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Proposal Designs for Human Services

Proposal Designs for Human Services

Proposal Designs for Human Services
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Arts and Sciences

Discussion Rubrics

Course: HN400 Proposal Designs for Human Services

A description of all Discussion topics can be found under each of the units in the course.

Discussion Participation: Discussion topics provide a forum for students to answer important questions about the course material. The Discussion topics also allow students to asynchronously interact with their instructor and other students in the class. Additionally, students have the opportunity to ask their classmates and instructor questions about the course material as well as share experiences that contribute to the learning objectives.

Please find your Discussion Board Rubrics for all discussions below. An explanation of the points earned, as well as where the assignment could be strengthened, will be included with your grade.

Discussion Board Participation Rubric

Grading Criteria Possible Points
Makes one primary post for each discussion thread, answering each of the questions clearly and correctly applying concepts from the course material to support answers. The length requirement is 300 words minimum. 0 – 10
Makes two or more responses to other students on each thread presenting original ideas, contributing to the quality of the discussion, and meets length requirement (50-100 words for each peer response). 0 – 10
Primary responses include at least one APA style citation in the body of the post and a full source reference at the end of the post to the unit material, text, or other recognized academic source. 0 – 5
Responses are clearly written and are original ideas rather than a recap of what others contribute. 0-5

Updated: August 2019
Proposal Designs for Human Services


A+ Financial Services Evaluation Plan
Institutional Affiliation
Course Name
Date of Submission

A+ Financial Services Evaluation Plan
In providing financial classes and workshops to homeless women with women, the evaluation determines whether the services meet the general objectives of achieving financial independence among homeless mothers. This evaluation plan is outlined to make sure that the implementation will be observed keenly regularly. The specific project measures will be used to evaluate the accomplishment of the objectives, and assessment will be done to determine whether the expected outcomes, targets, and goals have been met (Docter, 2019).
This evaluation includes both the formative and summative performance measures. The process evaluation determines the effectiveness of the procedures used in meeting the milestones and the expected timeliness (Prowse, 2019). The process evaluation questions are 1) Does the project met its target of reaching out to the homeless women with children in Harlem, New York? 2) Are the college students majoring in business offering financial counseling allegiance to the management plan and the proposed design? 3) Are the project’s procedures and policies supporting the project to accomplish the activities proposed and attain the milestones? 4) Are the materials used in the financial classes relevant to providing the desired financial education to homeless women with children? The process evaluation is a qualitative analysis that involves frequent interviews of the accountants, student assistants, and other project stakeholders. It also includes gathering feedback and opinions from the target women.
The impact evaluation examines how many target women open bank accounts and can work for a sustainable income. It also includes an analysis of workshops and class attendance. Other evaluation plans reveal that outcome evaluation is also fundamental in determining this program’s long-term impact in implementing basic household budgeting and acquiring financial stability. With the impact achieved and the intended outcome realized, a summative report determines the program’s continuity to reach more homeless mothers.

Docter, Q. (2019). CompTIA A+ complete deluxe study guide: Exam core 1 220-1001 and exam core 2 220-1002. John Wiley & Sons.
Prowse, D. L. (2019). CompTIA A+ core 1 (220-1001) and core 2 (220-1002) exam cram. Pearson IT Certification.

Proposal Designs for Human Services

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