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Externship Site Presentation

Externship Site Presentation

2 Make the change you want to see in the world!

Introductions: My background and how I ended up here.

What do you intend to do with your training, and what are your long-term objectives?

Make the change you want to see in the world!

Manager-Spanish Medical Interpreter Program and Allied Health Care Externships Karee Peigné, CAHI, NA, MA

My background and experience

My Externship Manager Role Student Expectations

Expectations of the Externship Manager

Tell me about my internship experience.


3 As we begin, please remember that it is critical to laugh and find ways to de-stress in the ever-changing world of healthcare! One’s attitude determines everything! You are the public face of the Doctor, the Laboratory, the clinic, the Hospital, and the Department! Smile!

MA Jokes 4 Don’t be embarrassed; it’s just a reptile problem.

“Yes, you can remove your earrings if you think it will help.”

5 Humorous Phlebotomy

Bring out, Betty! Take a look! You nicked an artery!

6 Carlos is overjoyed to be giving blood to our phlebotomy students!!

7 Interpreter Jokes

8 Externship Overview

Externships are an essential part of training at The SouthWest Skill Center.

It enables students to use their knowledge and skills in real-world healthcare.

The externship must be viewed as an actual class and assignment. Always remember: Externship is a class EG: (SIM120) that requires a grade (pass or fail) to finish the program and receive your certificate of completion.

A satisfactory externship evaluation (at least “average=75%) is required.

I am your externship instructor.

To complete the program and receive their certificate, students must complete an externship.

9 Externship Overview (Continued)

Many externship sites work with the SWSC to identify future employees; however, the externship is not a form of job placement, and employment cannot be guaranteed.

Each site’s supervisor and trainers/preceptors have agreed to play an active role in our student’s education and training. They are required to evaluate student performance constructively to help students improve skills, identify strengths, and prepare for a career as an Allied Health Care professional.

To maintain the relationship for future students, all parties involved—the school, the student, and the site personnel—must work together.

Module 2: Externship Site Presentation

10 Be aware that each ClinicClinic is unique:

Some people practice skills that are not taught in school.

Understand the office’s policies and procedures.

Some clinics do not perform venipuncture and instead refer patients to labs.

Only do things you were taught in school.

Do not develop bad habits that could jeopardize your safety.

Do not do anything that calls your ethics into question.

Not all service providers are chatty. Take their lack of conversation as a compliment.

During your externship, you will learn about these differences from your classmates!


11 Deliberation Flexibility is essential!

Share your thoughts on what you expect an externship to be like.

What does a typical day look like for an MA/Phlebotomist/Interpreter?

Flexibility is essential!

How many of you are familiar with Gumby?

12 MA-Related Activities A typical day in the life of an MA:

Vitals, vitals, vitals—room, room, room!

Consider the provider’s requirements! How???

Take direct orders from the provider, and do not take them personally.

Are you prepared? Externship *RESEARCH MEDICATIONS* A student’s advice:

For activities, use a whiteboard: SOAP, vitals. Allow students to demonstrate BP and Pulse SOAP documentation. Give out chocolate prizes for correct answers.

13 According to Manny, these are before I cleaned the room. Three per Manny: These were taken before I cleaned the room. 3. The first image captures the horror on my face. Why, might you ask?

14 The following image is exceptionally motivating. “Man vs. Scabies,” I call it. Externship Site: Express Urgent Care

15 Cross-Cultural Healthcare and Education

Consider Cultural Health.

What is cultural health, exactly? Cultural health is a discipline that deals with the health and accurate description of a specific culture. Cultural health is a broad topic that can be divided into two categories: national cultural health and ethnic, cultural health. National cultural health studies how a culturally healthy society is national. In contrast, ethnic and cultural health concerns a specific ethnicity’s health.

You will work with patients who do not speak English; request an interpreter and be courteous until you find someone who does!

16 Practice Standards/Creeds

Each profession has its own “creed,” or set of “best practices.” Students should be aware of these and keep them in mind when providing patient Care and working with others.

Clinical Policies for 17 Allied Health Programs

For the protection of students and patients, any Allied Health Program that includes assignment to patient care facilities such as hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, skilled nursing facilities, and other health care settings requires students to comply with the MCCD AHC student policies in addition to policies and procedures in the Maricopa Community Colleges catalogues and student handbooks.

