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(solved) Discussion Forum: Ableism

(solved) Discussion Forum: Ableism

Discussion Forum: Ableism


Ableism is the social prejudice and discrimination against individuals with disabilities founded on the idea that non-disabled people have better talents. At its core, ableism defines people according to their impairment and is based on the presumption that disabled people need to be “fixed.” Like racism and sexism, ableism labels entire racial or ethnic groups as “less than” and includes critical assumptions about those with disabilities.

How does ableism manifest itself?
There are various sorts of abilities, including:

ADA and other disability rights legislation not being followed
Separating disabled kids into special schools
To manage disabled students, constraint or isolation is used.
Separating disabled adults and children and housing them in institutions
failing to take accessibility into account when making building design plans
buildings with no braille on the buttons, signs, or other surfaces.
the creation of inaccessible websites
the idea that those with impairments want or require fixing
joking about impairments or making fun of those with disabilities
refusing to make a fair adjustment
the early 1900s eugenics movement


Nazi Germany executed disabled persons in large numbers.
What about “small” or “everyday” ableism, however? How does that appear?
selecting a difficult-to-access location for a gathering or function, so eliminating some attendees
using a hand or footrest on a mobility aid that belongs to someone else
Disability is portrayed in news articles, motion pictures, and other popular media as tragic or inspirational.
using a non-disabled actor to portray a character with a disability in a play, film, television program, or advertisement
producing a film without audio description or closed captioning
utilizing the accessible restroom cubicle when you may use the regular stall without experiencing any discomfort or risk of harm
Speaking to a person with a handicap as if they were a kid, talking about them instead of to them, or speaking for them are all examples of wearing scented goods in a scent-free setting.
interrogating someone with a handicap about their personal or medical history
assuming that a person must have a visible impairment to be considered impaired
Considering whether or to what extent someone is “really” impaired
“How did you get disabled?” is a question.
What microaggressions are most effective?
Microaggressions are common verbal or nonverbal expressions that convey an offense or slight based on a person’s gender identity, race, sex, ability, or other characteristics. When it comes to ableism:

That is tacky,
You are so stupid,
That person is insane.
You are being so erratic today, I noticed.
Are you taking no medication?
It is comparable to the blind leading the blind,
“My suggestions were ignored.”
She is such a sociopath.
I am pretty OCD about keeping my apartment tidy.
Can you be prayed for?
I do not even consider you to be impaired.
Such statements imply that having a disability makes a person less than others and is terrible, negative, and a problem that must be remedied rather than being a regular, inescapable aspect of life.

Even though most individuals mean well and have the best intentions, insulting remarks and acts can negatively impact the persons they are directed against.

What steps can we take to identify and combat ableism?
Whenever someone discloses a disability, believe them.
Likewise, refrain from accusing individuals of “faking” their handicap.
Pay attention to those who ask for accommodations.
Never presume you are aware of someone’s requirements.
Never interact with a person with a handicap or assistive technology without permission.
Do not ask intrusive questions.
Do not speak on someone else’s behalf unless they specifically request it. Discuss disability with children and young people.
Plan your event with accessibility in mind.
You may find out more about being a good ally here.

Discussion Forum: Ableism


Discussion Forum: Ableism

Ableism Facts:
-Ableism is a form of discrimination.
-Ableism is usually not noticed by those who don’t have a disability.
-In the 1700s up to the 1900s, if you had a disability, you were thought to have something to do with witchcraft or sin.
-Most shops and stores are accessible for the disabled.
-Other stores are not accessible for the disabled.
-An ableist society would be one, which the disabled aren’t a part.
-There are many stories from disabled people themselves, saying that someone has been extremely rude to them at least once in their life.
-Today, about twenty percent of the population is disabled.
-However, even with a  large amount, the disabled face challenges every day.
Ableism Opinions:
-The world needs to be more caring towards the disabled.
-The disabled need more places to have, “handicapped accessibility.”
-There needs to be an end to discrimination.
-With a small portion of ablest, the smaller the amount of hate.

Answer all the prompts below:

  1. How have people with disabilities been marginalized from mainstream society during historical and contemporary times?

 2. What feelings do you experience when you see a person with a visible disability (e.g. wheelchair user, the person who is blind)? Why do you think we feel this way?

 3. How do you think your reactions to people with disabilities affect people with disabilities?

 4. Is even using the word disability enabling prejudice, why not use differently-abled?

5. What are the individual, cultural, and institutional changes that can create a more inclusive society?

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