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(SOLVED)Leadership and time management skills.

(SOLVED)Leadership and time management skills.

Leadership and time management skills.

Leadership is defined as the ability to persuade others to follow a specific course of action, and the leader must also have the same power of mind.

Leadership is not an organizational authority, but rather a strange strength personality that attracts the ordinary person.

Personal and professional qualities of a successful manager/leader include:

Time Administration

Organizing meetings

Creating a presentation

Stress Reduction

Management of time:
It is regarded as one of the most important skills required of managers. ‘Once the time has passed, it never returns,’ as the proverb goes. Time is valuable in today’s fast-paced world, and it is regarded as money, so it should be used wisely. The main characteristics of time management are to organize work properly and on time, to handle meetings within a specific time frame, and to make use of free time. In today’s business world, everyone is concerned with time management in order to achieve success. Each person in this world has a 24-hour time frame available to them. As a result, it is not possible for every individual to achieve their goal within the specified time frame if it is not properly managed.

The following are time management components:

The leader/manager should prioritize according to the time frame and try to achieve their goal within a specific time frame with proper monitoring and feedback.

Prioritize goals based on their importance.

To effectively use time, a daily/weekly time log should be kept.

Leaders and managers should motivate and guide their teams to develop and achieve their objectives.

Organizing meetings:
Meetings that lead to effective goal achievement are likely to be successful or unsuccessful. While running the meeting, all features are taken into account so that the meeting does not fail.

The meeting’s agenda should be clear. The meeting time, topics to be discussed, last meeting discussion, and the person in charge of carrying out the meeting should all be properly mentioned.

The most important aspect of the meeting is the time. It is necessary to specify the meeting’s end and beginning times. A well-planned meeting may result in its success.

The environment should be suitable for a successful meeting. Such as the meeting’s location, room, and the availability of necessary equipment.

A manager’s duty is to keep a quorum and to consider the subordinates’ points of discussion for the meeting.

The points discussed by the subordinate should be ensured to all members at the end of the meeting, and the meeting summary should be circulated to all members.

Creating a Presentation :-
It is a pattern to show or present data in front of an audience. The presentation should include relevant information and be delivered in a stable language.

The manager should actively participate in the meeting and be confident enough to carry it out.

While running the meeting, the manager should keep the meeting’s start and end times in mind.

The manager’s physical presentation should be adequate; he or she should dress appropriately and be confident in carrying out the meeting.

The meeting manager should maintain eye contact with the participants and, if necessary, ask questions.

To keep the meeting interesting, there should be more visuals than lectures so that the members do not get bored.

Stress reduction:
It is extremely important in the lives of managers. It is usually divided into two types: personal and professional. The personal has been associated with money problems, sickness, family problems, and so on, whereas the professional has been associated with completion, business problems, and a large workload.

To obtain stress management relief, the following steps should be taken:

He should determine whether the issue is professional or personal in nature.

To alleviate stress, a suitable solution should be devised.

The most common cause of stress is a lack of time. If time is managed properly, anyone can reduce stress.

Regular exercise, yoga, and meditation can also help reduce stress and boost energy and strength.

In the manager’s time log, there should be some time set aside for his hobbies or favorite activities so that he is refreshed when performing his duties.

Proper planning is required for the task, which is not simple. So, by taking proper notes and studying it, a note should be made to reduce stress.

Thus, by completing these steps, managers can reduce stress and achieve their goals in a timely manner, which can lead to an organization’s profit.

Task 2
To perform the work properly, the leader/manager must first understand himself, particularly his weaknesses and strengths. The practical methods for developing or improving skills are as follows.

A proper time frame should be established in order to carry out work efficiently and in a proper and organized manner. These make it easier to carry out or run meetings efficiently and effectively.

It is easier to identify problems or jobs that were completed with the help of logs such as daily and weekly logs, and it is also easier to sort out problems with logs.

Proper planning should be present in order to carry out work easily and reduce stress. Normally, work is carried out to the satisfaction of the individual.

