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Psychiatric assessment of an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s dementia

Psychiatric assessment of an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s dementia

 psychiatric assessment of an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s dementia


The psychiatric assessment of an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s dementia provides the PMHNP with an opportunity to establish rapport and explore psychosocial issues. However, the patient may appear not to understand or cooperate, necessitating alternative methods of communication. psychiatric assessment of an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s dementia

The PMHNP performs a psychiatric assessment by taking a comprehensive history and concentrating on the patient’s current and past behavioral symptoms, social dynamics, and functional skills. The PMHNP partners with the patient’s family to identify the progression of disease over time, and reviews any laboratory findings that are specific to Alzheimer’s dementia (e.g., thyroid function test, vitamin B12 levels).

With the number of elderly people living with Alzheimer’s disease increasing each year, it is critical that PMHNPs understand how to conduct a comprehensive psychiatric assessment of this patient population. This educational article discusses recognizing the signs and symptoms of psychiatric disorders in demented elderly patients, a comprehensive diagnostic approach for evaluating these individuals, and new findings about the prevalence of psychiatric disease in this patient population. psychiatric assessment of an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s dementia

Psychiatric, or mental health, assessments for an elderly patient diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia may vary from the assessments for a younger patient, depending on the stage of the condition.

As a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP), you’ll provide mental health care for patients who need it most. You won’t just diagnose a patient; you will help make life easier by identifying risk factors and finding resources. Your work includes geriatric assessment, developmental disability assessment and coordination of care. You’ll provide counseling, education and psychotherapy to assist people with chronic psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. You can handle patients with drug abuse issues and co-occurring mental health diagnoses such as PTSD or depression. psychiatric assessment of an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s dementia

If this situation applies to you and you are a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with clients in any setting as a PMHNP, then log-in now to register for a free 30-minute webinar that will show you how to navigate the special challenges of doing psychotherapy with elderly dementia clients. You’ll learn why it is one of the most rewarding specialties, and discover common obstacles and how to overcome them. psychiatric assessment of an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s dementia.

For someone caring for an elderly loved one with Alzheimer’s, it can be hard to know what to do, how to help, how to make things better. HelpGuide provides reliable health and wellness information you can trust on diseases, conditions and wellness issues. psychiatric assessment of an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s dementia

The psychiatric manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease occur in late stage and affect the highest-functioning brain centers first. The early behavioral abnormalities of AD are relatively subtle and include blank stares, socially inappropriate comments, or repetitive questioning of recently introduced information. Approximately 20 to 30% of patients with functional impairment related to AD have delusions or hallucinations in the absence of other psychiatric symptoms. Later, behavioral symptoms can evolve into frank psychiatric syndromes such as depressive, manic depressive, or paranoid syndromes.”

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Sleep-wake cycle in patients with psychosis


When performing a psychiatric assessment of an elderly patient with Alzheimer’s dementia, the PMHNP recognizes that:

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