoke, it will also affect your throat. Heart disease, respiratory failure, lung cancer, and throat cancer all pose similar risks. The exposure of the larynx to chemicals during inhalation increases the risk of throat cancer. The vocal cord is located in the larynx and plays an important role in breathing, eating, and speaking. Hoarseness of voice, as well as difficulty speaking, breathing, and eating, is an early symptom of throat cancer that can be treated immediately by quitting smoking.

Do all teenagers understand the dangers of smoking?
Maybe they know, maybe they don’t, or maybe they just ignore it. Other teenagers, such as those from low-income families or those who are unable to attend school, are undereducated. They only know that if they smoke too much, it will affect their body, but they are unaware that every cigarette they smoke contains chemicals that will affect their body and brain. These chemicals have the potential to cause immediate harm to the human body.

Smoking is harmful.
Teens who smoke are three times more likely to use alcohol than nonsmokers.

Most teenagers would prefer to hang out with nonsmokers.
You may not feel or smell smoke on you, but those around you can.
Kissing a smoker is akin to kissing an ashtray.
People are unlikely to want to be around you if you smoke.
Reasons why teenagers begin smoking
We are all aware that smoking is harmful to our health. Tobacco use can lead to lung, laryngeal, and kidney cancers, as well as death. Many teen smokers are aware of the dangers of smoking, but why do they continue to do so? There are several reasons why teens continue to smoke despite the dangers to their health.

Peer Influence is the primary cause of teen smoking. Many adult smokers began smoking when they were teenagers because it provided them with a sense of belonging. Friends are there for you no matter what is going on in your life. But we also need to know who our friends are. Friends can make our lives more enjoyable, but they can also have a negative impact on our way of life. Some teenagers find it difficult to say no to their friends. As teenagers, we must learn to say no in order to avoid a jumble of priorities and, in some cases, to avoid bad habits.

Another reason is that not all teenagers come from happy or stable families. Some teenagers are abused by their parents or separated parents, or it is either one or both of them who has the problem that is causing the broken family. Teenagers may begin smoking as a form of retaliation as a result of problems at home. They begin smoking to demonstrate to their parents that they are rebelling against them.

Parents can persuade their children to begin smoking. They smoke in the way that their child sees them. Because their parents smoke, their child or adolescent may believe it is a good habit or a sign of maturity. Parents should teach their children good habits, but as their children observe their bad habits, it is possible that their child will develop a bad habit as well.

Image and boredom. Teenagers may begin smoking due to boredom because not all teenagers participate in sports or organizations at their schools. That is why they are bored at home and have nothing to do but watch television, care for their siblings, or go online and play computer games. Because of this mundane piece of work, they decided to try something new and exciting. Smoking appears to be the solution. Because some teenagers believe that smoking will make them appear cool to others. They believe it improves their self-image because having a cool self image in the eyes of others is important for many teenagers nowadays.

Finally, there is stress. Stress is said to be one of the reasons why teens start smoking; this simply means that teens believe smoking can relieve stress and fatigue. That is why, the more stressed out teenagers are, the longer they will smoke. Smokers have higher levels of stress in life than nonsmokers. As a result, quitting smoking is necessary to avoid some health problems that can result from stress and worry.

Recognizing smoking
What I hope to accomplish with this article is to help us understand why so many teenagers begin smoking. We are less likely to smoke if we understand why teenagers begin smoking. This study will provide us with enough information to discourage teen smokers from smoking. Furthermore, the findings of this study will educate and enlighten readers about the harmful effects of smoking on our health.

According to Ginzel, M.D.(2003), every cigarette puff inhales 400 toxic chemicals such as

Nicotine (A drop of pure nicotine can kill) (A drop of pure nicotine can kill.)
Cyanide (a deadly poison) (a deadly poison)
Benzene (used in making paints, dyes, and plastics) (used in making paints, dyes, and plastics)
Formaldehyde (used to preserve dead bodies) (used to preserve dead bodies)
Ammonia and acetylene (fuel for torches) (used in fertilizers)
People who live near smokers (Second hand smoke)
Secondhand smoke is defined as smoke expelled by a smoker and inhaled by a nonsmoker. Even if you don’t smoke, inhaling secondhand smoke can have a negative impact on your health. Smokers can endanger the health of nonsmokers simply by being near them. Furthermore, the more you are exposed to smokers, the more likely you are to develop a smoking-related disease. Secondhand smoke affects your health as you inhale it, which means that it doesn’t just affect a teenager’s life in the near future; it can affect your health right now.