Proper planning or use of phone calls or the internet should be specific in order to avoid work delays.

Proper backups or files should be saved in a computer data so that problems can be easily resolved.

2nd outcome
Task 3
Personal development teaches us to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses. Because most people are unaware of their strong and weak points. As a result, the work is ruined and not completed properly. As a result, the term personal skill audit has been used in management studies to help employees understand their strengths and weaknesses so that they can easily overcome them. As a result, the organization’s goal is easier to achieve.

I discovered that I am a pragmatist after studying Advanced Professional Development.

My strengths are as follows:

I’m interested in learning about what’s new in the world of books and technology.

Most of the time, I try to find new ideas from the job to make it easier.

I make a plan for each task and try to complete it as much as possible.

I use the option that is available to me.

Most of the time, I prefer to work alone to complete any task.

My weakness is listed below:

I am very eager to finish the task without hesitation.

Most of the time, I do not complete the group task because I try to dominate others.

I prefer to complete my tasks without involving others.

I try to maintain control over others, which may cause others to underestimate me.

Work becomes easier to complete with the assistance of my strength. Gathering information may aid in the completion of the task. It becomes easier to perform or run the meeting with the help of these. A well-organized agenda that includes figures and facts also contributes to the success of the meeting. Working alone or performing the work helps me to complete it properly because I don’t have to rely on others to complete my work or task.

As failing to exercise caution may cause the task to fail. Because of these actions, I was led down the path of failure. Because of independent working, stress and mental pressure increase, resulting in work failure. Differences between family members and subordinates have arisen as a result of my underestimating other people. These distinctions can result in nervousness, stress, and poor mental health. As a result, it leads directly to failure.

After identifying my weaknesses and strengths, I will attempt to overcome them using four skills that can also reduce individual and professional efficiency. I will properly plan my work in order to complete it. Also, I will stick to my work or task and study it thoroughly in order to succeed. In addition, I will outline any related concerns that may arise so that I can overcome them.

I can successfully hike the company in the right direction by utilizing my strength.

3rd outcome
Task 4
Before being linked with the ‘Personal Development Plan,’ I created a SMART and SWORT analysis to identify my life objectives and to understand my strengths and weaknesses, which will help me achieve my MBA and be a successful manager in the future.

It is an acronym that stands for S-Specific, M-Measurable, A-Achievable, R-Relevant, and T-Time. Taking all of this into account, I have set my future objectives.

Specific-: To learn and apply four skills, namely Time Management, Meeting Management, Presentation Making, and Stress Management, in order to complete my MBA.

Measurable-: Successful completion of the APD/MBA assignment.

Achievable-: To complete and submit the assignment successfully within a specified time frame and to receive passing grades.

Relevant-: Because I have a perfect group of teachers, I have 100% interest and commitment for my subject, which allows me to concentrate and work hard to achieve my goal.

Time-Bound-: To complete the MBA program by the end of March 2011.

I try to find out more options

To disclose the facts I use my detective skills

I am eager to find and implement the ideas, techniques and theories.

I perform the work well when I am independent.

I set the goal and act to meet them

I take my opportunities for experiment

I am good to gather the information from the entire source available

I am good in performing oral presentation which holds the attention of the audience.

I proceed without caution

I underestimate personal feelings

I require full control

I am impatient

I dominate task which is given to others

I like to do work/task alone

I am not good in making logical disputes for the essay format

I am not good in presenting the assignments professionally

I am not good in evaluating the progress of any work.

Facilities which are available from our college -Live campus update, advanced technology for teaching like Smart Board, computers,projectors,library with all the books and facilities, the best teachers/staff.

Special service for the student that is tutorial service in which we can interact our problems with the tutor.

Performing practical workshops by our lecturer Mrs. Ginny Cox at our College.

