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Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal

Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal

The plan’s implementation goal is to implement changes that will help improve the performance of nurses who care for the elderly as well as the quality of service in… hospital. To enhance professional collaboration, the primary approach to implementation is to use Levin’s three-stage theory of change and transformational leadership style. Thus, an interprofessional system to serve elderly patients will allow for faster and better diagnosis and treatment procedures, reduce staff workload, and increase employee and patient satisfaction with service delivery.
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Predictions and Goals
The primary goal of this plan is to change the organizational structure of specialists whose consultations are required for elderly services and to encourage their collaborative work. These changes will improve service for older patients, shorten hospital stays, and reduce nurse workload. During the first stage of plan implementation, specialists’ work hours will increase, as will the number of their responsibilities, to study issues that require changes and propose changes, as well as to arrange additional meetings. However, due to a precise schedule and the elimination of delays, the workload will decrease after its successful implementation.

Employee satisfaction with system changes will also decrease at the start of the plan’s performance due to increased workload. However, employees will be pleased with the new interaction system during the transition period due to its convenience. Such findings support De Sutter et al. (2019) by demonstrating that clear role definition and, as a result, reduced time for patient consultation increased staff satisfaction. Another characteristic is the potential denial of the necessity and effectiveness of cooperation, particularly meetings, because they require time and active participation. However, specialists will discover their benefits after some time and establish connections (Jones & Van de Ven, 2016). As a result, the most challenging stage of implementing the plan is identifying and correcting the current communication system’s flaws and encouraging employees to cooperate.
Interdisciplinary Plan Proposal
Theories of Change and Leadership Strategies
Lewin’s theory of change and transformational leadership strategies are the most appropriate and necessary measures to implement the plan. To encourage employees’ participation in the first stage of unfreezing, the leader must make arguments demonstrating the inefficiency of the current work organization and push them to identify deficiencies. In this case, the manager must assemble a team and listen to the individual needs of the employees. Ms. Gordon, for example, complained in interviews about treatment delays caused by late check-ups by other specialists. Simultaneously, doctors such as endocrinologists or orthopedists may express displeasure at being diverted from their duties.

In the second step, the leader should assist professionals, both nurses and doctors, in demonstrating their strengths and benefiting from the experiences of others during team meetings in order to pique the participants’ interest in interaction. This step facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration to establish new scheduling, member responsibilities, rules, and communication mechanisms to improve patient care. For example, in the article by Wojciechowski et al. (2016), this stage included engaging employees by educating, coaching, communicating, and proposing ideas and changes. At the last stage of refreezing, the transformational leader must support employees’ motivation to continue cooperation and can also show transactional leadership traits by using punishment and rewards to maintain new order (Alvinius, 2017). (Alvinius, 2017). In this way, a new collaborative value system and work organization will be reinforced and established, which will help improve the service for elderly patients and fulfill the plan’s goal.

Team Collaboration Strategy
The leader, who can be a senior manager with authority over nurses and doctors, has the most responsibilities for implementing the plan. In the first stage, his duties are to organize a team of necessary specialists, namely a geriatric nurse, cardiologist, endocrinologist, orthopedic surgeon, and therapist. The manager also needs to encourage the team and help distribute responsibilities. The leader also has to collect data on professionals’ current performance in serving older people and present possible improvements, which is also data to track progress. After that, specialists’ responsibilities are to research their field’s information and make suggestions for improving the service. In addition, Ms. Gordon should review and suggest the most convenient hours on the schedule of elderly patients for specialist check-ups to avoid delays.

In the second stage, the leader’s primary duty is to coordinate the group’s work to enhance collaboration and create a safe atmosphere for exchanging knowledge (Mayo, 2019). (Mayo, 2019). It is also the manager’s responsibility to draw up a new schedule of visits to elderly patients, taking into account the wishes of the specialists. The duties of healthcare professionals are to bring valuable knowledge to the work of the team and to meet the new order. In the last stage, the manager must monitor compliance with the previously established schedule and the rules for the interaction of participants in the group.

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Required Organizational Resources
Organizational resources for implementing the plan are minimal because specialists have already performed the necessary work inefficiently. Since professionals must examine older adults who are not their patients, setting specific hours for such checks, for example, daily from 11 am to 12 am, will keep their working hours the same. The organization of meetings also requires only room, a projector and a computer to show the data to the team, and the hospital has these resources at its disposal. The only cost can be paid for the time spent on meetings. The average salary for a healthcare professional is $ 40 an hour, and one session a week is enough for a discussion (“Occupational employment statistics,” 2019). Thus, a team of five specialists and the manager requires approximately an additional $ 500 per week. Consequently, implementing the plan requires a small cost but significant organizational effort.
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