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Handling Ethical Issues in Nursing Leadership

Handling Ethical Issues in Nursing Leadership


Example 1: A management refusing to pay someone who worked overtime.
In this case, I would approach the manager to learn the reasoning for their choice. Before making any decisions, it is critical to obtain all necessary facts. If the decision looks unjust or violates organizational policies, I would refer the matter to senior management or the human resources department. It is critical to guarantee that employees are treated fairly and consistently, including enough compensation for extra labor.

Example 2: A nurse manager who tolerates verbal abuse directed at another nurse.
My obligation as a nurse leader is to foster a safe and respected work environment. If I learned that a nurse manager allowed verbal abuse, I would take action immediately. I would have a private conversation with the nurse manager, expressing my concerns about the improper behavior and underlining the need to maintain a professional and supportive environment. Depending on the intensity and frequency of the abuse, additional actions such as contacting human resources, giving conflict resolution training, or instituting disciplinary penalties may be required.

Example 3: When there is a high census, the unit is constantly understaffed.
When faced with persistent personnel shortages during peak census periods, I would examine the problem and determine the root causes. If it is due to budgetary limits or insufficient staffing resources, I will fight for more people and resources by bringing the matter to the attention of upper management. It is critical to provide an optimum nurse-to-patient ratio to ensure patient safety and quality of treatment. If quick solutions are not possible, I will look into techniques to mitigate the impact of workforce shortages, such as reallocating resources or deploying temporary measures such as float pools or agency staff.

Example 4: During the shift report, a nurse must provide the patient’s details.
In this scenario, I would immediately confront the nurse’s actions and remind them of the need for thorough and correct shift reporting. Effective communication is essential for patient safety, and withholding crucial information can have catastrophic implications. I would educate and reaffirm the necessity of accurate shift reporting and underscore the ethical responsibility to prioritize patient well-being. Ongoing monitoring and follow-up may be required to guarantee compliance with proper reporting methods.

Example 5: Preference for one employee above others.
When faced with employee bias, it is critical to address the issue to maintain a fair and equitable work environment. I would speak with the individuals involved about the impact of favoritism on team relationships, morale, and trust. It is critical to stress the importance of equal chances and fair treatment based on merit and professionalism. Transparent policies and performance evaluation systems can aid in the reduction of favoritism and the promotion of a more inclusive workplace culture.

Example 6: Hiring or terminating someone based on friendship.
Employing people based on personal relationships rather than professional qualifications and performance undermines fairness and integrity. I ensure all hiring and firing decisions are made under established procedures based on objective criteria. If I see a biased decision made out of friendship, I will bring it up with the decision-maker, emphasizing the significance of fair and merit-based practices. Maintaining ethical standards in hiring decisions requires consistency, transparency, and policy adherence.

Responding to a Peer’s Example in a Reply Post

A peer example is a nurse manager who tolerates verbal abuse directed toward another nurse.

In your example, you properly identified the significance of addressing the issue of workplace verbal abuse. I appreciate your strategy of confidently speaking with the nurse manager to address the situation. It is critical to raise awareness about the detrimental effects of verbal abuse on the general work environment and the employees’ well-being. Furthermore, giving conflict resolution training can be a good step toward improving team communication and interpersonal connections. We may work toward a healthier and more supportive society by addressing the issue immediately and implementing suitable measures.

A workplace where everyone is appreciated and valued.

I suggest incorporating the affected nurse in the resolution process to add to your suggestions. Creating a secure area for people to express their concerns and experiences is critical. This can be accomplished by holding one-on-one discussions, fostering open conversation, and maintaining confidentiality. The nurse’s opinion can be considered, and necessary help can be provided by actively involving them.

It is also critical to implement a zero-tolerance policy for verbal abuse and to promote a culture of respect and professionalism. This can be accomplished by providing continuing education and training to all employees, emphasizing the significance of good communication, dispute resolution, and fostering a supportive team environment.

Finally, dealing with and resolving incidents of verbal abuse necessitates a multifaceted approach that involves open communication, education, and proactive actions to promote a culture of respect. Nurse leaders can contribute to a more harmonious work environment for all staff members by continuously advocating these ideals.


Ethical Issue Clinical Judgment Case Scenario

Nurse leaders and managers are responsible for the unit’s ethical and legal decisions.

Initial Post

Consider the examples provided below and describe how you would handle the experiences.

A manager is not granting pay to someone who worked overtime.
A nurse manager tolerating verbal abuse of another nurse.
Constantly short staffing the unit when there is high census.
A nurse not providing all of the patients information during shift report.
Favoring one staff over others.
Making a hiring or firing decision based on friendship.
Reply Post

Respond to at least one of your peers about their example that illustrates their interpretation of DECIDE. Expand on your peer’s ideas

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