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(solved) CHANGE – Leadership And Management

(solved) CHANGE – Leadership And Management

CHANGE – Leadership And Management


Change management is typically a reactionary process with a single goal and predefined checkpoints. These are defined by change managers and implemented by the appropriate individuals.

Anyone who has been through a significant organizational change knows that it is rarely that simple. It is an iterative process that necessitates strong leadership, input from the organization, and course corrections. Implementing change requires more than just management to be effective; it involves change leadership.

What exactly is Change Leadership?

Change leadership is a proactive approach to change management in which change is viewed as a chance for growth and improvement rather than a fixed project. Change leaders create an inspiring vision and champion it throughout the organization.


Change agents use people-centered leadership. They think about how change affects employees, processes, and tools. They collaborate with company leaders, HR, and employees to integrate successfully rather than impose change. Change leaders seek insights and feedback and work hard to understand any problems the change initiative is causing. They recognize when things aren’t going as planned and adjust the plan accordingly. This gives employees a say in the industry, allowing them to provide input that will enable them to support and participate in it.

What Makes Change Leaders Unique?

1. Inspire Others by Sharing Your Vision

A good change leader can create a vision for the organization’s future that inspires others to support rather than resist or fear change. The idea will demonstrate why change is required, the benefits of change, and how people will be affected at work. Successful change leaders anticipate, understand, and address employee concerns in that vision. A clear vision ensures that everyone understands the benefits of organizational change and feels like they are a part of it – the picture is so vivid that it inspires everyone to want to achieve it.

2. Establish the Strategic Plan

People will begin to connect with the vision for change once they understand the direct impact on their daily work. Change leaders accomplish this by sharing the strategic plan for implementing the change. This includes when and how the team and individual accountability will be affected and when and how processes will change.

3. Effective Employee Communication

Communication must continue after the vision and plan have been shared. It must continue with progress updates, any changes to the project, and milestone celebrations along the way. Leaders should encourage two-way communication and actively seek opportunities to solicit employee feedback and questions during a change management initiative. They understand the importance of providing safe spaces for people to provide feedback, ask questions, and seek reassurance because without that safety, there will be no meaningful insights – and change leaders understand that they would be missing a critical step toward success.

4. Provide Consistent Assistance

Change leaders ensure that there is ample support available to ensure success. This includes equipping leaders at all levels of the organization with the knowledge and skills needed to coach and assist their employees. Leaders can address specific changes to tasks and duties by working with teams and individuals, collecting suggestions and ideas for optimizing new processes, and identifying areas where additional training and support will be required. Leaders can increase their chances of success by proactively providing this support.

5. Long-Term Energy Sustainability

Change agents understand that maintaining momentum and avoiding backtracking wherever possible is essential to achieving the vision. The organizational change initiative remains top of mind by providing regular updates, implementing retention strategies, making adjustments, and reiterating the idea. Including any metrics you’re tracking allows everyone to track progress as it happens. Some change leaders even find that conducting surveys regularly will enable them to keep a pulse on employee mindsets and commitment, allowing them to proactively overcome challenges and friction in the process. Maintaining momentum after the kickoff is especially important for long-term change initiatives.

CHANGE - Leadership And Management


CHANGE – Leadership And Management

How do you typically respond to change? Do you embrace it? Seek it out? Accept it reluctantly?

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