Through workshop it makes us easy to perform and practice our skills

Problems evaluating like login for live campus and collage computer systems

Cannot take books outside the library

Time consuming student services token system and limited time period for tutor service

Because of newcomers and unprepared members in the group lecture cant able to concentrate on the workshops properly.
Workshop cannot be get completed in time

Professional Development Plan-:
Learning and development need
Weaknesses to be overcome and strengths to assist the outcome
Learning actions to be taken including resources needed to achieve them
Monitoring and feedback point
Time frame for success
Time management

Have to wait for the last moment

Always work alone

To keep reminder or alarm for the deadline

To do split up the small task and the large task first and then to do the important one.

To decide and frame out the deadline and important


To record the summary at the end of the day

To study and implement on daily action plan.

To study and get on to the result time period of two months is needed.

To perform the work on time

Working hard for the work

Proper planning and techniques can avoid wastage of time.

It is hard to meet time constraint by working out daily.

Approximately 1 month

Organizing meetings

Do not practice before performing

Do not consider other people effectively

Have to be prepare by own first before discussing the matter and implementing the decision assigned to him.

To check the others works and allocate work to them.

To take the survey in between and to ensure the progress of the work interval check is required.

Up till the proper decision is implemented

Able to make own decision

Able to make control on others

To set the goals and try to achieve them

To stuck up with the decision and make a use of an employee to achieve the target.

Through financial reports, sales reports and annual reports of a company

In an interval of 3, 6, 9, 12 months.

Making presentations

Always in hurry

Underestimate personal feelings

To communicate properly

To explain the topic rather than continuity of speech

To take the survey in between and to ensure the progress of the work interval check is required.
While presentation

Good speaker

To find the facts by using detective skills

Proper use of multimedia and PowerPoint in the presentation and getting the feedback from the subordinates/colleagues

Through financial reports, sales reports and annual reports of a company

After 1 month of presentation

Stress management

Always in hurry

Wants the result instantly

acts without caution

Internal cure

Taking break from work and assigning the work to subordinates/colleagues

Mental stress progress


Without depending on others for the work

Utilizing essential and useful techniques to do task.

Proper planning techniques make it easy to do work

Mental stress programs


Task 5
Monitoring and feedback-
As per the condition changes in the plan is been made to complete the work these skills is been effectively monitored and the feedback is been carried out to achieve the outcome. The confirmation of these monitoring and feedback is represented below.

In the starting weeks of the lecture I was asked to fill the daily/weekly time log table as during which we dint had any assignment to do so I used to utilize my time like with the friends, internet, gaming, watching TV, listening music (please see appendix 1).As after certain weeks I adjusted my time log table because of the assignments and exam were coming closure to submit and write it so using time log I planned my time properly. Also by comparing with the past time log table I come to know what mistakes I have made and how I can make a change in it.Therfore considering the sitivation I have made changes in my study hours which will be helpful for me to prepare for exam and assignment were as I have reduced my hours from the TV and music section to utilize them for studies. (Please see appendix 2).These time log I have done to do the things at time considering their priorities instead of leaving them at the end. Thus with the help of these I will be able to complete my work in time as if effective time management.

As in the lectures we had a presentation in which I had performed one presentation as a workshop in which I was making a mistakes continuously like less speech volume, repeating of the words or the mixture of the words which was not proper enough. After few days I had a presentation for the work shop for which I performed it quite well and I got a very positive results from my friends and teachers. For this presentation I had a very good preparation like to understand the subject pre-planned the matter and performed it at home and recorded it then I saw the mistakes and tried to overcome it. My main intention was to make a good presentation which should be liked by everyone. Thus after these I had many presentation and the results very quite well enough. Thus from these I have secured very good skill.

Task 6
Thus after completion of these task I came to know about my learning style due to which my strength and weakness is been easily identified though which it is possible for me to work out on any task easily. Also the four skills play a vital role with the help of which it may leads to a successful and good manger. As it is a part of Master of Business studies it shows the importance of time management, preparation of successful meetings which may be helpful as a part of life. Thus though these assignment I have learned also the thing that to respect the others ideas and views and use them effectively for the task which may reduce the stress.
Leadership and time management skills.
Leadership and time management skills.

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