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A systematic process for evaluating the physical, mental, and functional aspects of a patient’s health is known as advanced health assessment. Because health assessment is the foundation of patient care, mastering this diagnostic tool is critical for NP practice. The NP employs objective and subjective data gathered through advanced health assessments to: Determine the patient’s medical condition. Determine an accurate diagnosis Recognize the patient’s health risks. Help them make clinical decisions. The NP can obtain the information needed to improve patient care by performing precise and comprehensive health assessments. A health history and a physical exam are part of an advanced health assessment. Medical History Most advanced health assessments begin with a patient’s medical history review. The NP obtains a health history by reviewing medical records and interviewing the patient or, if necessary, the patient’s caregiver. A health history is a record of the patient’s medical history. A personal health history, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), can include information such as: Allergies Illnesses Surgeries Immunizations Physical examination and testing results Medications Diet and exercise are examples of healthy habits. Disease in the family A health history may also include information on biopsychosocial, economic, environmental, family, military, travel, or occupational factors. Physical Examination The physical exam is the next step in the health assessment process. The physical exam allows the nurse practitioner to identify a medical condition’s physical signs and symptoms. Based on their findings, the NP can make a differential diagnosis or determine the following steps to take to find one. Each body system has its physical examination. The NP will frequently examine the entire body. The NP may tailor the physical exam to the affected body systems if the patient has a specific problem. Physical exams also assist the NP in determining the patient’s mental and functional health. The NP can recognize physical disorders that are caused or accompanied by mental disorders and the patient’s ability to participate in daily activities. What is the Advanced Health Assessment Course at Wilkes? The advanced practice nurse practitioner (APRN) core curriculum includes advanced health assessment.

The APRN core curriculum includes advanced physiology/pathophysiology and pharmacology courses. Every NP education program requires an advanced health assessment course. It is known as NSG 500: Advanced Health Assessment at Wilkes. The course provides an overview of patients’ complete and comprehensive health assessments throughout their lives. It emphasizes physical, functional, and mental health assessment and transcultural variations in advanced health assessment. It investigates the evaluation of all human systems and advanced diagnostic techniques, concepts, and approaches. After finishing the course, you will be able to: Perform a thorough health history and physical exam on patients of all ages. Organize the physical exam in a logical sequence to obtain accurate data while avoiding fatigue and discomfort for the client. While conducting assessments, data collection, interpretation, and communication interact with patients in a responsive and sustained manner. Improve data collection skills for advanced practice nursing. Exam techniques for functional assessment should be used. Discuss how to be aware of transcultural variations in health assessment. Use the significant cognitive assessment tests. Structure of the Course Advanced Health Assessment, like all online MSN – NP courses, is entirely online. Wilkes’ virtual learning environment provides 24-hour access to the coursework for each module. Throughout the course, you will use a simulation platform called Shadow Health to practice your communication, physical assessment, and documentation skills. Wilkes MSN – NP students also complete an onsite residency. You will demonstrate your advanced health assessment skills and complete competency testing over two days. Course Success Suggestions Advanced Health Assessment is a rigorous course due to the breadth of knowledge and skills. However, with proper preparation and perseverance, you can effectively assess patients of all ages. One tip for success in the course is to brush up on your anatomy and physiology knowledge. Wilkes’ course gives students an overview of the body’s systems. However, before the course begins, you should review each system. During a health assessment, understanding normal body functions will help you quickly identify the signs, symptoms, and causes of disease. Another success tip is to practice taking health histories and physical exams. In your coursework, you will take part in simulated health assessments. Practice with friends or family to help you remember the essential questions, typical observations, and abnormal findings. What Are Advanced Health Assessment Approaches Updates? Approaches to advanced health assessment are evolving alongside medicine and nursing science. Wilkes’ course is based on the most recent information and techniques, preparing you to provide quality care as an NP. Here are a few examples of how new evidence has altered best practices in health assessment to improve patient outcomes. Integration of the Wellness Dimensions According to the book “Evidence-Based Physical Examination,” the increasing complexity of healthcare necessitates a comprehensive approach to health assessment. That entails addressing the numerous factors that influence health and well-being. The book’s editors, three doctorally prepared nurse practitioners, recommend that healthcare providers incorporate a well-being assessment based on the nine dimensions of wellness into every physical exam: Physical

  • Emotional Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Career Social
  • Creative Environmental

Spiritual All of these factors must be considered because they are interconnected. Healthcare providers can ensure a complete well-being assessment that leads to accurate conclusions and effective management by considering all nine dimensions.




Analyze the possible conditions from your colleagues’ differential diagnoses. Determine which of the conditions you would reject and why. Identify the most likely condition and justify your reasoning.

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