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(solved) Maslow Hierarchy

(solved) Maslow Hierarchy

Maslow Hierarchy


Nurses will face various intense demands and constant interruptions in a healthcare setting. The combination of chaos and tiredness can impair a nurse’s ability to be compassionate and joyful at work. It can be exhausting to have a busy day filled with several urgent calls but being unable to access their patients’ vital information can be even more frustrating. Frustration can be harmful to one’s patience and well-being.

Regarding a hierarchy, nurses’ strengths and acceptance techniques in healthcare are comparable to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

What is the relationship between Maslow’s hierarchy and communication? According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, people communicate to meet a variety of physical and social demands. Physical survival requirements, safety and protection requirements, belonging requirements, self-esteem requirements, and self-actualization requirements are all included.

Nurses can self-actualize at the top of the pyramid, feeling a sense of control and support. When nurses address the first three levels of need in the hierarchy, they have a better chance of addressing higher levels, such as self-actualization. Starting at the bottom, here is how the hierarchy appears and how it relates to the communication tools provided to nurses.

Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy


Physiological requirements
A safe working environment is essential for nurses. Nurses were initially required to take breaks to eat, use the restroom, and catch their breath. They also want communication solutions that allow them to work together and interact more effectively.

Using appropriate communication solutions, healthcare practices can be easily managed. Nurses who are given techniques that improve patient care will save time. Otherwise, time would be wasted conversing with others, looking for resources, receiving actual test results, and handling other responsibilities.

If physiological problems are addressed in the healthcare setting, nurses can recover time for basic human needs such as rest and meals. As a result, they will have more time to devote to patient care.

Safety requirements
We all have a strong desire to feel safe. Nothing else will work until this need is met.

When a nurse’s physiological needs are met, the need for security and safety fades away. Everyone, however, desires order and control in their lives. These requirements can be met by families and society, such as medical care, law enforcement, schools, and business.

Other examples of safety requirements include:

Emotional safety
Financial stability (employment social welfare)
Order and law
The absence of fear
Stability in society
Health and happiness (safety against accidents and injury)
Love and belonging are required.
Nurses should also feel empowered at work, knowing that their thoughts and feelings are valued. They are an essential component of providing effective patient care. Healthcare staff should consider nurses’ perspectives and professional advice on processes, policies, and goals.

This level of nursing needs is social and involves feelings of belonging. In a healthcare setting, belongingness refers to a nurse’s emotional need for social relationships, affiliating, connectedness, and being part of a group.

Examples of belongingness requirements include:

Receiving and expressing affection

Maslow Hierarchy


Maslow Hierarchy

“Discuss Maslow’s hierachy of needs as it relates to psychology in nursing

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