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(SOLVED)I completed the listening exercise and received a 70%.

(SOLVED)I completed the listening exercise and received a 70%.

I completed the listening exercise and received a 70%.

Listening Rating
I completed the listening exercise and received a 70%. Some questions surprised me because they required me to recall minor details, while others asked me to recall specific words from the audio. What surprised me was that, despite my best efforts, I needed to catch up on some of the details. I tend to focus on the big ideas and overlook the minor details.

When interacting with people from another culture, my listening strategy shifts to be more patient and attentive. A language barrier or cultural differences may make understanding the message more difficult. As a result, I am more open-minded, ask clarifying questions, and avoid making assumptions based on my cultural biases.

During a group presentation, I remember needing to be an effective listener. I was distracted by a message on my phone while one of the members was speaking. I missed some vital information conveyed by the speaker, which led to me asking a question that had already been answered. It was a humiliating situation, and I felt terrible about it.

On another occasion, I struggled to listen when speaking with someone from a different culture. I could not understand the person because of their accent, and I had to ask them to repeat themselves several times. I realized I was not needed to give them my full attention because I was preoccupied with their accent rather than the message.

During a job interview, I experienced a breakdown in the listening process. I could not concentrate on what the interviewer said because I was nervous and anxious. I was so preoccupied with how I would respond to their questions that I missed some of the information they provided about the job. I ended up asking questions that had already been addressed, making me appear unprofessional.


I failed to listen effectively because I was too anxious and nervous. My thoughts were preoccupied, and I couldn’t focus on what the interviewer said. I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to actively listen.

My anxiety and nervousness could have been potential listening barriers during the interview. These emotional barriers can make it difficult to actively listen because they take up mental space that could be used for information processing. Furthermore, the interview setting could have been a physical barrier because of distractions in the room, such as other people talking or doors opening and closing.

To improve my listening skills, I could have taken some deep breaths before the interview to relax. I could also have been more present by paying attention to the interviewer’s words and body language. In addition, I could have asked clarifying questions to ensure I understood the message.

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I completed the listening exercise and received a 70%.


Initial Post Instructions
Read the lesson for this week. Then, complete the Listening Exercise in the Listen Up! section of this week’s lesson. Use this exercise to evaluate your listening skills. Then, address the following, using the provided headings to format your post:

Listening Score
State the results of the exercise and what surprised you with the questions and results.
Consider how your listening strategy changes when you are interacting with a different culture, then share your reflection with the class.
Using the information from the exercise, describe an instance when you failed to be an effective listener.
Also, in this section, include an example of when you found it difficult to listen when communicating with someone from a different culture.
Respond to the following prompt in full sentences, making connections to the ideas contained in the listening chapter assigned for the week as well as including information from an outside source. Explain your thought process and provide examples to give further explanation to your description of why you felt the way you did.
Share a time when you experienced a breakdown in the listening process.
What do you believe was the reason you failed to listen effectively?
Share potential listening barriers that might have been present.
What could you have done differently to improve your listening?
Place your two APA citations in this section

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