Please read and follow the policies outlined in the Student Handbook for the Shared Academic Allied Health Program.

Ensure you fully understand the policies concerning student accidents and exposure guidelines, drug screening, and professionalism.

Discuss the enrollment packet and why we ask for all of those things. They should read their handbooks. Talk about the student accident procedure. Inquire about what they should do if they come into contact with blood or bodily fluids. Explain the proper policy and talk about the facility’s occupational processes, our student accident form, and insurance.

18 New Requirements for Training

All MCCCD allied health care and nursing students must complete regulatory training modules online through OCO as of 5/1/12. (online clinical orientation)

You might have received additional facility-specific training. If this is the case, you will receive it from OCO.

19 Students are expected to maintain a professional demeanour at all times.

Being prepared to start work on time every day.

Respecting set lunch and break times.

Great personal hygiene. * Smokers: Please take precautions to avoid smelling like smoke* Maintaining patient and staff confidentiality at all times.

Appearance and Dress: No coloured hair (natural colour only, no coloured streaks), extensions, gauges, or piercings. Tattoos must be worn at all times and must not be offensive.

They are engaging in only relevant conversations with patients and staff.

Cell phones are not permitted. Personal calls and texting should be made only during breaks, lunch, or after hours and in a private location. Only with the permission of the site supervisor may interpreters use their phones to look up vocabulary.

Explain the dismissal process and the three-strikes policy. If you are dismissed from the first site, you must repeat the 160, which may result in additional fees. Hippa violations can result in student lawsuits.

Students have 20 facility expectations.

Attend as scheduled.

When in doubt, ask questions.

Communicate assertively and professionally.

Outstanding customer service. You are the lab, clinic, and hospital’s public face!

Practice in private.

Prepare to put on a show on the first day.

Follow all facility policies and procedures.

Take the initiative.

Keep yourself busy.

Externship Dress Code 21

You are wearing clean, wrinkle-free scrubs or required work attire. You are not required to wear the employee uniform colours at the externship sites.

Per facility, no specific scrub colour is required. *Banner Health and MIHS have colour-coded scrubs by profession, but students are not required to wear them. * No jeans or heels for MIP students. Students must dress professionally and casually for business.

Closed toes, vinyl or leather, no holes, white or primarily white, and clean shoes are preferred.

Wearing a lanyard or clip with your school ID at all times. (Students may be sent home if their ID is not visible.) Students must also wear facility student ID badges, if applicable.

Remind students to obtain and wear identification at all times. Talk about tired and hurting feet. Discuss how healthcare is a conservative field that requires compliance. Some offices may ask different questions than we do, but students must comply until the program is completed.

22 Recommendations

Questions or concerns about training or clinical site requirements/policies should be discussed with the site supervisor before bringing them to the attention of the Externship Manager. Our externship trainers/preceptors frequently request this. Allow them to address any concerns.

If a student is dismissed from the original externship location due to poor performance or inappropriate behaviour, the student may be required to complete the entire externship at another facility.

If a student is dismissed from the second clinical site a second time, the student will be withdrawn from the program with no certificate of completion and may be barred from applying for re-admission for a period determined by the program manager.

Remember: Integrity, professionalism, honesty, compassion, imitation, skills, and a positive attitude will help you succeed in your externship and advance your career!

Learn more by consulting your handouts from the first externship meeting and your student handbook.

23 Social networking/social media

A healthcare professional’s Role requires effective communication. There are numerous ways to communicate with faculty/staff, preceptors, and fellow students now that new technology has been introduced.

It is prohibited to post any inflammatory or derogatory words and pictures about your education/externship on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, or any other social media/blog/internet site, including faculty, clinical preceptors, support staff, the physical domain or the educational environment of the SWSC or externship site.

This will be considered defamatory and a violation of the student conduct and confidentiality policies. A report on student misconduct will be filed.

It is also prohibited to post any images, comments, or references to patients, clinical sites, affiliates, employees, or situations related to your clinical education. This is true regardless of the nature of the comments. This is a breach of confidentiality and a violation of federal law. It could be resolved through the legal system. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disciplinary action ranging from suspension to termination from the Medical Program.

Share your previous student experience on Facebook.

