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(solved) Nightingales Environmental Model Of Caring

(solved) Nightingales Environmental Model Of Caring

Nightingale’s Environmental Model Of Caring


Florence Nightingale’s Environment Theory, as the founder of modern nursing, changed the face of nursing practice. During the Crimean War, she worked as a nurse and noticed a link between dying patients and their living conditions. The Environment Theory of Nursing was born as a result of her observations. This theory was explained in Nightingale’s Notes on Nursing: What it Is and What It Is Not. The Nightingale model of nursing considered the first nursing theorist, contains elements that have not changed since the establishment of the modern nursing profession. Though this theory was groundbreaking at the time, its principles are timeless.

The Environment Theory, which focuses on caring for the patient’s environment to achieve health goals and cure illness, makes seven assumptions. These are the assumptions:

Natural laws allow humanity to achieve perfection.

Nursing is a vocation.

Nursing is an art as well as a science.

Nursing is accomplished through environmental modification.

Nursing necessitates a specific educational foundation.

Nursing is distinct from and distinct from medicine.

In this model, the goal of nursing is to change the patient’s environment to affect his or her health. According to the theory, the environmental factors that affect health are fresh air, pure water, adequate food supplies, efficient drainage, cleanliness of the patient and environment, and light (particularly direct sunlight). If any of these areas is deficient, the patient’s health may suffer. A nurse’s role in a patient’s recovery is to gradually change the environment to create optimal conditions for the patient’s body to heal. In some cases, this would imply minimal noise, while in others, it could imply a specific diet. All these areas can be manipulated to assist the patient in meeting his or her health objectives and becoming healthy.

Nursing’s Environment Theory is a patient-care theory. It focuses on patient care rather than the nursing process, the patient-nurse relationship, or the individual nurse. As a result, the model must be modified to meet the needs of individual patients. Environmental factors affect different patients in ways that are unique to their situations and illnesses. The nurse must address these factors on a case-by-case basis to ensure that they are altered in a way that best cares for an individual patient and his or her needs.

The ten significant concepts of Environment Theory, also known as Nightingale’s Canons, are as follows:

Warming and ventilation

Noise and light

The area’s cleanliness

Household health

Bedding and mattress

Personal hygiene is essential.


Providing hope and advice

Foods Observation

Nursing, according to Nightingale, is distinct from medicine. Nursing’s goal is to put the patient in the best possible condition for nature to act. Nursing is “health-promoting activities that occur in any caregiving situation.” “Health” means “being well, but also being able to use every power we have.” Nightingale’s theory of disease takes a literal approach, defining it as the absence of comfort.


The environment paradigm is, understandably, the most critical aspect of Nightingale’s model. Her observations taught her that unsanitary environments contribute significantly to illness and that the environment can be changed to improve a patient’s condition and allow healing to occur.

Nightingale’s Modern Nursing Theory had an impact on nursing education as well. She was the first to advocate for nurses to be specially educated and trained for their roles in healthcare. This enabled the development of nursing standards of care, which aided in patients’ overall care.

Nightingales Environmental Model Of Caring


Nightingale’s Environmental Model Of Caring

Discussion week 2 – online

Please take a moment to review Nightingale’s Environmental Model of Caring and identify in

which ways does this nursing theory remain relevant in today’s healthcare system and clinical


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