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(solved) Infection Discussion

(solved) Infection Discussion

Infection Discussion


The Epidemiologic Triad is a traditional model of infectious disease causation. The triad consists of an external agent, a host, and an environment in which the host and agent come into contact, causing the disease to manifest in the host. A vector, an organism that spreads infection by transporting the pathogen from one host to another without causing illness, could be involved in the infectious process.

The Anopheles mosquito is a classic example of a vector. The mosquito picks up the parasite plasmodium as it consumes blood from an infected host. The plasmodium is not harmful to mosquitos. The plasmodium, however, can cause malaria in the infected human after being stored in the salivary glands and injected into the next person upon whom the mosquito feeds. As a result, the Anopheles mosquito acts as a vector for malaria. Ticks of the genus Ixodes, which can transmit Lyme disease, are another well-known vector.


Transmission occurs in the traditional epidemiologic triad model when an agent leaves its reservoir or host through an exit portal, is conveyed by a mode of communication, and enters through an appropriate entry portal to infect a susceptible host. Direct transmission (direct host-to-host contact, droplet spread from one host to another) or indirect information (the transfer of an infectious agent from a reservoir to a susceptible host via suspended air particles, inanimate objects (vehicles or fomites), or animate intermediaries) (vectors).

Infection Discussion

Infection Discussion


Infection Discussion

Post with a minimum of 250 words, post must contain at least (2) professional references, cited correctly in the current APA format. Ask 2 provocative questions to prompt online discussion using bold print at the end of your initial discussion.

Review the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) (2014) report about incidence and trends of foodborne illnesses website @ (Links to an external site.).

  1. Identify examples of the epidemiological triad and transmission cycle.
  2. Discuss and examine principles of distribution.
  3. Locate examples of epidemiologic measures (count data, ratio, proportion, rate, incidence, and prevalence).
  4. Locate examples of descriptive epidemiology (person, place, time) and frequency.
  5. Discuss the purpose of this report. Name at least three ways that nurses can use these epidemiologic investigations and report findings.

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