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(solved) Stroke

(solved) Stroke



When the blood flow to a portion of the brain is blocked or diminished, brain tissue cannot receive oxygen and nutrients, which results in an ischemic stroke. In minutes, brain cells start to degenerate.

A stroke is a medical emergency; getting help quickly is essential. Early intervention can lessen problems and brain damage.

The good news is that stroke-related deaths among Americans have decreased significantly over time. Stroke impairment can also be avoided with the use of effective treatments.


Pay close note to the moment the symptoms first appear if you believe that you or someone you are with may be having a stroke. When administered quickly after a stroke starts, some therapy options are most successful.

Stroke symptoms and signs include:

Difficulty communicating and hearing what others are saying. You can sound confused, slur words, or have trouble following conversations.
Face, arm, or leg numbness or paralysis You could suddenly experience facial, arm, or leg paralysis, weakness, or numbness. Usually, just one side of the body is impacted. Attempt to raise both of your arms above your head simultaneously. You might have a stroke if one of your arms starts to fall. One side of your mouth might also droop when you attempt to smile.
Vision issues in one or both eyes. One or both of your eyes may suddenly become blurry or black, or you may experience double vision.
Headache. A sudden, intense headache may indicate that you are experiencing a stroke if it is accompanied by vomiting, wooziness, or altered consciousness.
Difficulty walking. You might trip or get unbalanced. A sudden loss of balance or dizziness is a potential symptom.


A blocked artery (ischemic stroke) or a blood vessel leak or burst are the two primary causes of stroke (hemorrhagic stroke). Transient ischemic attacks (TIAs), which are brief interruptions in blood supply to the brain that don’t persist long, can occur in some persons.

stroke with ischemia

The most typical kind of stroke is this one. It occurs when the blood arteries in the brain narrow or block, significantly reducing the amount of blood flow (ischemia). Fat deposits accumulate in blood vessels, blood clots, or other debris that move through the bloodstream, typically from the heart, and lodge in the blood vessels in the brain, causing blocked or restricted blood arteries.

There is a need for more research, but preliminary findings suggest that COVID-19 infection may increase the risk of ischemic stroke.

bleeding stroke
When a blood vessel in the brain leaks or ruptures, a hemorrhagic stroke happens. Numerous conditions affect the blood vessels and can cause brain hemorrhages. Hemorrhagic stroke risk factors include:

Continually elevated blood pressure
excessive use of blood thinners (anticoagulants)
Bulges near vulnerable areas of the blood vessel walls
Trauma (such as a car accident)
Blood vessel walls become weakened as a result of protein buildup.
Hemorrhage following an ischemic stroke
The rupture of an irregular tangle of thin-walled blood vessels is a less frequent cause of bleeding in the brain.





concept, classification, complications, risk factors, treatment and nursing considerations

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