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Response to week 5 discussion cause and effect

Response to week 5 discussion cause and effect

Response to week 5 discussion cause and effect
Part 1

In the “Get Fit with Wii” piece by Covey, I believe she is using the effects of a major cause. The cause is any busy individual that finds it hard to make time to get in good exercise. That with the Wii Fit it’ll be easier to not only workout from home, but also enjoy it. She explains all the benefits of using the Wii Fit system. “Wii Fit is an interactive game designed to help people of all ages and skill levels target specific areas they need to improve by following an individual fitness routine (Covey, 2016, p, 213).” “It is fun and has a variety of activities to choose from, so players will never get bored doing the same routine over and over again(Covey, 2016, p, 213).” These two sentences were most effective to me because it answers the who, what, when, where, and how. She mentions who it is good for, the purpose of the Wii Fit, and how it can be done anytime without the individual becoming bored by a routine. As she said in the piece individuals can do this in the comfort of their own home and can even set up specifics to match what they want to work on. One lesson I learned is how she reiterates how much fun it is. Working out may not be as exciting for some but the fact she mentions multiple times its fun may draw those certain individuals to give it a try. So I will also make it a point to reiterate a specific point.

Part 2

The three possible topics for my cause and effect essay would be, the effect of the coronavirus in the U.S., a significant new friend I made from my previous nursing program, and how the effect of the coronavirus caused me to change nursing programs. The most significant to me would be changing nursing programs because of covid. It was a huge decision because it involves me having to make a major move next year. I think the audience would gain learning how to take decisive action in a situation that one would feel no longer serves a positive purpose. Three subtopics in this essay would be how the school wasn’t good with communicating, we weren’t refunded for our losses and even had to pay additional fees, and I feel like they completely gave up on trying to keep us from losing a semester. That was especially frustrating because I work in a teaching hospital, and I continued to see students from all points of their programs continue clinicals.


Covey, O. (2016). Get Fit with Wii. (p. 213-214). McGraw Hill

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Response to week 5 discussion cause and effect

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In the first instance, the first summary talks about getting fit with Wii. The author is strongly convicted that the piece is adopting the effects of a major cause. The cause, writes the author, is any person who is finding it hard to create time to exercise by themselves and get in good shape. With the author’s prescription (the Wii fit), it would be easier to work from home and be great to enjoy it. The benefits are given exclusively. The Wii fit’s main objective is to be an interactive game designed to help people of all ages target specific areas in their body they desire by following a fitness routine. Players will not get bored as there are a variety of activities to choose from. People can do this at the comfort of their own home and can put together the specifics to match with what they would like to work on. Getting fit with Wii, writes the author, is an exciting method to work out (Covey, 2016).
In the second instance, the author outlines her cause-and-effect essay as the coronavirus’s effect in the United States, how she met a friend in her previous nursing program and how she changed nursing programs due to the effects of the coronavirus. It would be a major decision, for she will be forced to make a major move. The author aims to educate the audience on the importance of taking decisive action when they no longer serve a positive purpose. I agree with the author as the school should take it upon themselves to communicate frequently, and I feel her pain when she was forced to pay additional fees. I think this was a major driver in wanting to switch programs, perhaps in different institutions.


Covey, O. (2016). Get Fit with Wii. (p. 213-214). McGraw Hill

Response to week 5 discussion cause and effect

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