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(solved) Antisocial Personality Disorder

(solved) Antisocial Personality Disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder


A particularly difficult personality disorder known as an antisocial personality disorder is characterized by impulsive, reckless, and frequent criminal behavior.

A person with an antisocial personality disorder is often manipulative, dishonest, careless, and unconcerned with the feelings of others.

Antisocial personality disorder falls on a scale, just like other personality disorders. Therefore its severity can range from sporadic bad behavior to persistently breaching the law and committing significant crimes.

An antisocial personality disorder is thought to have a severe manifestation in psychopaths.

Antisocial personality disorder symptoms

One who suffers from antisocial personality disorder might:

Exploit, sway, or infringe upon the rights of others

Lacking empathy, regret, or guilt for the suffering of others, they act carelessly and disrespect accepted social norms.

Have trouble maintaining long-term relationships, struggle with anger management, lack guilt, or fail to learn from their mistakes.

Accuse others of their difficulties and constantly breach the law.

A person with an antisocial personality disorder will have a history of disruptive and aggressive behaviors, such as truancy (not attending school), criminality (such as committing crimes or abusing drugs), and other disruptive behaviors from childhood.

Who is susceptible to antisocial personality disorder?

Men experience antisocial personality disorder more frequently than women.

Although the exact cause of antisocial personality disorder in certain persons is unknown, heredity and traumatic childhood events, including child abuse and neglect, are likely contributing factors.

A person with an antisocial personality disorder will frequently have experienced a challenging upbringing.

Parental conflict and strict, uneven parenting are frequent, and one or both parents may abuse alcohol.

Due to these issues, social services may get engaged with the child’s care.

These developmental challenges frequently result in behavioral issues during adolescence and maturity.

Antisocial personality disorder effects

A person with an antisocial personality disorder is more likely to engage in criminal behavior and end up in jail or prison than someone without the disease.

It has been discovered that males with antisocial personality disorder are 3 to 5 times more prone than women to abuse alcohol and other substances than men without the disease. Additionally, they run a higher chance of passing away too soon from risky behavior or suicide attempts.

Adult relationship issues, unemployment, and homelessness are all more prevalent in those with an antisocial personality disorder.

Antisocial personality disorder diagnosis

A history of conduct personality disorder before age 15 is typically required for a diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder.

The diagnosis of antisocial personality disorder follows a thorough psychiatric evaluation.

A diagnosis can only be given if the subject is at least 18 years old and exhibits at least three of the behaviors listed below:

A pattern of irresponsibility includes:

  • Constantly breaching the law.
  • Lying.
  • Being impulsive or incapable of planning.
  • Being impatient and violent.
  • Consistently being irresponsible.

absence of regret

These symptoms are part of a person’s regular personality and behavior, not a manic or schizophrenic episode.

This behavior’s most extreme and difficult phases are typically in the late teens and early 20s. It might get better when the person is in their 40s.

Antisocial Personality Disorder

Antisocial Personality Disorder


Antisocial Personality Disorder

In 2–3 pages:

1-Explain the controversy that surrounds your selected disorder: ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDDER (ASPD)

2-Explain your professional beliefs about this disorder (ASPD), supporting your rationale with at least three scholarly references from the literature.

3-Explain strategies for maintaining the therapeutic relationship with a patient that may present with this disorder (antisocial personality disorder).

4-Finally, explain ethical and legal considerations related to this disorder that you need to bring to your practice and why they are important.

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