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How is Clinical Decision Making Influenced?

How is Clinical Decision Making Influenced?

How is Clinical Decision Making Influenced?

You are working as a charge nurse on a medical-surgical unit in an acute healthcare facility. One of the staff nurses who recently from bereavement leave has been assigned to care for an elderly client, newly diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. While you are visiting with the client, the nurse is completing her assessment. The client requests assistance to set up hospice care, complete an advanced directive, and reach out to his estranged daughter. The nurse stated, “I can get you the paperwork for the advance directive, but I can’t call your child for you, I am not a social worker.” The nurse leaves the room and asks to speak with you stating, “I can’t care for this client, I need my client assignment changed now or else I will go home.”

As the charge nurse, you step in and change the nurse’s client assignment and offer to assist the client with his requests. Later, you have the opportunity to debrief with the nurse regarding her reaction and decisions regarding the client’s requests and make some recommendations on how the nurse could have responded differently. You write up a summary of the events and include the follow-up conversation with the nurse.

Compose a written memo of the situation and debrief for the employee’s personnel file. Include the following in the summary:

Analysis of the internal and external cues impacting the responses of the staff nurse and the charge nurse.
Describe how these factors influenced the clinical decision making of both nurses.
Emotional intelligence action plan for the nurse based on interactions observed with the client and the charge nurse.
Include self-compassion and compassion toward others.
Include an alternative response from the staff nurse and charge nurse.
How is Clinical Decision Making Influenced?

How is Clinical Decision Making Influenced?

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To: Nurses
From: The Charge Nurse:
Date: 25th October 2021
REF: Analyzing he clinical scenario
Internal and external cues affecting the responses of the nurses
On the internal cues, upon analysis, the staff nurse is scornful by stating that she is not a social worker; hence she cannot call the patient’s child. She is also rude and harsh and says she can attend to the client’s half request and demands a change in the assignment. On the other hand, the change nurse is caring and is ready to play the role of the staff nurse. She helps the clients and proves accountability in her work.
On the external cues after analysis, the staff nurse traits tarnish the facility’s status. She illustrates unskilled personnel by the response she gives the patient I can get you paperwork for the advance directive, but I can’t call your child for you…” On the other hand, the charge nurse caters to the patient’s needs and exhibits a good image. The internal and external indications of the staff nurse were unnecessary; hence the charge nurse stepped in to take care of the client. The charge nurse’s internal and external prompts aid in fulfilling the clients’ needs.
Emotional intelligence plan
Social skills: Nurses ought to evadeconflicts and adapt communications skills to enable proper communication
between the charge nurses and patients (Giménez‐Espert et al., 2018).
Self-regulation: Nurses ought toadapt to various changes in their workplace (Crowne et al., 2017). This entails accepting assignments given to them and ensuring that they do not tarnish the hospital’s image.
Motivation: nurses should be willing to help many patients while on duty.
Empathy: Nurses should understand clients’ concerns and needs.
Integrity: Nurses should have moral codes (Pérez-Fuentes et al., 2018).
Alternative Responses
The staff nurse ought to have helped the patient rather than been rude and refusing to assist him. Also, she should have mentioned she was not ready to aid with the request instead of rudely mentioning she was not a social worker. She should have also been polite to the charge nurse, and her internal and external prompts should have exhibited respect to the client and charge nurse. The charge nurse should have corrected the staff nurse’s behavior to avoid portraying a bad reputation for the hospital. She should not have changed the assignment initially assigned to the staff nurse as it could lead to uncouth behaviors, and patients could be compromised.

Crowne, K. A., Young, T. M., Goldman, B., Patterson, B., Krouse, A. M., & Proenca, J. (2017). Leading nurses: emotional intelligence and leadership development effectiveness. Leadership in Health Services.
Giménez‐Espert, M. D. C., & Prado‐Gascó, V. J. (2018). The role of empathy and emotional intelligence in nurses’ communication attitudes using regression models and fuzzy‐set qualitative comparative analysis models. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 27(13-14), 2661-2672.
Pérez-Fuentes, M. D. C., Molero Jurado, M. D. M., Gázquez Linares, J. J., & Oropesa Ruiz, N. F. (2018). The role of emotional intelligence in engagement in nurses. International journal of environmental research and public health, 15(9), 1915.

How is Clinical Decision Making Influenced?

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