24 Other Facility Training/Requirements

During the spring and fall, all hospitals require proof of flu and H1N1 vaccinations before beginning rotations at any facility.

The students bear the cost of these vaccines. Only documented proof of religious or health reasons is accepted for declinations.

In addition to the fingerprint clearance card, Banner Health now requires a background check. This check is free of charge to the student.

Mrs Peigné will notify students attending Banner facilities and have them complete background check forms to be returned to her before the externship.

Because SHC now requires a urine nicotine screening, it is now included in your drug screen at no additional cost.

Some facilities require a pre-externship interview, which may be in person or over the phone, and may require the student to dress professionally.

Discuss SHC requirements, deadlines, and the possibility of a moratorium if conditions are not met.

Attendance of 25

Students must complete the required number of externship hours for each program.

If a student needs to attend part-time, the Externship Manager must be notified before discussing this option with the chosen facility for approval. If approved, the student will be expected to participate regularly according to the agreed-upon schedule with the facility.

A student must be flexible in all options (full-time/part-time) to accommodate the required days and hours available at the assigned healthcare facility.

Clinical encounters are most common during the day. Students are expected to attend daytime externships unless the day shift is unavailable.

Some facilities will have evening and weekend hours and shifts of 8, 10, and 12 hours. These are usually limited and approved case-by-case by the externship manager.

Please see your student handbook for the attendance policy.

Externship Hours Required: 26 Per Program

160 Medical Assistant (4 weeks)

Phlebotomy=120 (three weeks) as of 7/1/14

Spanish Medical Interpreter = 40 (4 hours of preparation with Karee before 36 hours on site).

Introduce MIP and ask if anyone would like to see me or pick up a flyer.

Externship Partners: 27 Scottsdale Health Care Osborn Maricopa County Hospital St. Josephs Hospital Banner Estrella, Desert, and Thunderbird Medical Centers Spanish Medical Interpreter Program

Mountain Park Health Care Centers CyraCom International Transperfect Remote Interpreting (dual Role only)

28 Timetables 1st shift: 4 am to 12 pm OR 7:30 am to 4:30 pm (OP)

You will need to plan to attend to the schedules that professionals in the industry would work and what is available at the facility.

MA-Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. Urgent Care = evening and weekend shifts, 8-12 hours. #3 EXPRESS URGENT CARE 12 HOURS SHIFTS

Interpreter-days(8am-5p,) Weekends (3 p.m.-11 p.m.) (10a-830p)

Phlebotomy-Varies. Please be prepared to work either shift, depending on what is available at the site:

1st shift: 4 am to 12 pm OR 7:30 am to 4:30 pm (OP)

Second shift: 11 am to 8:30 pm.

No Weekends *Please remember that changing your schedule after you have been assigned will not make an excellent first impression!

Schedules for 29 Interpreters

You will need to plan to attend to the schedules that professionals in the industry would work and what is available at the facility.

DAYS PREFERRED: M-F (8 am-5p) (8 am-5p)

Eves (3p-11p) (3p-11p) *Facilities at St. Joseph’s, SHC, and Banner. Maricopa Medical Center is not one of them.

Weekends (from 10 am to 8 pm) *St. Joseph’s, SHC, and Banner facilities. Maricopa Medical Center is not one of them.

Schedules for 30 Interpreters

SHC hours are M-F, 10 am to 8:30 pm, or the same hours on weekends.

M-F 8 am to 5 pm, Weekends 10 am to 8:30 pm, Eves 6 pm to 11 pm M-F. On the day shift, there are two students at a time, one at night and one on weekends.

Maricopa Medical Center is only open during the week (8 am to 5 pm) and not on weekends.

TransPerfect/Cyracom Remote Interpreting-Schedules are available 24/7, and they hire immediately after the externship! Excellent experience for building your resume and applying for hospital positions!

T bird, Banner Desert, =M-F, 8 am-5 pm, Eves and Weekends. Each shift has one student.

