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(solved) Health Promotion And Culture In Nursing (Reflexology)

(solved) Health Promotion And Culture In Nursing (Reflexology)

Health Promotion And Culture In Nursing (Reflexology)


Reflexology is essentially a study of the connections between different body parts. Practitioners of reflexology rely on the reflexes that connect all internal organs and other human body parts to the feet and hands. They contend that all other body parts can be revitalized and given the right amount of energy by massaging specific points on the hands and feet. The purpose of this review was to explore the idea of reflexology and investigate its efficacy, methods, and practitioner education. The following medical subject headings or keywords were searched for in the PubMed, SCOPUS, Google Scholar, and SpringerLink databases: foot massage, reflexology, foot reflexotherapy, reflexological treatment, and zone therapy. The latest ten years’ worth of articles were included. Previous systematic reviews could not provide verifiable proof of any particular benefit of reflexology in any situation. Reflexology is widely recognized since it is a non-invasive, non-pharmacological alternative therapy, and there is anecdotal evidence of its beneficial effects on several medical issues. To deliver services consistently, practitioners need to have enough training.


Reflexology is a systematic technique in which the health of connected body parts can be affected by applying pressure to specific points on the hands and feet. On the hands and feet, each pressure point serves as a sensor and is explicitly connected to various bodily parts. Applying the reflexology technique will stimulate these sensors to increase blood and energy circulation, provide a sense of relaxation, and maintain homeostasis. Reflexology sessions might benefit from additional components like aromatherapy, calming music, and conducive surroundings. Reflex zone therapy is a phrase used in reflexology. The body is divided into ten longitudinal zones from head to toe in reflex zone therapy. There are five zones in the reflex zone therapy on either side of the body. Each zone diverges down a specific arm before continuing straight down the body and down a specific leg to line up with a specific toe on the corresponding foot. In order to get maximum effectiveness and impact from reflex zone therapy, practitioners often use the appropriate approach. Based on reflexology maps, reflexology is a complementary therapy rather than an alternative therapy to other therapies the patient already receives. Today, many palliative care practices use complementary therapies to treat symptoms without addressing the underlying cause to enhance patients’ emotional, physical, and spiritual health and prolong their lives. The Ingham and Rwo Shur method are two reflexology techniques that have gained acceptance on a global scale. The second method uses instruments like a wooden stick, while the first does not need any. Five hypotheses help explain how reflexology affects the health of the body. Energy is a topic covered by the first and second fundamental theories. According to energy theory, body components can interact with each other through electromagnetic fields, and communication can also be hindered depending on the environment. The third and fourth theories suggest that energy flow can be restarted, while the fourth postulates that a blocked conduit can be made open. According to the final theory, reflexology can break up the lactic acid crystals typically accumulated in the feet and promote adequate energy flow.

Health Promotion And Culture In Nursing (Reflexology)


Health Promotion And Culture In Nursing (Reflexology)

APA format

1) Minimum 4 pages  (No word count per page)- Follow the 3 x 3 rule: minimum of three paragraphs per page

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4) Minimum 3 references (APA format) per part not older than 5 years  (Journals, books) (No websites)

Part 2:  Minimum 6 references (APA format) per part not older than 5 years  (Journals, books) (No websites)

All references must be consistent with the topic-purpose-focus of the parts. Different references are not allowed.

5) Identify your answer with the numbers, according to the question. Start your answer on the same line, not the next


Q 1. Nursing is XXXXX

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6) You must name the files according to the part you are answering: 


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Part 1: Health Promotion

In the case of Minot, smoke-free dining was not the first step toward greater protection against tobacco. A coalition of health, education, and advocates, Stop Tobacco’s Access to Minors Program (STAMP), came together with the aim of reducing tobacco sales to minors (Mason et. al; 2021).

Explain three reasons of tobacco prevention and control is an essential issue in nursing (Three paragraphs: One paragraph per each reason)

Part 2: Culture in Nursing

Topic: Reflexology

1. Introduction to the topic (One paragraph)

2. Describe the origin of reflexology, including (One paragraph):

a. Belief that allows incorporating reflexology into health practice actual

3. Explain the potential health implications ( potentially cause harm) (One paragraph)

4. Describe two research pap3rs or scholarly pap3rs that explain how to integrate the reflexology beliefs into nursing care (Two paragraphs: One per each research)

5. Describe the long-term benefits of exploring and applying the reflexology (One paragraph)

6. Explain one pro and con of using reflexology in transcultural nursing. (One paragraph)

7. Discussion of the insurance payments for reflexology treatment in the USA (One paragraph)

8. Conclusion (One paragraph)

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