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(solved) Level 1 Rapid Infuser

(solved) Level 1 Rapid Infuser

Level 1 Rapid Infuser


Models of Level 1 Infusers
What is the difference between a Fluid Warmer and a Rapid Infuser?
For surgical or critically ill patients, fluid warmers and rapid infusers are critical and lifesaving devices. A fluid warmer electrically warms fluids or blood products before they are administered intravenously to a patient to assist the patient in maintaining an average body temperature. A rapid infuser is used to help blood products and fluids to critically ill patients rapidly. They are typically used by trained healthcare professionals in hospitals or clinical settings.

Even minor drops in body temperature after significant blood loss can be harmful, causing recovery to be delayed or infection to set in. The fluid is warmed inside the bag so that it can be safely administered to the patient via IV. Warming fluid is possible at the primary level. The fluid is quickly delivered to the patient via the IV in the next level, and the most advanced level includes a safety valve.

Smiths Medical Level 1 blood and fluid warmers help reduce the risk of hypothermia, hyperthermia, and malignant hyperthermia and allow for early diagnosis. Level 1 temperature management systems used in clinical care settings help monitor and regulate patient temperature by infusing normothermic blood and intravenous fluids quickly, as well as warming blood and fluids regularly.


H-1000 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer, Level 1
The Smiths Medical Level 1 H-1000 fluid warmer has been designed for the safe and rapid in-line warming of intravenous fluids as they are administered to patients. There are disposable sets designed for warming at various infusion rates.

Smiths Medical H-1000 Specifications

The H-1000 uses a safe circulating water heating system naturally free of “hotspots.” The primary temperature control circuit raises the temperature of the circulating water bath to approximately 42 °C for efficient heat exchange and maximum fluid warming.
The H-1000’s sturdy design allows for a compact custom I.V. pole mount setup.
Disposable Sets feature a one-of-a-kind “hands-off” Gas Vent that vents micro-bubbles of the gas continuously released from fluids as they warm.

H-1025 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer, Level 1
As a volume replacement, the Level 1 H-1025 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer delivers a rapid flow of warmed fluids such as crystalloids or blood products such as red blood cells. Even a tiny drop in a patient’s body temperature can be harmful, causing recovery to be delayed or infection to set in. Because the H-1025 uses a safe, sealed heating system, the blood or fluid is inherently free of “hot spots” with Level 1’s proven technology.

Smiths Medical H-1025 Specifications
Rigid pressure chambers accept standard blood and crystalloid bags, providing a constant 300mmHg pressure for rapid infusion while allowing for quick and easy bag changes.
Aluminum heat exchangers transfer heat 1000 times faster than plastic.
The Gas Vent has the added benefit of automated air elimination, which eliminates microbubbles without frequent reprimanding.
Safety Features Included: Monitors reservoir temperature to prevent overheating and issues an audible and visual alarm if the temperature rises above 43.9° C.
H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmer, Level 1
The Level 1 H-1200 Fast Flow Fluid Warmers allow for the rapid infusion of warm fluids while providing the added security of an integrated Air Detector/Clamp. The flow of blood and crystalloid is automatically stopped when air is detected in the line, allowing for quick removal of air and restoration of flow without disconnecting from the patient or changing disposable administration sets. There are various disposable sets available for a variety of clinical applications.

Smiths Medical H-1200 Specifications

Standard blood and crystalloid bags are accommodated in rigid pressure chambers, which maintain a constant 300mmHg pressure for rapid infusion.
An on/off toggle switch is used to quickly and easily pressurize chambers.
Patients receive normothermic blood and I.V. fluids with the counter-current 42°C circulating water bath and an aluminum heat exchanger that transfers heat 1,000 times faster than plastic.
The integrated Air Detector/Clamp detects the presence of air in the blood and crystalloid, alerts clinicians, and automatically stops the flow, allowing quick air removal without disconnecting from the patient or changing disposables.

Level 1 Rapid Infuser


Level 1 Rapid Infuser

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