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(SOLVED)Module 05 Project – Action Plan

(SOLVED)Module 05 Project – Action Plan

Module 05 Project – Action Plan

Brief Synopsis:

This paper focuses on strategic change management in the context of diversity and culture. The significance of CEOs in change management and strategic planning is emphasized. The importance of diversity and inclusion, its advantages, and its relationship to the mission of UCCO are also explored. The paper underlines the need to respect other viewpoints and cooperate with others. The advantages and disadvantages of hiring a diverse staff are discussed. Lastly, a strategy for fostering cooperation among a diverse workforce and ensuring that individuals contribute meaningfully and are valuable to team projects and duties is presented. Barbara’s personal experience with the clinic management team is woven throughout the article.


Diversity and inclusion are crucial for companies serving a varied community, such as UCCO. On the other hand, Barbara found challenges with diversity and culture at a meeting with clinic management, which could have improved team performance. The purpose of this paper is to explain how CEOs may manage change via strategic planning, as well as how diversity and culture affect change management. In addition, the significance of diversity inclusion, advantages, problems, and a strategy to enhance collaboration within a diverse workforce are discussed.

Module 05 Project - Action Plan

Executives’ Role in Change Management and Strategic Planning:

Change management and strategic planning are critical functions of executives. They are responsible for developing a changing culture inside the business, ensuring that organizational objectives are aligned with the strategic plan, and encouraging diversity and inclusion. They should communicate clearly about the need for change and its advantages. They should also promote employee participation and ownership of the transition process. The executives must examine the effect of change on the workforce and devise methods to offset any negative consequences. Executives should establish an inclusive atmosphere where workers feel appreciated, valued, and engaged in the context of diversity and culture.

The Significance of Inclusion in Diversity:

Since UCCO serves a varied community, diversity and inclusion are critical. It encourages creativity, innovation, and improved decision-making. It draws a vast pool of applicants, producing more qualified and talented staff. It also increases employee engagement, decreases turnover, and boosts productivity. Including diversity also benefits the organization’s reputation, brand, and market competitiveness.

Collaboration to Respect Diversity and Different Perspectives:

Collaborating with others is vital for respecting variety and different points of view. It requires active listening, sensitivity, and an openness to new ideas and opinions. Employees should be encouraged to share their experiences and ideas in a secure and courteous atmosphere. To foster respect for diversity and varied viewpoints, leaders should give training on cultural awareness, unconscious bias, and effective communication. Collaborative team-building exercises also help team members create connections and trust.

The Difficulties and Advantages of Having a Diverse Workforce:

Hiring a diverse workforce offers both advantages and disadvantages. Benefits include greater productivity, enhanced productivity, and improved client satisfaction. However, it creates difficulties such as communication obstacles, unconscious prejudice, and contradictory values and views. Managing diversity and building an inclusive atmosphere requires ongoing effort and dedication from leaders and workers.

Strategy to Promote Collaboration in a Diverse Workforce:

To encourage cooperation among a diverse workforce, an inclusive workplace must be created, open communication must be promoted, and chances for collaboration must be provided. To do this, executives must ensure that diversity is infused throughout the organization’s culture, policies, and practices. They should also teach cultural understanding, good communication, and conflict-resolution skills. They should also encourage diversity and inclusion throughout the hiring process, performance review, and career growth opportunities. Team-building exercises and cross-functional projects foster cooperation and teamwork among varied team members.


Change management via strategic planning in diversity and culture requires dedication, effort, and good leadership. CEOs are critical in fostering diversity and inclusion, establishing a welcoming atmosphere, and managing change.
Module 05 Project - Action Plan
Module 05 Project – Action Plan

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Module 05 Content

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Barbara schedules a meeting with a core group of clinic managers. The purpose of the meeting is to review the strategic plan and to gather additional feedback from the managers. Barbara is aware of the importance of diversity within the organization. Diversity and inclusion is particularly important because of the population served by UCCO facilities. However, she realizes during the meeting that there may be some issues with diversity and culture. Furthermore, how diversity and culture impact team performance. Several managers made comments regarding distribution of work and employee perspectives based on stereotypes. She also found out that there are many personality conflicts and issues with subordination. Barbara encountered the conflict and degradation comments, first-hand during the meeting.

Visit the Rasmussen online Library and search for a minimum of 3 articles covering diversity and culture and teamwork.

For this project assignment on UCCO complete a minimum of a 3 page report to address management of change with strategic planning and with the following concepts:

· What is the role of executives in the process of change management and strategic planning? How do issues with diversity and culture relate to change management?

· Why is diversity inclusion important? What are the benefits? Specifically address UCCO purpose for diversity.

· Discuss how working with others can help with respect for diversity and respect for diverse perspectives.

· What are the challenges and benefits of employing a diverse workforce?

· What should Barbara’s plan be for encouraging teamwork among a diverse workforce and ensuring that employees make meaningful and valuable contributions to team projects and tasks. Incorporate Barbara’s personal experience with the team of clinic managers.

Remember to integrate citations accurately and appropriately for all resource types; use attribution (credit) as a method to avoid plagiarism. Use NoodleBib to document your sources and to complete your APA formatted reference page and in-text citations.

Transferable Skills for this Project Stage:

· Diversity & Teamwork

· Communication

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