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impact of nurses and their work environment on patients’ quality of nursing care.

impact of nurses and their work environment on patients’ quality of nursing care.

impact of nurses and their work environment on patients’ quality of nursing care.

Nursing Examination


The paper investigates the impact of nurses and their work environment on patients’ quality of nursing care. The study’s main goal was to learn about nurses’ perspectives in the Netherlands and how their work improves positive patient experiences. The study used a descriptive qualitative design to collect data, with focus groups serving as the primary data collection technique. Each focus group consisted of six or seven nurses from various areas of nursing. The interviews were taped and recorded to ensure the originality of the responses and thematic data analysis. The study discovered several factors that nurses believed were influential in determining patient experiences regarding the quality of nursing care.




The paper critiques an article that investigates how nurses and their work environments affect patient care quality. Ethical considerations are explored in this critique, focusing on specific instances where ethical principles were observed. The paper then questions the research tradition while analyzing its applicability to the specific study. The relevance of the research tradition, as well as its adherence to methodology, analysis, and reporting of findings, is questioned. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the data collection techniques and sampling methods used in the study is discussed. Later, to identify potential implications, the author establishes a link between the article under consideration and future clinical practice.




The research article focuses on the effects of nurses and their work environments on the quality of life as perceived by patients. The topic is being researched qualitatively to provide insights into the importance of having professional nurses. The study used a descriptive qualitative research design to collect data, with four focus groups of six or seven nurses. Purposive sampling was used to select 26 nurses whose narratives were audio-taped to preserve them in their original format. The nurses identified several elements that they believed would improve patient’s access to quality nursing care. The research is unique in that it focuses on patient experiences from the perspective of nurses. This advancement goes above and beyond in explaining the effects of nurses and their work environments on the quality of care provided to patients.


Ethical Considerations


Ethical considerations were made during the research, and most of the ethical principles were met. The nature of the research did not necessitate the researchers seeking approval from ethical committees at both the local and national levels in the Netherlands. This is because it did not involve any invasion of the participants’ private information. The study met ethical principles by exceeding this requirement even before the research began. In addition to not violating the participants’ integrity, the researchers first sent information about the study’s intended objectives. Before answering any research questions, each participant was given written and verbal information about the study’s goals and contents. In the same vein, the participation of all respondents was entirely voluntary and based on the individuals’ decisions. Furthermore, the collected data was analyzed ethically because anonymity was maintained throughout the process. Ultimately, the study’s findings could not be traced back to individual participants.


Tradition Research


The nature of the research is determined to be consistent with phenomenological studies. In the study, nurses provide their perspectives on the effects of their work environment on the quality of nursing care. Research typically withholds its beliefs about the occurrence of the objects under study in this type of research tradition. It allows the participants to narrate their own experiences on the same. The study effectively analyses the nurse and work environment factors influencing patients’ quality of nursing care. This study incorporates a methodology by the dictates of the research tradition. As a result, nurses are crucial in detailing their beliefs about how their work environments and professions affect the quality of nursing care provided to patients. The study groups were used in data collection to ascertain the varying perspectives of the various nurses under scrutiny. Research tradition concepts carried out data analysis to incorporate the various perceptions presented. In the end, an all-encompassing data analysis process that began with data collection was used.




The nature of the research called for purposeful sampling to collect the various perceptions of nurses. Aside from the nature of the research, the qualitative style used did not allow for participant selection based on representativeness. The sampling method allowed for selection of participants based on their expertise and experience in providing nursing care to patients. After the sampling procedure, 26 participants were chosen from a national list of registered nurses. Participants were limited to practising nurses with a proven track record of patient care.


Data Gathering


The study’s primary data collection tool was focus groups, each consisting of six or seven participants. Nurses were interviewed in focus groups about their perceptions and views on their areas of expertise in the nursing field. Before data collection, participants received a letter outlining the purpose of the study as well as information on the content of the interview. A broad question about their perceptions was used to collect information from the nurses, and the responses were recorded verbatim.


Clinical Procedures


Because of the research findings, the study’s significance in the nursing profession cannot be overstated. The findings on nurses’ perceptions point to the need for patient-centred nursing care and a shift in policy on the subject. This section of this paper discusses the various perceptions nurses recorded and the implications for the nursing profession. The research provides important insight and understanding into the relationship between perceptions and quality of nursing care by delving into a rarely studied topic.


impact of nurses and their work environment on patients' quality of nursing care.

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