For example, a healthy child with a singing career who inhales secondhand smoke may experience nagging coughs and colds. There are many reasons why people smoke, but the effects of smoking on humans are the same: it damages every organ in the body.

Secondhand Smoke
Although you cannot see or feel it, smoke clings to hair, walls, beddings, carpets, dust, hair, skin, and furniture, causing third hand smoke. Even if you do not smoke, third-hand smoke is hazardous because it can cause a variety of health problems, including asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Third-hand smoke cannot be eliminated simply by opening windows, using fans or air conditioners, removing dampness from rooms, or limiting smoking to specific areas of a home. Nonsmokers can only be protected from third-hand smoke by creating a smoke-free environment or smoking in public places where people are far away from you.

Teen Smokers as a Group
Teen smoking cigarettes has become a major health risk. The number of teen smokers is increasing every day as smoking becomes more popular among the youth population. Smoking has numerous short and long term effects on its users. Many adult smokers began smoking when they were teenagers and have continued to do so. Smoking is a highly addictive habit, particularly among teenagers; the only way to avoid these negative consequences is to quit smoking.

Teenage Smoking Facts
Cigarette smoking is one of the world’s most serious public health threats. World Health Organization (WHO), 2014

Teenagers who smoke are more likely to experience panic attacks, anxiety disorders, and depression.
One in every five addicted teenagers smokes 13-15 cigarettes per day.
90% of smokers started before the age of 21.
Smoking can cause skin to age faster, second only to sun exposure in causing premature wrinkles.
Smokers die 13 to 14 years earlier than nonsmokers on average.
Teenagers’ Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Quitting smoking can improve your lifestyle and, more importantly, your health. As a teenager, you still have time to quit smoking and reclaim your healthy lifestyle. The sooner you quit smoking, the more confident you will be that your risk of developing cancer will be reduced, or that if you have any serious diseases, quitting smoking may help them heal faster. If you stop smoking, you are no longer at risk of developing smoking-related diseases, and if this occurs, you will be able to enjoy your life without worry and have more time for your loved ones. Perhaps two out of every three teen smokers want to quit smoking due to current problems. Some people find it difficult to quit smoking; the most important aspect of quitting smoking is determination. Finally, you are the only one who can decide whether or not to quit smoking because it is your own body that will suffer from various illnesses.

Teen smokers should remember a few things that will help them kick their bad habits. Maintaining the health of your family, friends, and loved ones is the most powerful motivator for you to quit smoking. Here are some of the health benefits of quitting smoking:

It will make it easier for you to breathe.
Quitting smoking will extend your life. Ex-smokers may have withered teeth.
If you stop smoking, your sense of smell and taste will improve.
Stop smoking to achieve younger, healthier skin.
Quit smoking if you want to have more energy for work, sports, friends, and other activities.
To protect your loved ones from third and secondhand smoke, quit smoking.
Teen smoking is a health risk that has become all too common. Smoking can harm not only the smoker’s health but also the health of those who do not smoke. Nonsmokers are afflicted with a variety of illnesses such as nose and eye infections, coughs, colds, and headaches. It is due to the second hand smoke they inhale. Even if teen smokers believe that smoking relieves stress and helps them relax, they are unaware that many chemicals from cigarettes are entering their bodies. There are many negative effects of smoking that can cause damage to your health, and it is not only a health threat for smokers, but also for non smokers. Many people are distracted by smoking because of their unhealthy habits. Smokers should quit in order to reduce the number of smokers and maintain a healthy environment.

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Causes and Effects of Teenage Smoking

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