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(solved) Violence And Abuse

(solved) Violence And Abuse

Violence And Abuse


You are classified as a mandated reporter and a registered nurse. This means that you agree to report abuse per your state’s guidelines when you sign your nursing license application or request for application renewal. This includes reporting abuse of children or dependent adults when you suspect or believe a patient has been abused while working as a nurse in your official capacity. Your state board of nursing can provide guidelines for reporting abuse in your state. Additional information about what is and is not reportable should be available through your company’s legal department. The first step in obtaining this information is frequently speaking with a direct supervisor.

While nurses are not required by law to report suspected domestic violence under the mandated reporter provision, you have a great responsibility and opportunity to help victims of domestic violence as a nurse. Assisting patients to open up about potential abuse is one of the first steps in helping victims of domestic violence. Ensure that brochures and flyers about domestic violence services are prominently displayed in public areas where patients can see them.

The curriculum of all nursing schools includes information on how to detect child and domestic abuse, but the practice of detection can be much more difficult. Most inpatient and outpatient facilities now have questions about personal safety and domestic violence screening as part of the intake process. As a nurse, it is critical to ask these questions purposefully so that the patient has enough time to respond. Some practitioners even wear buttons or badges that say, “It is OK to talk about domestic violence with me.” Only inquire about domestic violence when the patient’s partner is not present.

These are the motivating factors or reasons why people rape. It is critical to comprehend the underlying causes of sexually aggressive behavior. According to a recent study, sexually aggressive behavior is a way for sexual offenders to express their emotions. People have believed that the primary motivation for rape incidents is sexual desire. According to the research, most of these sexual offenders use sex to assert power and dominance over their victims. However, not all perpetrators commit this heinous crime for the same reasons.

There are also numerous myths associated with rape. Most men believe that when a woman says no to sex, she means yes. However, this is not always the case. A man should learn always to respect a woman’s wishes. Some believe that raping young boys and girls will cure them of diseases such as cancer and tuberculosis. These are all lies, and no one should be a victim of rape because of them. Most people also believe that raping sex workers is impossible. According to research, male and female sex workers have been raped by their clients or the police. People also believe that a man cannot rape his wife or that a woman cannot rape her husband. Rape can be defined as any forced sexual penetration, even between married couples. Some countries, however, exempt marital rape.

Everyone does not always understand the cycle of violence. However, the more you study it, the more you realize it. Cycles of violence occur when a series of events occur in an abusive relationship.

The stages do not all co-occur or are in the same order in each relationship. It can happen within a couple of hours at times, and it can take up to a year at other times. Continue reading to learn more about the cycle of violence.

Each experiences a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the cycle of violence. Anyone who witnesses or is a victim of this can be terrified, painful, or emotionally devastated.

If you or someone you know has been harmed by violence in the past and the abuser has promised not to hurt you again, do not believe it. Unless that person seeks help for their behavior, they will continue to endanger you and your family.

Violence And Abuse


Violence And Abuse

1. Examine the incidence of violence against women.

2. Outline the role of the nurse who cares for abused women.

3. Characterize the cycle of violence and appropriate interventions.

4. Evaluate the various myths and facts about violence.

5. Select the resources available to women experiencing abuse.

6. Analyze the dynamics of rape and sexual abuse.

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