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(solved) Schizophrenia

(solved) Schizophrenia



Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness in which reality is perceived by sufferers strangely. Schizophrenia may include hallucinations, delusions, and severely irrational thinking and behavior, making it challenging to go about daily activities and incapacitate.

Schizophrenia patients require ongoing care. Early intervention may help keep symptoms under control before major issues arise and may enhance the prognosis in the long run.

Various issues with behavior, emotions and thinking (cognition) are present in schizophrenia. Although there are many different signs and symptoms, they typically entail delusions, hallucinations, or slurred speech and indicate a reduced capacity for function. Some characters could be:

Delusions. These are erroneous notions that are not supported by reality. For instance, you feel threatened or tormented; you are the target of specific gestures or remarks; you are famous or gifted; you are in love with someone else; or a severe disaster is about to happen. The majority of those with schizophrenia experience delusions.
Hallucinations. Typically, they entail hearing or seeing nonexistent objects. However, a typical event has all of its energy and significance for a person with schizophrenia. Hearing voices is the most frequent hallucination, though they can occur in any sense.
Unorganized thought (speech). Chaotic speech implies disorganized thinking. Answers to questions may be partially or entirely unconnected, hindering effective communication. Rarely speaking may involve stringing together incomprehensible words, a practice known as word salad.
Aberrant or wildly disordered motor behavior may manifest in various ways, ranging from naiveté to irrational agitation. Because behavior isn’t goal-focused, activities are challenging to complete. Resistance to commands, odd or unsuitable postures, a complete lack of response, or unnecessary and excessive movement are all examples of behavior.
Negative signs. This describes a diminished or absent capacity to carry out routine tasks. For instance, they might not take care of their hygiene or exhibit a lack of emotion by speaking monotonously, avoiding eye contact, or changing their facial expressions. Additionally, the person can stop enjoying routine tasks, withdraw socially, or be incapable of enjoying themselves.
Over time, symptoms might change in nature and degree, with periods when they get worse and times when they go away. Some symptoms could be present at all times.

Schizophrenia symptoms in men often appear between the ages of 20 and 30. The average onset of symptoms in women is in their late 20s. Schizophrenia is rarely diagnosed in youngsters and much less frequently in people over 45.


symptoms in adolescents
Although teenage schizophrenia symptoms are comparable to those in adults, it may be more challenging to diagnose. This may be partially because some of the early signs of schizophrenia in teenagers are typical for adolescent development, such as:

withdrawal from family and friends
a decrease in academic achievement
difficulty sleeping
irritability or a downbeat attitude
a lack of drive
Additionally, recreational drug use—including marijuana, methamphetamine, or LSD—can occasionally result in comparable signs and symptoms.

When compared to adult schizophrenia symptoms, teen symptoms may be:

less inclined to be delusional
more prone to experiencing visual hallucinations
Whenever to visit a doctor
People living with Schizophrenia frequently are unaware that their problems are caused by a mental illness that has to be treated. Therefore, it often falls on family or friends to get them assistance.




It’s common to find patients with schizophrenia that do not complain about their psychiatric medications. What strategies can you use to engage such patients in treatment? Why is long-term injection medication a great option for these patients? What non-pharmacological treatments could be appropriate for a schizophrenic patient? (behavioral therapy and providing the patient with community resources).

Your post will be checked in Turnitin for plagiarism. Responses should be a minimum of 350 words, scholarly written, APA formatted, and referenced.  A minimum of 3 references are required (other than your textbook).

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