M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Banner Estrella

31 Externship Partners: Banner Arizona Medical Clinics Medical Assistant (same daycare and clinics)

Medical Groups of Cigna (various sites)

Family Medicine for a Healthy Life Buckeye/Avondale

Medical Group of Estrella Mountain (Avondale or Goodyear)

Medical Group IMS (Various practices)

SouthWest Family Practice

Maricopa Integrated Health Services (MIHS) Clinics for Family Health Care

The 56th Medical Group at Luke Air Force Base

Mountain Park Medical Centers

Sonoran Heart Cardiology Services

Goodyear Express Urgent Care and Estrella Women’s Health Phx (various locations)

Other offices include Family Practice, Internal Medicine, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, and Cardiology. If you arrange your own, please provide me with the contact information as soon as possible so that I can ensure we have a legal contract in place.

32 Phlebotomy Scottsdale Medical Center St. Luke’s Osborn Hospital (Phx and Tempe)

Saint Joseph’s Hospital

Banner Health Care System (Hospitals-Boswell, Thunderbird, Good Samaritan, Del E Webb)

Sonora Quest Laboratories (PSC locations all over Maricopa)

Family Health Care Centers at Maricopa Integrated Health Systems (MIHS) (Avondale, El Mirage, Maryvale, PHX)

Lab corporation

Cigna Medical Group Luke Air Force Base 56th Medical Group (all over Maricopa) Clinics with labs within multispecialty practices VA Surprise (Suspended 10/14).

33 MA Family Practice Practice Options


Geriatrics Dermatology Urgent Care Pediatrics Internal Medicine (Adult Primary Care)

Urology with a Wide Range of Specialties

34 Remember that specific site and scheduling requests may be considered but are not guaranteed. We must accept what the facility has to offer.

Remember, this is an assignment, and it is ultimately up to me, as the Externship Manager, to place you where we can get it so that you can complete the externship successfully!

The Agency reserves the right to deny access to its website for any reason. Students must meet the site’s employee standards for safety, health, or ethical behaviour to be allowed entry.

Due to competition with other schools, some students may be required to travel further than others, depending on the availability of externship sites. Please ensure that you have dependable transportation.

Students are reminded to be flexible and plan to attend the externship as scheduled and ASSIGNED by the Externship Manager.

During their rotation, students will not be permitted to change sites.

Important Information for 35 Interpreter Students

To attend SHC, you must complete a phone interview and test with the manager.

There is a study sheet available to assist you in your preparation.

SHC wants to ensure that you are prepared to interpret at the hospital level, including trauma!

All other sites require students to contact the site manager to introduce themselves and ensure they know where to meet on the first day.

36 to do before starting

Before beginning their externship, all students must conduct a brief “meet and greet” VIA PHONE OR IN PERSON.

You may not be able to meet with the site manager, but you will learn how long it takes to get to the facility, find parking, make contact, and “break the ice” before your first day of the externship.

Mrs Peigné will notify you if a formal interview is required. This is typically reserved for our MA students. Is your resume up to date? Our EMCC Career Services Department can assist you!

Mrs Peigné will notify students if a formal interview is required.

37 MA Projects

Students will be sent instructions with a deadline of 2/20/15.

Attached to your resume and cover letter for your externship are examples and instructional videos.

Mrs Peigné, please. Explain why you want to go where you want to go.

Please include your name, resume, and cover letter in the subject line.

Include a professional photograph of yourself.

Process of Externship Assignment 38

Externship dates have been confirmed, as I have two meetings with the Externship Manager.

The Externship Manager will consult with the Instructor to determine the best placement.

The student was informed via OCO & the requirements were met, and the student was ready for the externship.

Shimmer, shimmer, shimmer!!!!

Find a job that you enjoy!

Phlebotomy students must travel to the east for placement. SHC/PV. Discuss how I consider instructor feedback for posts. Remind students that they were informed about externship travel requirements before enrollment. Discuss the reasons for not changing during rotations unless something serious threatens their safety or health or if they have personal conflicts with other employees that cannot be resolved.

39 I take into account the following information from the Instructor: student academic performance (grades/instructor evaluation), professionalism, communication skills, write-ups, attendance, and so on.

Facility team and surroundings: Will this student be a good fit for the team? How hectic is the office? Is there anything specific the site is looking for (GPA, bilingual, assertive, quick with skills, interest in a specialty such as Cardiology, OB/GYN, Derm, etc…)?

My instincts! Based on the above, I have nearly 11 years of experience working with these partners and placing students where I believe they will have the best externship experience. So far, I’ve had about 99% success!

40-Second Meeting: Our second meeting is usually held a week before the start of the externship.

This meeting must have received fiscal clearance.

