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(solved) Remaining Calm

(solved) Remaining Calm

Remaining Calm


Working as a nurse allows you to combine your faith with practical skills while assisting those in need. However, this job can be stressful and demanding, especially if you’re a new nurse. If you want to be able to serve others well, you must learn how to stay calm and control your anxiety. This allows you to concentrate on patient care and other nursing responsibilities. How do nurses maintain their cool under pressure? The following suggestions will help you feel more at ease at work.

Always Pay Attention

Nurses must have excellent listening skills. You’ll be able to understand better how to provide your patients with the care they require if you’re a good listener. If you find it difficult to concentrate on what others are saying, work on improving your listening skills. Please pay close attention to what others say when conversing with them, whether it’s a patient or another nurse. Concentrating on what the other person is saying can assist you in remaining focused rather than becoming distracted. You can practice being a good listener at home or elsewhere, in addition to at work. The more you practice, the better you will become at listening.


Look after Yourself

Taking care of your physical and emotional health and well-being can aid your development as a nurse. You’ll have more energy and handle stress more effectively if you take care of yourself rather than allowing it to control you. Caring for yourself entails eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep and exercise, and working on stress management techniques such as journaling or practicing gratitude. Take care of your physical and emotional needs regularly to feel calmer and healthier overall.

Remember to Breathe During Stressful Situations

Working as a nurse can be stressful, especially if you work long hours, have a heavy workload, are brand new on the job, or all of the above! Take some time to breathe when you are more stressed or anxious. If possible, take a short break and concentrate on your breathing. Deep, slow breaths will help to calm your nerves and mind. Deep breathing can help relieve stress and put you in a better mood. Taking a short break from a stressful situation also allows you to recharge so you can return to caring for patients and handling the rest of your workload.

Maintain a Regular Sleeping Schedule

The amount and quality of sleep you get can significantly impact how stressed you feel at work. You should ensure you can get a good night’s sleep every night, which begins with a healthy sleeping routine. This could include reading instead of watching television a couple of hours before bed. You could also try a relaxing wind-down yoga or meditation routine. It would help if you kept your bedroom at a comfortable temperature so that it does not become too hot or cold, and make it as dark and quiet as possible.

Caffeine Intake Should Be Monitored

One more cup of coffee may provide a temporary energy boost but also make you feel more anxious or stressed. While you can drink coffee or tea, you should limit your caffeine intake. Caffeine can make it difficult to stay focused and calm at work. Remember that chocolate and other foods contain caffeine as well. When you want something refreshing, try water instead of coffee or tea. This can help you feel more awake without adding to your anxiety.

Keep in mind to eat and nourish your body.

Eating regularly as a nurse is critical, no matter how busy you are. Make room in your schedule for eating, even if it’s just a quick snack. Stick to nutritious foods that provide your body with plenty of nutrients for energy and good health when choosing foods for meals or snacks. For a quick snack, try carrot sticks instead of cookies or chips. Before going to work, eat a healthy breakfast and bring a nutritious lunch if possible.

Always keep your objectives in mind.

Remember your goals on days that are more stressful than usual. Thinking about your nursing goals can help motivate you to keep going. You may also want to consider how far you’ve come and what goals you’ve already accomplished compared to when you were a new nurse. This can help you see your success, motivating you to work toward new goals. Gaining experience as a nurse, for example, can help you work toward a goal of returning to school to earn a higher degree. This may open up more career opportunities in the healthcare field.

Remaining Calm


Remaining Calm

There are times when a nurse must provide care for a client who is agitated and verbally or physically aggressive. The client may be psychotic, but the nurse must, in each case, remain in control of his/her own feelings, and intervene in the most appropriate manner.

After watching a segment regarding a violent client at Bellevue Hospital, answer the questions below. It’s not necessary to critique the staff in the video, just think of how you might respond.

Violent Client at Bellevue Hosptial Video

  • Describe a time when a client was rude or verbally abusive to you. How did you react?
  • What skills were necessary to maintain a professional, caring, therapeutic relationship?
  • How did you best communicate with this client?
  • What did you learn from this experience?

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