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(solved) Health Care Disparities In LGBTQ

(solved) Health Care Disparities In LGBTQ

Health Care Disparities In LGBTQ


Health disparities are health differences between different groups of people. LGBTQ+ people face a variety of health disparities. They are more likely to develop certain conditions, have less access to health care, and have poorer health outcomes. Disparities can be seen in behavioral health, physical health, and access to care.

Psychological health. Mental health, substance abuse, and addiction are all examples of behavioral health. LGBTQ+ people are more likely to experience the following:

Suicide and suicidal ideation
Anxiety and mood disorders
Eating problems
Substance and alcohol abuse
Tobacco consumption
Physical well-being. LGBTQ+ people are more likely to develop the following conditions, diseases, and infections:


HIV/AIDS is more common in gay and bisexual men.
Transgender women, Black/African American men, and Hispanic/Latino men are the most vulnerable to HIV infection.
Older LGBTQ+ adults are more likely to have poor health, more chronic conditions, and less social support.
Obesity is more common in lesbian and bisexual women.
LGBTQ+ people are less likely to have a primary care physician.
Breast cancer is more common in lesbian and bisexual women, and it is more common in transgender men and women.
HPV infection and related cervical or anal cancers are more common in LGBTQ+ people.
Care is available. LGBTQ+ people have less access to necessary health care. They are as follows:

Health insurance is less likely to be obtained.
More likely to put off seeking care, particularly in older LGBTQ+ adults.
Healthcare providers are more likely to report a lack of cultural competence.
More likely to complain about poor care quality and unfair treatment by healthcare providers.
What accounts for these disparities?
There are numerous causes of the health disparities that LGBTQ+ people face. These are some examples:

The LGBTQ+ community’s minority status.
There is a shortage of specific education and training for healthcare workers.
There is a scarcity of clinical research on LGBTQ+ health issues.
Health benefits are limited.
There are few role models.
Fear in the health care system results from stigma, discrimination, and institutional bias.
What steps is Cigna taking to address these disparities?
Cigna recognizes the significance of addressing health disparities affecting the LGBTQ+ community and is working to close these gaps. Internally, we are working to educate, train, and support our team members. In addition, we are working on behalf of our customers, clients, and our network of healthcare providers.

Among the steps, we’re taking to address LGBTQ+ disparities are the following:

We have created the position of National Medical Director for LGBTQ+ Health and Well-Being.
We are expanding access to transgender care within our network.
Over 600 Cigna clinicians have received specific training on LGBTQ+ health issues, and resources are available on the Cigna website to all in-network health providers.
We are educating our employees about the health disparities faced by LGBTQ+ people and have formed an LGBTQ+ Colleague Resource Group.
We support and participate in organizations and events such as the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, the Mautner Project, the Hetrick-Martin Institute, the Philadelphia Transgender Health Conference, the Hartford Gay and Lesbian Health Collective, Pride, and Out and Equal.

Health Care Disparities In LGBTQ

Health Care Disparities In LGBTQ


Health Care Disparities In LGBTQ

Discuss how to close the health care disparities gap in the LGBTQ community?

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