By this time, students should have received their assignment information, and OCO training should have been completed.

Students will receive their externship program folders, including all required documentation.

At the second meeting, these forms will be reviewed and completed.

At this time, specific details of each assignment can be discussed further, and final preparations can be made.

41 Fiscal Clarification

An externship is considered part of each program and must be paid for before starting.

If a student’s account is not “clear” before the start date of the externship, the student will be unable to begin the training.

The Externship Manager will provide each student with a clearance slip, which must be signed and returned to her two weeks before the start of the externship.

Remind students that they must stay current if they are on a payment plan. Explain that certificates will be held until the debt is paid.

42 Portfolio Contents: Students will be encouraged to create and complete a professional portfolio by the end of the semester. A three-ring binder will be necessary.

The following topics will be covered:

An updated resume that includes externship experience.

Cover letter example

Reference letters

Copies of completed training certificates (CPR/First Aid, HIPPA, etc.)

Print a report from OCO demonstrating the completion of training modules.

Copies of check-offs, journals, logs, and so on…..

Letter to the next student attending your site, providing advice, feedback, and encouragement to help them prepare for their externship.

43 Other Important Details

Beginning in March 2014, MA students will be required to meet as a class at the end of their second week (Friday) of externship (4p-5 pm here, room TBD/announced on whiteboards in front lobby day off) to share tips and feedback on, as well as turn in journals and time sheets.

While students are attending externship, the Externship Manager will complete site visits (depending on schedule and campus vehicle availability) and conduct progress checks via phone.

Feedback from the site supervisor and staff will be included in each student’s performance evaluation.

I hope to see and speak with you when I come!

Examine the calendar and notify students of their next meeting date and the date of their departure.


45 MAP 3/7/14 Finishers

47 When was that?

48 MAP 3/17/14 Notes from a two-week checkpoint in October 2014

49 photos of our students and graduates at internship sites


51 Cindy is hard at work on EMR.

52 Yeimy is releasing labs for the day!

53 Make the most of your externship opportunity.

Start your organizational habits early. Purchase a small notepad that fits easily in your pocket and begin making lists of important things to remember-TAKE NOTES! Make a list of the questions that must be answered. There will be an onslaught of information you will be responsible for—it is nearly impossible to remember every detail.

Purchase a clipboard with a compartment to hold everything you need for interpreting.

Anxiety is natural. It is a common emotion among students and has nothing to do with how well you will perform at your externship location.

Expect your first few days to be spent learning and adjusting to your new surroundings.

An externship is usually an enriching and invaluable experience by the end.

Your trainers are available to assist you. Ask questions and learn everything you can.

Your trainers encourage and expect constructive criticism. Please don’t take it personally.

54 Make the most of your externship opportunity. Attendance and punctuality are signs of dependability and professionalism.

Demonstrate initiative and a strong desire to learn.

Maintain a positive attitude at all times.

Do not become involved in office politics or gossip.

Connect with other staff members to look for job opportunities.

If you do well, request letters of recommendation.

Investigate the application process for the practice you intend to attend.

If you enjoy the site, Leave a copy of your resume with the office manager so that they can contact you if any job opportunities arise. If you make a good impression, they will be delighted to do this for you!

Leave “thank you” notes for the doctor/staff upon completion.

55 Upon Completion of Externship

Students are responsible for completing the required externship hours before leaving the site.

Mrs Peigné must receive time sheets at the end of each week via fax, scanned timesheets, or in person.

Taking a picture of your completed timesheet and emailing it to Mrs Peigné has proven effective!

Keep track of journals, logs, and other tasks for the exit meeting.

The Externship Manager will begin processing completion paperwork after receiving a satisfactory evaluation and verification that all hours have been completed.

Students must submit their performance evaluations and complete the online assessment to receive a passing grade for their externship!

Official certificates will be mailed to participants within one month of the completion of the externship. Please keep your address in up to date.


An exit meeting will be scheduled 1-2 weeks after the externship is completed. You will be given this date and time.

This is a mandatory meeting and an excellent opportunity for all graduates to share their externship experiences, complete program exit surveys, and receive employment, volunteer, and certification information and resources.

Your finished portfolios are due at this time.

We value and require your feedback to help us evaluate our programs, so evaluations of online programs and externships will be completed at this meeting.

