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For this assignment, imagine you have been asked to speak at a conference about your selected social problem: POVERTY

1) Describe the selected social problem in social context: POVERTY
2) What elements of society contribute to this problem, and how can it be alleviated?
3) What has perpetuated the problem?
4) Summarize actual solutions to your selected social problem you found in research and compare them to historical solutions.
While APA style is not required for the body of this assessment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.
Evaluating and Documenting Sources (in-text citations for paraphrasing and direct quotes, and references section listing and formatting, as appropriate to assignment and style)

Essay need’s an introduction paragraph
4 body paragraphs pertaining to the four questions
Conclusion page

4 references to support the 4 paragraphs with in text citations

Social Problem Essay

Due Date

Social Problem Essay
Describe the selected social problem in social context: POVERTY
Poverty is offered termed as limited access to resources due to low income. When a household has low income it becomes hard to afford basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. the social context of poverty is mainly represented with two key points which are relative poverty and absolute poverty. Absolute poverty is states where an individual lacks the basic income to meet all the necessities of living like food. Relative poverty is a state where a household’s income is a particular percentage below the median income (Lee & Zhang, 2021).
People under this category may be termed as poor if the lack resources to acquire balanced diet, participate in events and offer the standard living facilities and conditions that are accepted by societies they are in. It is essential to note that the level of poverty among people in the society differs since people are able to afford some needs while there are those who struggle much more to afford something. The level of poverty in a household truckles; down to the children and if the factors leading to the main issue are not curbed then poverty level continues to alleviate in the society.
What elements of society contribute to this problem, and how can it be alleviated?
There are various elements in the society that contribute to poverty. One of the key factors is social imagination (Watson, 2022). This is termed as the capability to comprehend the relationship between occurrences in people’s lives and the existing social forces around them. On a macro-level discrimination, interference, political policy, class-oriented stratification will result to marginalization of the demographic society thus contributing to poverty. In most cases those languishing in poverty suffer from discrimination and this makes their condition worse because the society fails to take measures that can contribute to equality. When groupings in the society are done based on the level of poverty they worsen the social issue. Then it means that those living in poverty are not able to make efforts to move from one social class to the other and this makes it easier to pass the trend to other generation.
On the other hand, poverty on the micro-levels is the main cause of multi-dimensional problems. This entails inadequate schooling, lack of employment, insufficient health care and lack of financial support, through using, cultivating the sociological imagination and being are of the realistic criteria and stand points this permits one to comprehend that millions of individuals in the US are impacted by poverty. Some people may view affording good schooling and health as basic which is not as some people struggle to afford any form of schooling or education while other’s health condition worsens because they cannot afford treatment. In this case it appears that focusing on people’s current social status is what accelerates poverty.
What has perpetuated the problem?
The problem of poverty in the society is perpetuated by theoretical perspective. The functionalist theory best explains poverty, as it claims that mechanisms and statements of the society remain as they undertake important roles for continuation and sustainability of the society (Forder, 2018). Based on this opinion, the functionalist sociological researchers have the notion that stratification continues as it performs fundamentals social roles. Functionalism believes that stratification is fundamental in inducing individuals with particular knowledge, skills and intelligence to acquire vital occupations. This remains the main reason why stratification is invertible and necessary in the society.
Such assumptions made when referring to functionalist theory to the society are that some skills and jobs are more vital than others and that few individuals have the knowledge and expertise needed to undertake these jobs. As a result, the society rewards few individuals with higher income and rewards and the rest are left languishing in poverty. Also the functionalist perspective insinuates that if people are poor, it is because they have not been offered the chance to acquire expertise and experience required for the fundamental highly paid jobs. This indicates that if stratification and poverty are inevitable.
Summarize actual solutions to your selected social problem you found in research and compare them to historical solutions.
There are different ways to fix the issue of poverty in the society. Firstly, I believe that the issue stems from defining classes in the society which results to discrimination and in the long run people continue living in poverty because of such classifications (Odera & Mulusa, 2020). If equality is enhanced then this would mean that people would have equal chance of accessing basics and this would be able to acquire basic needs education, health care and so on. Also analyzing the root causes of poverty would be an ideal solution as this would help ensure that the menace does no trickle down to the current generations. Apart from outlining regulations that govern how society amenities should be divided amongst all groups, ending poverty should be an individual’s responsibility as this could help eradicate the mentality of social classes.
In conclusion, it is evident that poverty is a big menace and a social problem that would not be eradicated easily. This is because there are many people suffering in poverty and eliminating the mentality of poverty amongst this population would be hard. The mentioned solutions should help ensure that this social issue reduces now and in the future so that most households can afford basic needs.
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