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(SOLVED)Personal And Professional Development

(SOLVED)Personal And Professional Development

Personal And Professional Development

I audited my leadership skills for this essay using theoretical models and referred to specific situations and experiences. This includes personal, academic, and professional reflections, as well as opportunities for my career paths and personal development, as well as a future Action Plan.

This has necessitated a critical assessment of my own development needs in light of my own aspirations, as well as an understanding of my transferrable skills and how they can be improved. I considered situations in which my leadership traits, styles, and skills were used to help achieve successful outcomes.


My career path has required me to work closely with and care about people, both clients and colleagues. As I improve my management skills, I am constantly looking for new ways to improve the effectiveness of these interactions, which is extremely rewarding for me.

My first job after graduating from high school was in the travel industry. From the beginning, I sought to improve my skills and enjoyed the challenge of meeting customer needs, budgetary targets, staff training, and problem solving, eventually leading to the opening and management of a travel agency branch several years later.

Aside from the GCSE qualifications obtained at school, any additional academic or professional learning has occurred while employed.

My personal skills and accomplishments are transferable to my professional life. For example, my experience as Chairman of a genealogical society for several years, as well as public speaking engagements, serve as reminders that I have organizational, research, and presentation skills that I can and should use and develop as my career progresses.

I work as a prison officer and learned three years ago that my institution was funding a Foundation Degree in Offender Management. My initial reaction was one of excitement because I had considered some form of Higher Education for personal and professional development for several years but had never investigated the options.

It gave me a lot of satisfaction to pass the course and get a Distinction.

My learning journey, experiences, and personal developments over the last three years would require more than the word count of this essay allows, but there are key points to reflect on in order to analyze and develop my own leadership skills.

Theoretical Models and Personal Reflection Experience in Professional Development:

I’ve been fascinated by people and their behavior since my early days in retail, then Care Work, and finally as a prison officer. Working with others, as well as empowering and training them, gives me a lot of personal and professional fulfillment.

I discovered that how I interpret situations influences my interactions with others by using reflective models such as Gibbs (1998), which are shown in Appendix III. As I will show, this is directly related to my personality style and how I manage people and situations. This is linked to the importance I place on how others perceive me and my natural desire for collaborative and open relationships. Many of these values are listed in Appendix I of Carnegie (1938).

The Study Skills Self-Assessment that I completed on October 23, 2007 (Appendix II) identified three major employability skills that I need to develop as follows:

Increasing one’s own learning and performance

The use of a number (data collection and interpretation)

Knowledge of information and technology

Along with these, my personal characteristics of

Self assurance

Adaptability and adaptability


In this assessment, I also reflected on my own specific weaknesses, which include being overly critical of myself and not sufficiently praising my own accomplishments, both of which can impair my ability to be objective about my performance. I have a strong underpinning need to defend and rescue others, which I have come to see as a hindrance to my own development and the development of those I seek to assist. This is an especially important area for me to address because future management roles will require me to let others take personal responsibility and only offer guidance when necessary. This’rescuer’ personality is schema-related, and I’ve thought about schema theory and how it applies to me. Beck (1967:233) defined a schema as follows:

“..a cognitive structure for screening, coding, and evaluating the stimuli that impinge on the organism”.

In a nutshell, schemas are filters or core beliefs we have about ourselves or the world around us that influence how we interpret various situations in our lives.

Because of the nature of my work in offender rehabilitation, I am required to conduct regular de-briefings, supervision, yearly health reviews, and bi-monthly counselling. This, combined with schema theory and other therapy models I use with prisoners and have also used on myself, means I spend a lot of time reflecting and sharing my thoughts with colleagues. This not only assists in defining practical steps for a successful future, but it also allows me to gain broader perspectives in understanding, leading, and managing others with a variety of resources and situational analysis capabilities.
Personal And Professional Development
Personal And Professional Development

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