Evaluations of student externships will also be copied and returned.

Your official completion certificate will be mailed to you approximately four weeks after the end of your externship.

Please inform Mrs Peigné and your instructors of your employment, certification status, and future educational goals.

57 The bell is ringing… clapping, clapping!

Please ring the bell!

Susan, Mother Hen Angelica, the bell is ringing… clapping, clapping!

All SWSC students are encouraged to attend the quarterly 58 Graduation/Completion Ceremony Ceremonies.

The next ceremony will be held on the following dates, times, and locations:? 2015 EACH

Most externship sites will give students the day off or allow them to leave early for this event. Time must still be made up for hours missed due to Graduation attendance.

The following is the dress code for the ceremony:

MA-Navy scrub top, white uniform pants, and tennis shoes

Scrub top in PHB-Wine, white uniform pants, and tennis shoes.

MIP-Professional business attire in purple and black.

EMTs should wear a clinical T-shirt and dress pants.


Inform students that they can obtain transcripts from my Maricopa.

Certification No. 60

Certification is not required (YET) to work in Allied Health Care, but it is strongly recommended to increase job offers, increase salary, and stay current in your chosen profession.

NHA Certification testing is now available for MA and PHB. Please check with your Instructor for information on how to apply and sign up.

Click on “Medical Assistant” for more information.

Discover the meaning of “stacked credentials!”

Click on “Phlebotomist” to learn more about Phlebotomy. Also available at is the PBT, Phlebotomy Technician certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

To become a Spanish Medical Interpreter, go to: “Get Certified.”

More information will be provided at the exit meeting, or you can contact Mrs Peigné anytime.

There are 61 interpreter students.

We provide study sessions to help you prepare for the CCHI certification exam.

The Instructor for these sessions is Carlos Velasco.

They will be made available based on his schedule availability.

If you are interested, please get in touch with him.

62 Dates to Remember: Regulatory Modules for OCO Facility Specific Modules are due on 5/6/15. TBD due in Block 2 2nd Meeting/last class before the externship: 10/15/15 12:30 pm

Checkpoint for the two-week externship: 11/6/15 at 3 pm

Ceremony of completion: December 2015

An exit meeting is required on 12/4/15 at 2 pm.

All suggestions
Great job!
Powerpoint Presentation

Your presentation should include:

5 slides
One slide must cover a description of the potential place of employment
One slide must include a description of why you would like to work at this site
One slide must describe the work environment of the potential employment site
One slide is up to the student to fill with the information they find interesting and important
The last slide will be a list of sources of this information
Contain at least 3 pictures
At least one URL link

Some Rubric

Some Rubric


This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSlide #1
3 ptsFull Marks
Student has covered a description of the potential place of employment in a thoughtful and clear manner.

1.8 ptsHalf marks
Student has started a description of the potential place of employment in some degree.

0 ptsNo Marks
Student has NOT covered a description of the potential place of employment.

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSlide #2
3 ptsFull Marks
Student has covered a description of why you would like to work at this site

1.8 ptsHalf marks
Student has started description of why you would like to work at this site in some degree.

0 ptsNo Marks
Student has NOT covered description of why you would like to work at this site.

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSlide #3
3 ptsFull Marks
Student has described the work environment of the potential employment site.

1.8 ptsHalf marks
Student has started describing the work environment of the potential employment site to some degree.

0 ptsNo Marks
Student has NOT covered description of why you would like to work at this site.

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSlide #4
3 ptsFull Marks
Student has filled slide 4 with information they find interesting and important.

1.8 ptsHalf marks
Student has started filling slide 4 with information they find interesting and important.

0 ptsNo Marks
Student does NOT have a slide 4 with information they find interesting and important.

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeSlide #5
3 ptsFull Marks
Student’s last slide will be a list of sources on this information

0 ptsNo Marks
Student does not have a last slide with a list of sources on this information

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomePhotos
3 ptsFull Marks
PowerPoint has 3 or more images.

1.8 ptsHalf marks
PowerPoint has some images but less than 3.

0 ptsNo Marks
PowerPoint has no images.

3 pts
This criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeLink
2 ptsFull Marks
Powerpoint has a least one link

0 ptsNo Marks
Powerpoint does not have any links.

2 pts
Total Points: 20

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