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(solved) Middle Range Theory Utilization & Application Doc

(solved) Middle Range Theory Utilization & Application Doc

Middle Range Theory Utilization & Application Doc


Nursing theories play an essential role in nursing, contributing to the resolution of both tolerant and emerging issues in nursing practice. Professional nurses “integrated nursing and behavioral science theories to record, organize, and generalize patient data to understand and address patients’ health needs”. The concepts aid in recommending appropriate nursing interventions for specific situations and expected patient outcomes. The middle range theory gives nurses a clear perspective on approaching complex situations and predicting a straightforward course of action. Because the primary goal of the nursing profession is to care for the well-being of humanity, this concept serves as an impetus to strengthen the healthcare system by unifying the nursing vision and language. Nursing theories help nurses interpret critical concepts in nursing practice, such as human health and how they should reach out to and care for their patients. Watson’s theory of human caring provides nurses with insight and the proper way to view their fellow humans. Human caring theory encourages nurses to value humanitarianism and act as moral agents while maintaining professional efficacy. This aspect gives nurses a positive outlook on nursing as a science of caring.

By communicating beliefs and creating harmonious perspectives in nursing practice, the caring theory is the foundation for expounding, directing, and supporting nursing practice. This is essential for articulating, envisioning, and appreciating nurses’ unique role in the human care system. The theory is based on core concepts that should guide professional nurses’ practices and interactions with patients. Caring for oneself and others is one of the concepts based on a professional and moral concern for humanity. Watson’s theory encourages nurses to practice health care across all divides by ignoring racial, religious, or socioeconomic boundaries, among other characteristics, while voluntarily limiting self-ego and pursuing nursing practice with passion. Nurses should be motivated by a moral obligation to protect and care for the lives of others.
Furthermore, instilling faith and hope in patients and being present when needed to create and sustain the belief between self and patient. The science of caring is critical in relieving nurses’ frustrations and confusion about their patients’ health. The caring theory brings order and meaning to the nurse-patient environment, which aids in developing transpersonal compassion and care. A friendly atmosphere between the nurse and the patients promotes quick recovery and healing. According to Watson (2008), nursing care extends beyond the physical to meet the patient’s spiritual needs, promoting wholeness and healing.

According to the caring theory, a nurse leader should always lead by example and be prepared to empathize with situations. Regardless of the expected leadership qualities, nursing practice necessitates self-control on top of integrity, inspiring fellow nurses to embrace the best care and appreciation for teamwork. No one person can achieve significant outcomes alone. Nursing education should be founded on the moral principles of caring for oneself and others while practicing nursing. A nurse’s core goal should be to achieve the best for the welfare of society. According to Watson (2008), nursing informatics should help nurses integrate the science of caring into their nursing practice by facilitating communication and consultation to improve the efficacy and quality of the patient care environment. Furthermore, it weaves the caring concept into the fabric of nursing philosophy and enables leadership to devise methods for best incorporating the caring mentality within their entities.

For example, despite being aware of the caring theory, most nursing leaders remain egocentric. Most leaders will not willingly reveal to their colleagues what they do not understand. Failure to recognize teamwork or even delegate duties results in poor service delivery, impacting patient outcomes (Watson, 2008). On the contrary, nursing practice can reach new heights if nursing leadership recognizes the importance of collaboration and a shared goal of improving humanity’s well-being. In Rwanda, for example, when the nursing leadership identified the need for professional regulation to improve the quality of nursing education and practice standards, the involved parties enlisted the entire nursing fraternity and all stakeholders (Benton, 2012). This vision has been incorporated into the government’s agenda to improve healthcare services. The Rwandan nursing community can now appreciate the high-quality skills and services it provides to its patients and the never-ending morale required to uphold Watson’s caring theory.


According to Watson’s theory of human caring, nursing leadership is a platform for recognizing success. Leaders who take the time to evaluate and appreciate what other nurses are doing boost nurses’ morale and encourage them to maintain high standards of integrity and service. For example, in 2002, the Iranian Nursing Organization formed a board to investigate improvements in education, policy, and diversity to improve its clients’ health (Benton, 2012). The Iranian government and religious leaders from both sides of the divide recognize the role of nurses by participating in the Iranian National Nurse’s Day. This aspect promotes solidarity and provides opportunities for nurses to share platforms and debate issues to raise the standards of nursing practice.

Middle Range Theory Utilization & Application Doc


Middle Range Theory Utilization & Application Doc

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