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The following steps should be taken to develop an effective teaching project for the community education curriculum:
Step 1:

Create the teaching project by identifying public health issues and deciding which variables should be included in the curriculum to address them.
Determine the resources and materials required to teach the curriculum.
Determine the most effective communication and health promotion technique for delivering the curriculum.
Step 2:

Create and prepare a curriculum that includes all the elements needed for proper public health or infectious disease education for the identified population.
Create the materials needed to educate the population and a method for evaluating the educational curriculum’s success with the population.
Step 3:
Write a 500-word summary of the educational curriculum, including variables, resources and materials used, communication and health promotion techniques, and success assessment methods.
It is critical to define epidemiology, outbreak, incidence, and prevalence in the presentation, as well as evaluate the role of nursing within epidemiology. Three of the most recent infectious diseases are linked to the Healthy People 2030 objectives and should be evaluated locally, statewide, and nationally. Evidence-based practices and health promotion techniques for managing infectious and contagious diseases in populations should be analyzed and explained.

Cite at least three scholarly sources in your presentation, and include an APA-formatted reference slide.
In this assessment, you will analyze communicable diseases within the community, state, and nation. You will evaluate the epidemiology and the nurse’s role in using evidence-based data to develop methods to mitigate disease in the community. You will also develop the teaching materials for and deliver the educational program you developed in Part II of the CSLO 1 assessment.

Part 1: Nursing Student Presentation on Infection Control
Understanding diseases present within the community allows public health nurses to prioritize health promotion and disease prevention strategies.

Explore the Healthy People 2030 website.

Review the Healthy People 2030 Objectives and Measures.

Review the Healthy People 2030 Leading Health Indicators.

Assume you have been asked by the nursing supervisor at the community health clinic at which you work to research infectious disease trends as they relate to public health program planning and promotion. She wants you to prepare a presentation that will be presented to nursing students at the local branch of the statewide university system. The presentation will focus on infection control.

Develop an 18- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, with speaker notes, that analyzes infectious diseases by:

Defining epidemiology, outbreak, incidence, and prevalence
Evaluating the role of nursing within epidemiology
Evaluating current infectious diseases locally, statewide, and nationally
Associating 3 of the most current infectious diseases with Healthy People 2030 objectives
Analyzing evidence-based practices aimed at reducing infectious diseases
Explaining health promotion techniques that can be used to manage infectious and communicable diseases in populations
Note: The slides themselves should only contain essential information and as little text as possible. Do not design a slide presentation made up of long bullet points. Your speaker notes convey the details you would give if you were presenting. See the Create Speaker Notes video from Microsoft for more help.

Cite a minimum of 3 scholarly sources.

Include an APA-formatted reference slide.

Part II: Teaching Project
In this assignment, you will develop a teaching project identified in the CSLO 1 Part II Assessment. Follow the steps delineated below.

Step 1:

Develop your teaching project identified in the CSLO 1 Part II Assessment into a community education curriculum.

Determine which variables should be included in your curriculum to address the identified public health conditions.
Determine which resources and materials you will need for teaching the curriculum.
Determine which communication method and health promotion technique should be used to deliver your curriculum.
Step 2:

Develop and prepare the curriculum and identify all elements you would use.

Develop all materials needed to properly educate the identified agency population regarding the identified public health or communicable disease issue.
Develop a method for assessment of the success of the educational curriculum with the identified population.
Step 3:

Write a 500-word summary of the educational curriculum.

Submit your assignment.

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