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Patients with mental and post traumatic disorders

Patients with mental and post traumatic disorders

Patients with mental and post traumatic disorders
For this assignment, you will submit an annotated outline (an outline that includes references) for your Signature Assignment to your instructor for review.

Your Signature Assignment (due in Week 8) requires you to prepare an in-depth study of an approach to group therapy. You may choose an approach that you are familiar with or one that is new to you. Your paper should deal with aspects studied throughout the course, such as: (1) key concepts of your approach, (2) the role of the group leader, (3) role of group members, (4) key developmental tasks and therapeutic goals, (5) techniques and methods, and (6) stages in the evolution of this kind of group.

You will also present recent evidence on the efficacy of such groups by examining at least 10 research articles published in peer-reviewed journals in the past five years.
Length: 1 page

Annotated Outline
1. Introduction
1) Define group therapy, and the role it plays in psychotherapy of patients with mental and post traumatic disorders.
2) Assess psycho-dynamic therapy as an approach to group therapy and how it is used to offer therapeutic effects and treatment.
2. Key Concepts of Psycho-Dynamic Group Therapy
1) Determine the governing pleasure and governing principal of psycho-dynamic therapy. Smith, E. (2018). Why Should We Care? Psychodynamic Theory and Practice in Counselor Preparation. The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision. 11(1).
2) Assess the structure of personality. Lederman, L. M. (2020). Psychodynamic group therapy with Hispanic migrants: Interpersonal, relational constructs in treating complex trauma, dissociation, and enactments. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 70(2), 162-182.
3) Determine the defense mechanism developed by patients. Suszek, H., Holas, P., Wyrzykowski, T., Lorentzen, S., & Kokoszka, A. (2015). Short-term intensive psychodynamic group therapy versus cognitive-behavioral group therapy in day treatment of anxiety disorders and comorbid depressive or personality disorders: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials, 16(1), 1-12.
4) Analyze the level of consciousness of the victims. Fonagy, P. (2015). The effectiveness of psychodynamic psychotherapies: an update. World Psychiatry, 14(2), 137-150.
Patients with mental and post traumatic disorders
3. Role of Group Leaders
1) Assess the combination of person-focused approach and group approach in group therapy. Tschuschke, V., & Flatten, G. (2019). Effect of group leaders on doctors’ learning in Balint groups. The International Journal of Psychiatry in Medicine, 54(2), 83-96., DOI: 10.1080/11038128.2018.1551419.
2) Analyze qualities of a good group leaders in psycho-dynamic therapy. Lund, K., Hultqvist, J., Argrntzell, E., and Elkund,M (2020) Group leader and participant perceptions of Balancing Everyday Life, a group based lifestyle intervention for mental health service users, Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy, 27:6, 462-473
4. Techniques and Methods of Psycho-Dynamic Therapy
1) Emphasize the application of appropriate and effective interventions. Organization of frequent group therapy sessions. Haverkampf, C. J. (2017). CBT and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy-A Comparison. J Psychiatry Psychotherapy Communication, 6(2), 61-68.
2) Stress out the importance of uncovering painful events and understanding painful past experiences. Barabasz, A. (2016). Psychodynamic perspective of organizational change. Management, 20(1), 155-166.
3) Facilitate emotional experience to increase knowledge of the factors. Caligor, E., Kernberg, O. F., Clarkin, J. F., & Yeomans, F. E. (2018). Psychodynamic therapy for personality pathology: Treating self and interpersonal functioning. American Psychiatric Pub.
Patients with mental and post traumatic disorders

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