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Pregnant Complication Diagnosis

Pregnant Complication Diagnosis

Pregnant Complication Diagnosis


TJ, a 32-year-old pregnant lesbian, is being seen for an annual physical exam and has been having vaginal discharge. Her pregnancy has been without complication thus far. She has been receiving prenatal care from an obstetrician. She received sperm from a local sperm bank. She is currently taking prenatal vitamins and takes Tylenol over the counter for aches and pains on occasion. She a strong family history of diabetes. Gravida 1; Para 0; Abortions 0.
Pregnant Complication Diagnosis

Pregnancy Complication Diagnosis
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Pregnant Complication Diagnosis
Vaginal discharge is a common cause of discomfort and alarm in pregnant women. However, not all vaginal discharge is a cause for alarm. Accurate diagnosis and treatment are very vital in treating vaginitis in pregnant women. Infections that can have a dangerous effect on the pregnancy must be separated from physiologic discharge caused by bacterial or fungal infections.
The first step in addressing the TJs case is by determining whether the discharge could cause potential problems to the pregnancy or just an irritation that is not harmful. During pregnancy, the cervix undergoes several changes that could trigger and affect vaginal discharge. The body produces excess vaginal discharge during pregnancy to help prevent infections. Abnormal vaginal discharge is characterized by yellow, green, or gray color, strong odor, redness, or itching of the vulvar. If TJs discharge presents any of these symptoms, there is a possibility that she has an infection.
Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) could be a cause for vaginal discharge. The risk of LGBTQ contracting sexually transmitted infections is higher than heterosexual individuals (Bodnar and Tornello 2019). The next step is to screen her for any sexually transmitted infection. STDs not only affect the mother; it could potentially affect the baby.
Yeast, bacteria, and some viruses are some of the causes of vaginal discharge in pregnant women. Yeast infection is the common cause of abnormal vaginal discharge (Ghaddar, Anastasiadis, Halimeh, Ghaddar, Dhar, AlFouzan, and El Chaar 2020). Yeast is caused by organisms called Candida albicans. Bacterial vaginosis is based on three criteria, homogeneous vaginal discharge, an elevated vaginal Ph, the presence of clue cells, and an amino odor.
TJ also has no record of abortion, and her gravida reads one. Infection resulting from streptococcus associated with septic abortion is ruled out (Zemouri, Kiarie, Seuc, Mogasale, Latif, and Broutet, 2016). According to TJs medical record, her gravida reads one, which implies that she is currently pregnant or has a miscarriage. Since she is still pregnant, the diagnosis of miscarriage is ruled out.
Health Assessment Questions
1. Have you been pregnant before or had an abortion?
2. Do you have more than one sexual partner?
3. Do you have a history of yeast or fungal infection?
4. How regularly do you have a PAP Smear check ups?

Bodnar, K., & Tornello, S. L. (2019). Does sex education help everyone? Sex education exposure and timing as predictors of sexual health among lesbian, bisexual, and heterosexual young women. Journal of Educational and Psychological Consultation, 29(1), 8-26.
Ghaddar, N., Anastasiadis, E., Halimeh, R., Ghaddar, A., Dhar, R., AlFouzan, W., & El Chaar, M. (2020). Prevalence and antifungal susceptibility of Candida albicans causing vaginal discharge among pregnant women in Lebanon. BMC Infectious Diseases, 20(1), 1-9.
Zemouri, C., E., Kiarie, J., Seuc, A., Mogasale, V., Latif, A., & Broutet, N. (2016). The performance of the vaginal discharge syndromic management in treating vaginal and cervical infection: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 11(10), e0163365.

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