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Explain how your proposal will directly and indirectly impact each of the aspects.

Explain how your proposal will directly and indirectly impact each of the aspects.

after discussion with your preceptor, name one financial aspect, one quality aspect, and one clinical aspect that need to be taken into account for developing the evidence-based change proposal. Explain how your proposal will directly and indirectly impact each of the aspects.


After discussing the proposal with my preceptor, we determined that one financial aspect, one quality aspect and one clinical aspect need to be taken into account for developing the evidence based change proposal. The financial aspect that needs to be taken into account is the cost of implementing a new equipment. The quality aspect is patient satisfaction with the new equipment. The clinical aspect that needs to be taken into account is patient safety and comfort while using the equipment.

My proposal will directly impact both the quality and clinical aspects but will indirectly impact the financial aspect. My proposal will directly impact patient satisfaction since patients will be more satisfied with a more comfortable treatment environment. It will also directly impact patient safety since it will make it easier for patients to move around in the treatment room which is important for those who are at risk of falling. In addition, my proposal will indirectly impact the financial aspect by improving productivity if patients are more satisfied with their care and safer when using new equipment.

After discussing the matter with my preceptor, we’ve determined that there are three aspects that need to be taken into account for developing the evidence-based change proposal: financial, quality, and clinical.

From a financial standpoint, my proposal directly impacts hospital spending by eliminating unnecessary costs and indirectly impacts hospital revenue by improving patient health outcomes. By eliminating unnecessary costs, you can see an improvement in your budget immediately. Improved patient health outcomes will impact your revenue in the future through increased patient satisfaction, which leads to word-of-mouth recommendations.

From a quality standpoint, my proposal directly impacts patient health outcomes and indirectly impacts hospital policies through improved efficiency of staff. The faster you can get your patients to a healthy outcome, the better it is for them. Staff efficiency is important because it helps everyone else do their best work.

From a clinical standpoint, my proposal directly impacts the amount of time patients spend in the hospital and indirectly impacts staff morale through decreased workloads. Both of these things are important because they tie back into financial and quality aspects; when patients leave sooner and staff have more time to focus on their work (resulting from less time spent dealing with complaints), everyone wins!

When I discussed the evidence-based change proposal with my preceptor, we talked about three aspects that need to be taken into account for developing the proposal.

We discussed one financial aspect—aspects of the project that will have a financial impact—which was improving medication management records. This is important because if patients are able to more effectively manage their medications, it can reduce the number of patients who are readmitted due to medication management errors. Reducing readmissions can support overall financial health and improve reimbursement rates. Also, reducing readmissions means that nurses will have more time to devote to other tasks.

The second aspect we discussed was quality—the overall quality of the proposal and its implementation. One way this will be impacted by the proposal is because patients who are more involved in their care and develop an understanding of how taking their medications can affect their health will have greater awareness of potential risks and symptoms that may signify a problem. Better risk awareness means better patient outcomes and fewer complications, which positively impacts quality.

Finally, we discussed clinical aspects—aspects of how the proposal will impact direct clinical care. For example, since nurses will have more time available if readmission rates decrease, they may be able to spend more time with each patient when they are admitted and

After speaking with my preceptor, I found that there were three main aspects of the hospital’s operation that needed to be taken into account in developing my evidence-based change proposal: financial, quality, and clinical.

My proposal for a new system for gathering patient feedback will directly impact financial aspects by reducing the amount of time it takes to generate reports and analyze data. This will decrease the hourly wages paid to staff and allow more funds to be reinvested in medical supplies or other areas where they can make a difference.

It will also indirectly affect financial aspects because well-treated patients are more likely to return for treatment again in the future, increasing the number of patients treated and increasing profits. Additionally, improved patient satisfaction is significant for attracting new patients who may have heard about their experience through word of mouth.

The proposal would also affect quality measures by giving us more insight into our patients’ experiences so we can better understand what they’re looking for and what they do or do not like about their time with us. By having this information, we can make adjustments that lead to better patient experiences—and thus better quality scores on our surveys.

Finally, my proposal would affect clinical aspects by letting us know more about which patients are most at risk of not returning for follow

In order to develop a detailed evidence-based change proposal, there are several factors that need to be taken into account.

Some of these factors include:

1. Financial – What is the financial impact of implementing this proposal?

2. Quality – Will patient quality improve as a result of this proposal?

3. Clinical – How will this proposal affect the clinical practice of the hospital or unit?

In order for my proposal to have a positive impact on each of these areas, I will need to do sufficient research so that I can present my findings to my preceptor and the rest of the team in a clear and concise manner.

I have chosen to develop a proposal for the evidence-based change concerning the implementation of a protocol for the removal of central lines. The first aspect is financial, and it is important because the cost of implementing this protocol would be incredibly high. By implementing this protocol, we will reduce the number of times that infections are contracted due to central line use, which would decrease hospital stays and directly impact costs.

The second aspect is quality. Because central lines can cause serious infections if they are not removed in time, it is crucial that we have a protocol in place to ensure that these devices are removed at the appropriate time. This will improve our quality standards.

The third aspect is clinical, as it concerns patient care and safety. As mentioned above, infections from central lines can be serious and possibly fatal; therefore, it’s safe to say that this protocol will help us take better care of our patients by keeping them safer than they currently are.

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after discussion with your preceptor, name one financial aspect, one quality aspect, and one clinical aspect that need to be taken into account for developing the evidence-based change proposal. Explain how your proposal will directly and indirectly impact each of the aspects.

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