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NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Discussion of Topic 1 Question 1:

Explain how the function of an advanced registered nurse has evolved through time. Consider changes in scope and expectations in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. In what ways will the role and duties of advanced registered nurses continue to expand and emerge as the American health care system changes?

NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Discussion Question 2 NUR 513 Discussion Question 3 NUR 513 Discussion Question 4 NUR 513 Discussion Question Nursing’s Future:

Leading Change, Advancing Health Identify the two nurse education proposals that you feel will be the most successful or radical in bringing about change in the industry. Provide reasoning based on your practical experience. Do you agree or disagree with how the Institute of Medicine (IOM) defines the evolving role of the advanced practice registered nurse? If so, why or why not? NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Topic 2 Discussion Question 1

Identify at least three regulatory bodies or industry regulations that specify certification, licensure requirements, or scope of practice for your specialty. Discuss the way these bodies or regulations influence the educational  requirements and experiences for your specialty. Advanced practice registered nurses must incorporate the APRN consensus model in their response. NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Topic 2 Discussion Question 2

Compare two different advanced registered nurse roles with regard to ethical guidelines. Are there any differences in the ethical guidelines that govern these roles? What situations might require one role to respond differently, depending on the ethical guidelines?

NUR 513 Topic 3 Discussion Question 1

Identify a population that you will likely serve as an advanced registered nurse that you think is particularly vulnerable to issues of health disparities/inequity. Discuss the contribution of your particular specialty to health promotion and disease prevention for this population. How do issues of diversity and global perspectives of care contribute to your understanding of health equity as it relates to this population? NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

 NUR 513 Topic 3 Discussion Question 2

 What is your personal worldview?
What is your personal worldview? How will your perspective, cultural and spiritual competency, and future practice and role be influenced by your worldview and cultural and spiritual competence? Consider both the delivery of safe, high-quality treatment to different populations and the development of interprofessional relationships.
NUR 513 Discussion Question 1: Topic 4

Contrast and compare two nursing philosophies. How do they differ in terms of aim, scope, and goals? Which one is most likely to be relevant to your future career, and why?

NUR 513 Topic 4 Discussion Question 2

Select two different nursing theories and describe how they relate to patient care. How could you use them for inciting behavioral changes? Discuss the pros and cons of applying each theory and how they could be integrated into your future practice. Are there any particular ethical issues related to the integration of these theories that should be considered? NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Topic 5 Discussion Question 1

During this program, you will complete an evidence-based practice project addressing a problem, issue, or concern in your specialty area of professional practice. Consider an area in your specialty that you believe needs improvement. Which nursing theories could you apply to this problem? Why is this the best theory?

NUR 513 Topic 5 Discussion Question 2

Select one theory discussed during Topics 4 and 5. Does the application of this theory differ based on the population focus (individuals, families, communities, and special populations)? Why or why not? Use examples from your current practice to illustrate differences or similarities. NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Topic 6 Discussion Question 1

Review the evidence-based practice project ideas you described in Topic 5 DQ 1. Based on your initial ideas, what types of scholarly nursing research (such as quantitative or qualitative research, peer-reviewed resources, etc.) would be required to further investigate the issue? Identify the criteria you would use to evaluate the appropriateness of the research. Why is it important to select research that meets these criteria? NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Topic 6 Discussion Question 2

Imagine the following scenario: You are taking the evidence-based practice course and one of your classmates shares an EBP project draft with you. You notice that some of the research has not been cited correctly or even at all. When you approach your classmate, the response is that “no one will notice and it is not a big deal anyway.” What are your next steps in speaking with your classmate? Consider how this could reflect on the credibility and integrity of the individuals involved, the University, and the profession.

NUR 513 Topic 7 Discussion Question 1

Describe the steps of the evidence-based research process and the importance of using them. In the initial stages of an EBP project, where do nurses in your specialty go to locate sources of information that help them to determine whether or not a practice problem is appropriate for an evidence-based practice change proposal? Include two specific sources on information in your discussion.


NUR 513 Topic 7 Discussion Question 2

What are some of the major ethical issues in conducting research that impacts the advanced registered nurse? Discuss the role of the advanced registered nurse in advocating for patient safety and rights in conducting research.

NUR 513 Topic 8 Discussion Question 1

Identify three professional nursing organizations that interest you. Provide a brief summary of their purpose, requirements, and any differences in focus, population, scope, or intent. How do these organizations align to your goals and worldview? NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

NUR 513 Topic 8 Discussion Question 2

Research health care legislation that is being considered in your state. What impact might this legislation have on your future practice? What impact does it have on the collective practice of nurses in your state? How do you envision yourself potentially becoming involved in political advocacy for the profession in your future practice?

NUR 513 Introduction to Advanced Registered Nursing

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