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(solved) Family Planning and Abortion Issues

(solved) Family Planning and Abortion Issues

Family Planning and Abortion Issues


Especially in the US, where Planned Parenthood is one of the significant providers of sexual health, abortion, and contraception services, the word “family planning” is frequently used in connection with abortion. You could consider abortion to be a type of family planning. The same clinics that provide services for sexual health and contraception frequently carry out this procedure.

Family Preparation
Family planning aims to provide women the ability to choose if they want to have children, how many, and when. Clinics for family planning give women the information and resources they need to manage this. This has enhanced women’s health and decreased rates of maternal death. For instance, it can be harmful to a woman’s health to have children too soon or too close together. Family planning allows women to pursue the occupations and lifestyles they desire. In order to better care for their existing children, it has also enabled people to have smaller families.

One of the primary services offered by family planning clinics is contraception, but they also provide other sexual health treatments. It is not the only goal of contraception to avoid pregnancy. Condoms can also serve as a kind of protection against STDs (STIs). Another crucial function of sexual health clinics is educating the public about the dangers of STIs and offering care to those afflicted.


Numerous sexual and reproductive health issues can be addressed through family planning services, including:

Services for sexual health, like STI testing and treatment
guidance on contraception
advice on conception and reproduction
support for abortion and other unplanned pregnancies
Because it is not always possible to avoid unintended pregnancy, abortion can be a crucial component of family planning. No method of birth control can offer 100 percent security. Even though the most successful treatments (like the IUD) are over 99% effective, some women will still become pregnant while using them.

Unexpected pregnancies might occasionally be a joyful surprise, or they can be reason enough to change your plans and start a family immediately. Although family planning might assist us in deciding when to start a family, we are not necessarily required to follow those plans. You might alter your plans and start or expand to your family earlier than anticipated if your contraception fails and you become pregnant.

It is not always possible to keep the pregnancy going, however. Some females might opt to get an abortion instead. The motivations behind doing something are profoundly personal and frequently nuanced, but they could include the following:

lacking a secure family or economic situation
worries about how it would affect their schooling or careers
feeling unable to give a child the finest possible home
worry or other emotional problems
having to pay attention to other kids or dependent family members
Women may maintain control over their bodies by having the option to terminate the pregnancy. If you unintentionally become pregnant, it can help you safeguard your mental, social, and physical health.

Abortion, however, goes beyond family planning. It is a medical procedure that might be required for different causes. Women do not always choose to abort when unable or unwilling to grow their families. Terminations may also be required for medical conditions like:

If the mother is suffering from serious pregnancy difficulties or has another medical condition, to preserve her life.
To allow the mother to receive a treatment or medication that she cannot receive while pregnant (e.g., chemotherapy to treat cancer)
If a woman believes it would be best to safely end the pregnancy rather than take the chance of having a stillbirth or miscarriage due to a severe prenatal defect,
If a severe fetal anomaly exists that will have an impact on the child’s mental or physical health

Family Planning and Abortion Issues


Family Planning and Abortion Issues

Step 1

Choose either Option A or Option B and post a 150+ word discussion by Wednesday, 11:59 pm MT,

Be specific and give examples, using at least two outside references, to buttress your argument. Cite all sources in APA format.

Option B:

A married couple comes into the local health clinic where you are working. One of them wants an abortion, the other is vehemently against it. They are asking your opinion.

First write about the situation as if it is the woman wanting the abortion and the man against it, then switch the roles (the man wants the abortion and the woman is against it).

Write about the issues involved from an ethical, not a legal perspective. (You may combine your arguments if you feel the ethics are identical in both situations.)

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