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(solved) The Feedback Loop Between Wellness And Society

(solved) The Feedback Loop Between Wellness And Society

The Feedback Loop Between Wellness And Society


Feedback loops are an automated change process. They include a behavioral change, the effect of the change, and the adjustment or continuation of new behavior based on the impact. This is an ideal pattern for a successful transition. Change is difficult to implement operationally.

Several factors influence the success or failure of feedback loops. Many of our internal feedback loops operate beneath our conscious awareness, measuring the success of action against criteria other than our most special intentions. Biases, justifications, and a slew of other contaminants disrupt the smooth operation of psychological feedback loops, and we endorse and sustain behaviors that undermine long-term goals.

Change with Intention
We frequently operate on autopilot. Behaviors, feelings, and environments collide, resulting in unconscious evaluations and behavior reactions. We react to our surroundings without thinking about it. The result isn’t perfect. Much is dependent on prior learning and biological set points. Conscious change, while not immune to contamination, may benefit significantly from feedback loops.
When we can identify an end goal, enact a new behavior on purpose to achieve that goal, and objectively evaluate the success of that new behavior, our chances of success improve dramatically. For example, if our goal is to improve our grades in school, we may decide to study every day from 8 to 11 a.m. (new behavior). If we achieve higher marks than previous semesters at the end of the semester (objective evaluation), we may continue our designated study time for the following semester (sustaining new behavior). Suppose the new behavior does not improve grades. In that case, we can make adjustments by increasing study time, changing study methods, changing which hours we study, and reevaluating at the end of the semester.


Emotions and Feedback Loops
Our emotional reaction is a standard indicator of new behavior. We measure success based on how we feel. “How do I feel now?” we inquire. The behavior-emotional response feedback loop is faster. When we act, we almost immediately feel an emotion. Depending on the valence and intensity of the emotion, feelings can either reinforce or deter further action.
Emotions can be used as a reward and punishment in operant conditioning, enticing people to repeat or abandon a behavior or set of behaviors. The emotion acts as an unintentional feedback loop. Conditioning or learning occurs outside of conscious awareness.

The Feedback Loop Between Wellness And Society


The Feedback Loop Between Wellness And Society

This course explores wellness and its impact on the world around us. Wellness influences society, and society influences wellness, creating a feedback loop between them. You will critically analyze a specific issue or event in wellness and how it impacts individuals and society using the four general education lenses: history, humanities, natural and applied sciences, and social science. From this enhanced understanding, you will be equipped to draw connections between wellness, self, and engagement with your community. You will demonstrate your ability to think critically, investigate, and communicate clearly. These skills are often necessary to achieve personal and professional goals across many disciplines.

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